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Recently I’ve been wanting to RP again with a character I will play for a long time. The problem is, all the RP guilds I see have A LOT of people in it, which isn’t a bad thing but it is a problem for me, because I would prefer a guild which is a small group of people. Funny thing is that in these real big guilds it feels more lonely than in a dead guild. I am of course willing to make and level a new character for a guild, doesn’t matter if it’s Alliance, Horde, neutral or whatever. Really miss that feeling of a small guild where everyone knows each other and are friends both IC and OOC.


How many people would you consider a small /large guild?

Small guilds do tend to still be out there, either guilds that are setting up newly, or guilds that want to focus on a smaller, tight-knit community.

It depends what people are looking for. These larger guilds exist because people love the spectacle of wide-scale RP, or feeling like part of a military unit or what have you, whereas smaller guilds I’ve found tend to be easier to find your voice in.

If you’re in a guild with five total active members, then you’re 20% of that guild. If you’re in one that’s got twenty, then you’re only 5% of that guild*
*It rarely ever plays out exactly like this, this is assuming that everyone is equally as active which often isn’t the case.

So yeah, for sure you’ll find smaller guilds if you look for them, but they’re probably not looking for the larger audience that the forums can offer IMO.

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Good question, I have not really thought of that. Perhaps, say, five people? A new or recent guild would be preferable too. Wouldn’t want to miss out on all the cool stuff.

Clan Stormheart, though we aren’t a new guild - we are a smaller guild as some would put it! A close-knit family of Wildhammer within Kirthaven, Twilight Highlands!

Check out our page or swing by in-game for some interaction!

All the best out there :beers:

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I forgot to include this in the post but the reason why I made it was to ask, how do I find these guilds? I do know that it is very unlikely I can find one like this from asking in the forum, but th

Well, the purpose of any guild is to grow, but if you’re looking for something relatively new and with not a lot of people (yet) I will shill my own.

What number of people would you consider “small”? There’s quite a few guilds around various nice concepts in the PCU with 4-8 people online a night for events. Just gotta find the concept you love.

I prefer smaller events as well; I always feel like you cannot truly write an event for 10+ people without it feeling “generic”. When attending these big events I always feel like my character’s a mob or NPC giving and taking hits but nothing else; there’s seldom any chance for their background, character or abilities to shine.

If that’s the case, you might be interested in something I’m setting up. We’ll likely have a few more than 5 people (maybe 7-8), but we’re aiming for quite a close-knit, player-driven setup, pretty much how you described.

As for finding guilds in general, the Argent Archives ( can sometimes be a place for finding them. I’ve always found that the best way to find a guild is to just interact with others in the world and see where things take you :slight_smile:

I feel that smaller RP guilds are the norm rather than the exception really. Guild rosters, both here and on AA, are rarely indicative of the kind of activity level you are going to see.


Very much this! You can see which guilds are up to date by the most recent posts and updates to their guildpage. In combination with using the wow-armory you’ll also be able to see how many characters each guild has in-game as well, do take in account that people do add their alts in a guild. (personally I always assume on average each member has one alt in a guild, but this isn’t a clear-cut thing)

And if I can shill my own guild, we’re currently in our up-and-coming stage as few new folks have joined our small core squad while we get to know eachother IC and OOC. We do collab with other guilds often, if that may not be your thing.

Hope you find your guild to call home! :muscle:

Best way is on Argent Archives as mention or forum checking Rp guild post and maybe ask who ever posted it how big if not mention in game. Also I just post my small KT guild. Hope you find what you looking for.

The Followers of Domination continue with their machinations in Northrend.
Although we are still small, we had a great start thanks to being fortunate enough to benefit from a good, solid cast of characters. Varied, likeable and dislikeable alike… Depending on whom you ask…

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Also bare in mind that while roleplay should always be a hobby and you should never feel forced to roleplay, if you are in a guild of twenty and decide not to roleplay or attend an event you might not be missed that much but if it is in a guild of five you would certainly would be. Every active member counts in a smaller guild.

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It’s absolutely worth mentioning the MANY discords you can join. I know of only a couple however, but there is one for Dwarf based RP and one for Draenei.

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