[H-RP] The Convocation of Elrendar is Recruiting

The words would hang foremost on the marble walls of Silvermoon City and its adjoining elven buildings, in clear, crisp parchments. The sigil is the same, a rising red gryphon on a black field, as is the signature, that of Archon Anrithen Eirvaness.

Sons and daughters of Quel’thalas, our way of life, the foundation of our people is at risk.

Sitting in Stormwind, the boy king of the Alliance speaks of peace, that would we only concede to his terms and set our bonds with the Horde aside, we would be unharmed. But his words are those of a child, powerless compared to the forces he has contracted with.

In one ear whispers the Butcher of Dalaran, Jaina Proudmoore, by who’s orders the Silver Covenant dyed the streets of the Violet City red with blood, who pulled merchants and craftsmen out of their homes to put them to death for deeds they had no knowledge of. At her command is the greatest fleet the human kingdoms have ever mustered, poised to visit upon Quel’thalas the same fate she visited upon the Sunreavers.

In the other is the greatest traitor to the High Kingdom since Dar’khan Drathir, the woman who once delivered Quel’thalas from Doomhammer and now returns to bring it under the sway of the darkness that holds her soul in thrall, Alleria Windrunner. At her touch, the Sunwell was nearly lost, and the whole of our people plunged into a fate worse than the Fall.

With her walk the Ren’dorei, abominations who have sold their souls as she has, who, whether they wish to or not, could taint the font of our very being by their presence alone. Traitors to whom the Alliance has not merely offered safe harbour, but their full military support, so that a knife can be held eternally to Quel’thalas’ throat.

Thirty years ago, the waters of Elrendar had no great repute. A single clear river of many in a bountiful, unscarred land. Now it is a dividing line, to its north the beauty of Eversong, to its south the desolation of the Ghostlands. It is to it that our Convocation owes its name. It is a promise that we will never allow another Fall. It is a vow - not one step further.

It is thus that we issue a call to arms to all true children of our High Kingdom. We will not wait within our borders hoping for the enemy’s mercy. We will not let our land be split again. Under the red flag of the Horde and the leadership of the woman who has served Quel’thalas in life and in death, we will make war upon the Alliance and all who make common cause with them until they are reminded which race ruled the world while the boy king’s ancestors huddled in caves. Then we will have peace. But it will be a peace to last, one the Sin’dorei can be proud of.

Stand with the Convocation and see Quel’thalas once again be master of its own destiny.

Glory to the Sin’dorei and death to all who oppose.

1. What is the Convocation?

The Convocation of Elrendar is a heavy RP guild primarily focused on the Blood Elves, their moral ambiguity and their ties with the rest of the Horde. We’ve been around on the Sha’tar since late Wrath and through retooling we’ve stayed active for the majority of time across the years up to now.

A paramilitary organisation lead by the reigning Archon and his advisors, the Scions, they organize the rank and file Praetorians of the group in achieving the aims of the Convocation. Though they’ve had many forms over the years, the constant is the Convocation’s defense of Sin’dorei interests at home and abroad and their penchant for getting into trouble with the law, be it of their own fault or less so.

In Battle for Azeroth, with the new conflict between the Alliance and Horde in full swing, the Convocation has fully committed itself to the war effort, bringing shock, awe and a bit of elven panache to the fight against Quel’thalas’ enemies.

2. What are the Convocation’s goals?

In Battle for Azeroth, the Convocation has based its activities around three pillars which the organization strives to make progress on over the course of the expansion.

The first pillar is military victory over the Alliance. The Convocation strives to see the Horde emerge victorious over humanity and humble it for what it views as an arrogance that has put the blood elf people at great risk. The capacity of the Alliance to wage war must be as broken as the will of its people. A real peace can be made only in victory.

The second pillar is the attainment and mastery of azerite. The lifeblood of Azeroth is a force that can change the world and its arcane mysteries suit none better than the Sin’dorei. Just as it is vital to see how the material can help in both war and in healing the scars that still afflict Quel’thalas, so too must it be kept out of the hands of those who’d use it against the Sin’dorei.

The third and most important pillar is the elimination of the Void Elves. The Convocation consider the Ren’dorei to be an existential threat due to the risk even one poses to the Sunwell and thus to every blood elf. Their complete destruction as a people is thus a precondition for any peace.

3. What can the Convocation offer?

We have a strong OOC community to call on both in WoW and in other games, and while we’re by no means hardcore players, most of us do dabble in mythics or PvP. Our main goal though is RP. We have three events each week, Monday to Wednesday at 19:30 realm time, with more unplanned over the course of the week, to be sorted both in-game and on our dedicated discord.

We do both one-offs and lengthy story-driven campaigns. Events use our own easy to pick up 1-20 rolling system with a few modifiers for character perks and abilities and we place emphasis on both hitting and chatting your way out of trouble. Or getting into it, if that happens to be more your cup of tea.

4. Requirements and How to Join

The main thing needed to join the Convocation is to be an elf or to have a vested interest in the blood elves. While the Convocation is not exclusive to blood elves, and we have both Forsaken and Nightborne, our focus is centered on the Sin’dorei perspective, a character without much stake in them would simply not have the full benefit, though of course, an outsider looking in has their own RP opportunities.

The Convocation has no restriction on Class, though both Death Knights and Demon Hunters can be expected to not be treated well. To the Convocation’s management, they are weapons of war, ones who’s shelf life will not last past an eventual victory.

In terms of levels, because we go around the world a lot and especially high level areas, being max level is desirable. Being perfect at English isn’t required, nor is much roleplaying experience, provided you’re interested. The internet has no shortage of guides on the Lore to make up for any gaps. We were all newbies at one point.

To join the Convocation, you can message one of our officers - Evenmourn, Viradri, Maethorwen, Jovia or Tale, either on this topic, by in-game letter or through a /w. You can also check out our site at:


The guild site also includes a directory for our recurring characters, a place for stories posted by guild members, a guide to our rolling system and a lot more. We’ll hope to see you there!


Join this guild, it has elves in it.


With rumours of old gods rising and recent naga attacks, those filthy traitorous scum calling themselves the “Ren’dorei” have the potential to be an even greater threat to our way of ife, and our alies. I wish you well in your hunt.

(Good luck with the guild, if I wasn’t with longtime friends I’d be very interested!)


"Having been with the Convocation throughout several long campaigns and having stood by through out it’s long running history, I can confidently say we are on the right path under a strong leader.

Never has their been a time I’ve been prouder to stand side by side with the members of the Convocation. For Quel’thalas, and may the Eternal Sun shine upon us." - Scion Taleberaite Windblade


Cool gang. Would recommend.


If I’m looking into RPing a Blood-elf in the future, how would you suggest I go about it?


Evenmourn here, just playing around the forums’ unnecessary filters.

I’d say that depends a lot on what class you want to play and on what you’re aiming for. The advice I’d give if you play a warlock would be a lot different than playing a paladin for example. So what I’d recommend is just doing a read up on the history to start with to see what you find interesting about the race and would like to get into. That can help you find an aspect you enjoy and build a character concept around.

Wowpedia is your best bet for a primer, just search blood elf and see if anything in the intro or the history section gives you ideas.

Once you’ve found something you like and have a character concept you’d like to discuss, feel free to message us (Evenmourn-The Sha’tar, Jovia-Steamwheedle Cartel, Itharen-Moonglade, Tale-The Sha’tar or Viradri-The Sha’tar) to talk your idea over. You can also just post up here or chat with people on the RPSocial channel Horde-side who are also a helpful bunch.


I’ve been having so much fun teaming up with these guys and my guild. Everyone is so friendly and considering they’re made up of mostly pretty elves, that doesn’t hinder the diverse personalities. Always someone to talk to or banter with, or in Aiy’s case, shamelessly check out.

If I wasn’t so busy as a guild leader, I’d definitely toss an alt in with them myself!


I’d totally look into it. Sadly, my only blood elf is a death knight who, before the Scourge, was a serial killer. So she’s not exactly… exalted with Silvermoon.


All hail Jovia, the champion of falling down. :trophy:


Its an excellent gang, that I’m really enjoying rolling with. Some characters are friends, some are associates, though the interactions with the “associates” are genuinely as excellent as the ones with friends.


Any rumors of friendly fire are clearly lies. They just stood in the fire. And the fire was not very friendly. Thus, there was no friendly fire, and you should sign up!


The Convocation have returned from an uneventful and highly peaceful visit to Darkshore to pacify befriend the local night elf population. Now they’re back in Orgrimmar and gearing up to keep up the fight against the Alliance and their buddies.


We’re back in the homeland Silvermoon now :slight_smile:
Kicking void and takin names.


You should help this wonderful lot fight void elves and rebel scum.


The Convocation’ve wrapped up fighting a void related conspiracy back in Silvermoon and are now taking part in Operation: Gatecrasher with the Wayward Vagrants for this and the coming week. It’s been a lot of fun, a bit of poisoning here and there aside.

With co-op going strong and the Convocation set to keep up the fight against the Alliance and their friends in red in 8.2.5 there’s no better time to jump in.


You like good old elven patriotism? Well this guild will be for you as we seek out and destroy the Orcish scumbags!



Do you like in depth stories with morally grey characters that are one big dysfunctional family? Then boy-howdy do I have an offer for you.

The Convocation of Elrendar are precisely that, be it on WoW or off WoW on our Discord server, there’s always someone to sate your need for RP, be it the stoic Death Knight, caught between the Horde and his people, the eccentric Mage-Lord who is forever losing limbs and replacing them with mechanical variants, or the shy up-and-coming leader who just wants the best possible outcome. We have it all.


sexy fel-riddled elves or gtfo

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They come with the recruitment package for a low, low extra price of 0.99g.

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