Shadowlands: The 9.1.5 Content Update is Now Live!

Shadowlands: The 9.1.5 Content Update is Now Live!

The 9.1.5 content update brings improvements to the Shadowlands Covenant systems, new character customization options for select Allied Races, and the introduction of Legion Timewalking, Timewalking Mage Tower and Legion Mythic+ dungeons.

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How about PvP balancing…


^^ What he said.

Also, its a bad joke that the main gameplay feature of this patch is coming more than a month after the patch is released.


Question is will they take the renown lock off the pvp gear as once you have level 40 renown I don’t know why you need to keep leveling it just to get better pvp gear.

However I have heard that this patch is bring lots of positive stuff with it so look forward to seeing what’s on offer.

I strongly suggest you work your butts of to get 9.2 out ASAP because if we have to wait the same ammount of time we just did between 9.1 and 9.1.5 this game is gonna become so dead like we have never seen it before. I hope you realize how serious this is


‘‘Content Update’’ is stretching it.


They don’t know what pvp is.


Then show them

They wouldn’t care anyways.

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This ^, absolutely in bad taste that a patch that advertises a feature, actually has that feature pop up after 5 weeks after the patch touches Live servers.

I’m sure that lots of players won’t even know this and there will be a crapstorm on the forums regarding this on patch day… gonna be fun i guess. :joy:

it also brings 0 new content.

pathetic blizzard - pathetic

while your competition which already taken over most wow players releases completly new expansion.

What feature is this sorry?

Also lol at the pvp gear “fixes”, you literally fixed nothing. Well done - especially considering the very first patch notes released on the pvp ilvls was exactly what pvpers wanted.

Legion Timewalking.

The patch is on the 3rd of November… and Legion TW is on 8th of December (EU days).
So 5 weeks later, amazing patch.


So just in time for Christmas? heh

Got to milk those subs somehow

Early Christmas… has a nice ring to it, we’re so lucky to receive our present so much sooner!

While we’re getting many highly requested things in this patch (for which I’m grateful) it’s odd to me that you made us wait this long for it considering it’s not even a big content patch. At this rate 9.2 will be half a year away if not more.

You’d think right now they’d be going out of their way to please and keep customers, not push them away by having Legion TW 5 weeks after the patch… :no_mouth:


Heritage armor was forgotten?

Just let us know when you have story zones and new raid.

typical blizzard behaviour

a) at first lets players sruggle weeks to get soul ash and cinder to make legendarie item, not letting them to re-run and take more so dealying them to make their item, now they realized that makes ppl with more characters or more specs to one character loose too much time of his free time and they increase amount and allwo re-runs. First i make you climb mountains then i show you tere is an easier detour. How much to blizzard values free time of people?

b) doing mythic+ every week and some weeks have run 5 mythics opening 2 vault slots and still since last march havent seen a weapon in vault nor droped ilvl 236 from dungeons even if i have run hundreds of them…and i see players around me with 2 x 252 weapons (rogues / warriors / weapon _ shiled holders) and i wonder why i dont have one. Yes i know game is so well programmed that literlaly destroys gearing in some people and drops dozens of rare items or all slot items to others…its a nice well made game,…takes your free time and converts it to “you wont progress gear cuase i want it so”

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