Shal'dorei guilds?

The title says it, are there any active Shal’dorei or Highborne guilds?

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The Eternal Sisterhood is an active, Nightborne-themed guild. We’ve a few storylines in motion.

You can also hit any of us up in-game for a conversation. Try and find Estalar, Altharael, Zhivraelle, Lunarglade or myself.


Eternal Sisterhood is a good choice as mentioned above.

The Highblood Myrmidons are recruiting Nightborne as well, however, if you’re not into the religious aspect and wish to tap more into the Highborne part.


If you mean Night Elf Highborne, there’s the Starweavers and the Court of Taur-something (I’m bad with names, sorry) around.

I think that’s around it in total, really, unfortunately tbh.


I should say that the Eternal Sisterhood are a very specific type of Nightborne guild, they’re not so much a general guild but have a very particular focus. I can’t think of any guilds that cover a broader element of Nightborne society, really.


I know as well there is a guild called that recruits just independent Nightborne and I don’t believe they’re over-archingly connected.

Most NB RP is spread throughout the server, sadly. Best of luck finding a guild that suits your toon!

waves Someone called ?

Ask two kinds of people about what that very specific type is. Those in the dark will say a religious charity. Those in the know will start spewing about a Nightborne-supremacist, word-domination-seeking cult.

A charity, of course. Little more.


A Charity that declares a… what was it, divine struggle?

To get more donations for the Suramar orphanage of course. Nothing at all suspicious.

I’ve heard there was a guild litteraly called “Nightborne” trying to make a community for NB but I don’t know much more than that. There might be some in Silvermoon?
(Because Suramar still don’t have a friendly phase, haha… ha.)


Indeed, I’ve seen a couple of their members in Dalaran.

As mentioned if you are looking for Elune or old empire focused NB guild, Eternal Sisterhood is there for you.

If you are looking for a more Suramar, Magic, Patriotic theme you have us in the Highblood Myrmidons, however we are mixed Shal’dorei Sin’dorei group going after the Suramar x Silvermoon alliance vibes.

There is is no pure Suramar theme guild afaik

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