Seramate: New Way to Check PvP

Key features:

  1. Blazing-fast activity updates for 3/12/24 hours. It takes less than 2 minutes for new activity data to arrive after Blizzard ladder API has been updated.
  2. Top gainers / losers & most active players list for every bracket.
  3. Past seasons ladder archive.
  4. Immensely flexible ladder & activity filters. Filter by Race, Realm, Faction, Rating & more.
  5. Character Search & detailed Character Profiles with unique features.
  6. Shareable Blizz-like talent trees & multiple loadouts.
  7. Character games history & graphs.
  8. Seasonal R1 cutoffs for every bracket.
  9. Mobile & tablet UI. 100% Adaptive design.

Fantastic UI. I like the character view the most where you can see the whole title history. The search results already displaying the highest title achieved is great as well. However you can’t select a search entry by pressing enter, that would be a great addition.

I would also like a feature where you can see the players teamed up the most with that character on the view (so you can see comps and maybe talents played).
Or some kind of detailed match history would be interesting (like the addon reflex) with all players linked

Great page, certainly like it more than check-pvp

One more thing i noticed: the solo shuffle record is incorrect (only showing current season) or was this intentional to ignore the over inflated season 1?

the website is great like really an amazing design but its missing the winrate % on people’s 2s 3s and shuffle

ps any chance u get it working for wotlk? at least for the pvp rankings

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Your site says I’ve been glad 12x, but I’ve actually gotten glad during 19 different seasons… Never been more insulted in my life. :rage:

Great site. Now we can track filthy wintrader scum again. Could you add the DF S1 solo shuffle archive by any chance?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Since blizz API has no data of highest ratings achieved in rbg/shuffle, all 3rd party sites have to track it manually on their end as the season goes on. And we only launched in june, hence some missing data. We’ll try to fix that eventually.

Also, keyboard navigation is already planned, should land later this week. :slight_smile:

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Winrate & total games is something we could totally add, thanks.

As for wotlk, Im not so sure. The API is quite limited there and there is a lot to things to release first: stats, proper gear inspection, account section, etc.

Whoa, looks like an error on our end, I’ll take a look. Those legacy(pre-wod) titles are a bit tricky to track. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

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yeah its understandable but at least having a ladder with such a good web design will be enough
no stats/gear/etc asked because there is no official wotlk armory

Fantastic, just fantastic. <3

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Would be nice if one could click the name or portrait and be taken to armory. Its a feature i like on check.pvp, otherwise - great job!

Atm you can do that by clicking on wow icon next to realm name. But we might make name clickable too. And thanks.

Sorry, I shouldve investigated more. I was browsing it on cellphone so I prolly just missed the icon with my fat finger, haha.

Haha no worries. It would be cool to have the oldschool glad/r1 stuff visible in some way, but it’s not important. Again, great site!

Legacy R1s are visible btw, its regular glads that aren’t counted yet.

And thanks. :slight_smile:

Technical question: I assume you got it set-up to track the R1 achievements (for example “Vengeful Gladiator Achievement” ID XYZ), so then could you not simply do the same for the oldschool glad mounts and if someone got the achieve (for example “Furious Gladiator’s Frostwyrm” ID ABCD) make them count?

That’s exactly what I’m doing rn :slight_smile:

Just have to test & deploy this stuff. After that, just update ur char and it should be there.

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Also I just realized that your site let’s us check all characters, not just the top 5k that show up on ladder, as xunamate did. On top of that, with the information your site provides regarding gear, alts, etc., it’s not really comparable to xunamate, since that site was very minimalistic, centered around top of the ladder, activity, max ratings, achieves and archives. Your site is more like check-pvp on crack. Maybe you should change the title. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seramate has traits from both checkpvp and xunamate with some unique features on top. Its just that many people still remember xunamate and they instantly know what to expect.

Aight this one has been fixed & deployed. Thanks for reporting.

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Found another bug: It says Swapxy is 27x R1, but “only” 22x Glad. He has been 28x glad, if I’m not mistaken, so I assume some of the R1s don’t count towards glad, while most of them do.