[RP-H] List of all Sin'dorei Houses (and Nobles)

To all Noble Sin’dorei out there

I recently started a project to list all the public information on the Noble Houses of Quel’Thalas.

Because I feel it’s not easy rping a “Noble” differently than a “commoner”, since there is a lack of several knowledge oocly, that your character should icly posses.

This document and all you find in it (which is just my first draft and New information is added every day!) has all been approved by the owners of the listed characters.
This is, however, not all the information that there is, as this is only what your character could find in the combination of different records kept in the Spire.

Do note that this project is never fully finished: Houses change, disappear or new Houses are made. This will forever be a work in progress.

I hope this project will help you play out your noble how you wish to and will help us all connect even more. Do contact the owners of the characters if they intrigue you or if you have any question or… just because you can!

Should you wish to partake in this project: Please do contact me through my character “Asthalan” or though Twitter !

You can find the document here:

List of Nobles and Houses of Quel’thalas

As suggested by someone, I made a Tinyurl shortlink for everyone to use!


That’s a cool document! I would’ve contributed myself, but… my character is not exactly nobility anymore.


Thank you! Feel free to spread the word if you encounter any Nobles!


And here I was just heading to the forums to ask about this exact thing. Awesome! If I wanted my noble house added, I would need to connect you in-game or via Twitter, did I get that right?


Lovely stuff! Reminds me of my Wildhammer Clan/Family document I’ve got laying around…
As for adding to it, I’ll toss you a message these coming days!


Cool initiative!


Oh yes! You can contact me in game (Asthalan) or though Twitter
I do have discord too but I rather not post it here in public if that makes sense :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for the heartwarming reactions :two_hearts:
As you see, I’m doing my best… but I couldn’t do this without the wonderful stories that everyone is providing me about their House/Nobles! It’s been such a pleasure to read them all and I’m happy to hear that some people actually already were able to make connections thanks to this project!

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As much as I’ve traditionally leaned away from this aspect of elven culture, I might throw my hat in the ring in due time.

Kudos on the list.

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This is a really neat idea! I love seeing just how many noble houses are out there, along with IC organisations in general. The Sunwardens are just jumped up farmers and don’t count (especially since there’s only really Sathrynn left).

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It’s really alright if there is only one of them left! It will be a collection from records to find in the Spire, so as long as there is info on them to find there, it can be added!


I’m finding this a great idea. I sort of wanted to add one myself, but I’m not sure how acceptable it would be if the House I had in mind was more or less extinct, destroyed or MIA of the likes. Although I sort of wanted to give more info as it’s currently vital to a RP storyline I’ve set in motion.

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If the House had existed and there are records of it to be found in the Spire, it can be added!
I can always add an OOC footnote for Houses that aren’t around anymore ofc.

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I’ll have to talk to the person who plays Telia’s mum since there both nobles. See if she wants to get them listed. :slight_smile:


I look forward to adding your House on the list too (with her permission of course!)

I already got word from some people that this document has made sure some contacts are made between several people/Houses/friends! I’m so happy to hear it’s generating stories!
I want to thank everyone who is trusting me with their precious stories!

House of Felwise (former Sunwise) - added

Added an extra sibling to the House of Al’Aloriel.
Adjusted the family tree of the House of Belore’Anil

No mention of House Sunsun. We don’t talk about them.


I am going to add a few families to that list myself. In the meanwhile, I want to mention that I make crests, and am considering making some for others as well.

These were made as a Silver Covenant crest and a high elf crest, based on Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury.

This is the house crest of House Silvershadow.

This void themed crest, known as the Shadowbreakers’ crest isn’t officially used, and I might change it up. I also have other ones, and works in progress. Contact me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Hvedrungr5 for more information and potential collaboration.


Ooh! Those are amazing, Ismaor!!
I’m going to share your twitter around, if you don’t mind :grin:

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