Season of Mastery 2

I can’t find an official statement.
Is SoM2 comming or not? I just started playing on Era again, but I would prefer a new beginning.

No max. lvl ganking 24/7 in stv.
No boosting
Fresh economy

(I know, sweaty basement dwellers will push ahead, but there will be less then now for sure)

If Blizzard is saying there will be no SoM2 or it will come late year, I’m totally fine by it.

I just know I would like to play SoM2 and I would be sadge if I invest a lot of time in this char, just for Blizz to tell me in 2 weeks, that there will be SoM2 in 1 month.

And don’t tell me the chars will end up in classic era anyways. I know that, Im just longing for a fresh start with my friends.

Pls Blizz, just give me a simple yay or nay.


Test for Classic Warcraft Logs. Thx.

You answered your own question: there is no official statement, everything you may see is pure speculation so far.


why do you want SOM 2? the first one was a joke and the second wont be any different.

a seasonal vanilla server is doomed to die period


it’s not seasonal or vanilla specific, if there’s no content updates every game eventually dies. it’s all temporarily, the only way to prevent that is new content that gives players an incentive to stay.

P.S. blizzard, when fresh?

I’m totaly fine with it dying. In the end, I’ll be able to transfer to era.
But im looking forward to start fresh.


according to nostalrius that aint true because BWL patch was going perfectly strong for 2 years, why? because they actually moderated the realm

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Classic Era, zero updates in almost 2 years, going strong.

There is a reason why people plug their N64s and still play Mario Kart these days.

Timeless masterpieces are just that, timeless. And we are talking about the arguably best game of all time here mate.

This is not comparable to any other game. Not even close.


Season of Mastery, apparently, did not meet Blizzard’s expectations, and developers have apparently abandoned the idea of a second season. There are no official statements about Season of Mastery 2 and the chances of its release are extremely small. Therefore, it is better to focus on the WoW Classic server than to wait an indefinite time in hope of a new Season of Mastery season.


I understand, and I would be cool with it.
If this is the case, it should’nt be that hard to release a statement, that they abandon the SoM idea/plans.

I do hope there will be another but with even more small tweaks and some longer phase, then in the end i will tranfer my chars to era.

No one knows as Blizzard are being their usual tight lipped selves. They did say when the first one started there would be more after it closed down.

The problem is even if they release an official statement, you still can’t trust them. Remember “You think you do, but you don’t!”

Honestly any seasonal wow server is doomed to die. No matter what expansion (classic/tbc/wrath/…)

If you want fresh then just unsub dont play retail or wrath and you have fresh servers in no time.
Som and fresh will be a player base injection when needed.
All choices blizz is making think about botting is simply based on money.
Why would they release fresh that will compete against wrath/retail or why would they if people playing era now.

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That’s the nature of anything seasonal. But until it dies, we can have lots of fun. After it dies, there are transfers, merge, connection to other realm(s).

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I see that you are trying to speedrun getting banned from the forums good luck

1#No… we dont need it, you will get behind the curve and quit in 2 weeks.
2#You chose being max lvl ganked in stv 24/7, come to pve realm it has default “tardfix”
3#No boosting or gdkp or goldselling in pve realm, we mass report they get banned.
4#Economy is balanced, you cant guarantee a fresh economy will be balanced or stay so.

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SoM failed, because Blizzard totally messed it up.

  1. PvP: They announced a maintenance 3-4 hours after season start!!
    Then it only was a server restart. People that did not go to bed and did 1-2 hour(s) PvP after server restart were rank 3 or 4. So a total fail from the start.
  2. Not enough PvP servers, too much PvE servers. Huge queues on PvP server. Second PvP came too late.
  3. PvE servers got empty and did not get a server transfer for months. So people had to start new chars and lost interest.
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SoM honestly will not do well.

Unless you make changes. i.e. Turtle Wow take on the game there is just no reason to return to the same deal over and over.

SoM - out

Turtle wow - in


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