[RP Screenshots] 🎉 The Victory Celebration, told in pictures

After taking our sweet time with Ny’alotha content and milking it for what it was worth, the Hand finally joined the post-N’Zoth timeline…

…So we threw a victory party and invited representatives from several Horde guilds (The Beastmaw Warband, The Convocation of Elrendar and The Coven) to participate in the celebration! Behold! The screenshots!

WARNING! Image-heavy!

Very special kudos go to the amazing Alunaria, who joined us as a dedicated photographer and provided us with this entire collection of screenshots!

Cheers! :beers:


Great album!

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I can see myself! That was a nice party, thanks for taking those screenshots.


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Those are all great, thanks for putting the effort in making and collecting them!

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So many chars cought in the action :heart_eyes:


I know, right? Alunaria is awesome. :blush:


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