Season of Mastery PvP Rank Fix Underway

Updated 2:30 CET – 4 December

While a great many players’ Ranks have been corrected, we continue to work through the fixes for every Season of Mastery realm in every region. We expect that work to take several more hours to complete. We’re currently scheduling realm restarts for some realms tomorrow to help speed up the process.

Please note that any gold refunds for high rank gear that is removed will come later. It may take several days for all refunds to be processed.

3:00 CET – 3 December

At this time, we’re running calculations that will bring Season of Mastery players who have earned Honor to the correct Rank. This may take a little while to complete, and if you aren’t seeing your correct Rank thereafter, logging out and back in may be required.

As soon as we can, we intend to refund and remove gear from player-characters who do not meet the Rank requirement to have obtained the gear. With that in mind, we advise players who have found themselves in possession of a high Rank piece of gear to not waste any resources on it, such as enchantments.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to fix this.


Maybe increase honor from WSG and AB so ppl arent forced to AV PvE rank for 6 weeks while you are at it. NO ONE LIKES AV META LOL

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So we get the missing RP from the first two resets as well?

So wait, did we actually get too high of a rank last reset ?

i suspected that after hitting R5 after one week 39 WSG

what incompetence - a 20 yo game and 3 months of testing …


Panda Priest named Uwu, your opinion is already invalid. Let people casually grind their rep in AV at least before your comments kill AV again just like it got killed in Classic.

Yay lets kill AV again.
Why do you want to ruin the gamemode, that is mainly played on (vanilla) classic?

av is not better honor, its just that people are queuing it to get rep. Once rep is done people will move to wsg/ab as its quite litteraly double the honor.

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i’d rather solo que Av then WSG or AB though.

It seems to be more of a fix for US than the EU servers. They currently have rank 12 players running around that haven’t even reached 60 yet after only 2 resets. Multiple sub 60s running around with epic PvP mounts.

Not sure if the EU also had too much RP awarded, but I have yet to see anyone who’s rank 12 after Wednesday reset.

The whole ranking system & poor implementation has left me with a bad feeling about SOM. It really could kill the game early if it’s not sorted out. The whole idea behind SOM was to have harder raid content and be more challenging. Have people farm pre BIS & have an active dungeon & raid environment. The implementation of being able to achieve the rank 10 + 13 sets within 3-5 weeks completely destroys the whole concept of having more challenging content & a thriving lvl 60 community. Currently you get to lvl 50+ and farm AV, because the time investment & rewards are so great in comparison to doing any kind of pve content. If you start at 50 you’ll most likely have your full blue PvP set & epic mount provided you played some BGs whilst lvling when you hit 60. I’m currently almost rank 6 at 42 and will probably be 8 next reset. Few more weeks lvling & doing AV I’ll easily be rank 11 before I hit 60. It’s just dumb & they should really put some kind of restrictions on this before it kills the game & implement the gear at a later stage. People still gonna PvP for rep gear & you could allow ranking to continue, but just restrict being able to use that gear until at least mid BWL patch .

It’s actually hilarious that when TBCC came out a lot of people just didn’t PvP because they messed up the honor & arena system so badly that most people either quit or just didn’t bother because the entry barrier to arena was like grinding rank 14 all over again. Now with SOM it’s exactly the opposite & getting PVP gear is like taking candy from a baby, which in turn will make the first 6 months of PVE content trivial & almost pointless. It will also completely destroy the dungeon group scene, so good luck to any rogues who want that OP t2 dungeon set.


Have seen someone who was rank 12, now is 10 but still got the rank 12 items. Remove that stuff wtf.

guessing you havent been into the new mc, its certainly more challenging, and even with r14 gear, it will be significantly harder than entering classic mc with fresh 60 gear. furthermore, for lots of classes, only the weapons are rly good, the sets, even the epic versions, are simply not as good as what you can get from dungeons.

Well that’s debatable because we don’t really know it was never tested on the beta & apparently in the US people have pretty much facerolled MC after stacking people with rank 10+ geared players. For some classes the sets might not be the best, but for others it’s BIS /part BIS until AQ/Naxx & a damn sight better than what they can hope to achieve in a few weeks doing dungeons & wiping in MC with greens & blues. The weapons are pretty much godly for the big pumper DPSers out there.

I haven’t been in MC, so I’m going off what I’m reading on the US forums.

Biggest problem was putting the Naxx level PvP gear in the game too early, same as in Classic.

This level of gear was never supposed to exist on anything but the Naxx patch, but blizzard gonna blizz.

Its aq-40 level gear, it was never naxx level gear.

well i have been in mc, its definitly not faceroll. also i think you are talking out of your a**, seeing as so far, not a single NA guild has cleared mc.

People still have rank 11 mounts and rank 12 items after rollback. and some people jumped from 5 > 11 > 8 or 6 > 12 > 9 so they got more ranks than they had before and some ppl didnt change at all. i have same rank as i had on reset.

No the r14 is clearly better than AQ40 and equal to some naxx weps

Reply 49 States 3 guilds cleared MC with full ranking gear.

MC cleared 3 days ago

So you’re the one that’s talking out your a**e.

Have you been in MC with a full raid of people with rank 10+ gear??? Nah didn’t think so.