[Silvermoon] Fury warrior curved, wants to progress


I’m currently a curved fury warrior looking for considerate and fun guild to progress for mythic raiding. I’m 25, very friendly and respectful, I’m always up for a laugh and I relish any opportunity to improve! I’ve been in many guilds that haven’t raided enough to my tastes, even though as a community, I’ve wanted more involvement. I’m happy to help with any guild matters as I’ve had guild leading and raid leading experience. I have a lot of leveled professions to help with consumables etc…

To be honest, I’m just fed up really and want to get straight back into raiding before I lose my sanity! :smiley:

Kind regards

A bored Dwarf looking for a mythic party throw down!

If you are interested in Mythic raiding in the mornings we presently have a warrior spot open.



Would love to speak with you more, if your interested in coming to the dark side.

Please have a read of our guild post and let us know if it interests you.
My battletag is Psykick06#2401


Hey Dude!

Would like to chat some more. We’re 10/10 HC and have been for some time. We’re looking to get into Mythic but in the process of building a roster. Unfortunately it’s taking longer than we’ve hoped with people just generally stopping playing etc but would be cool to chat some more.

Add me on Bnet Krepzy#2582