So, Where's the Horde RP at?

Long term RPer coming back to the game, Horde seems pretty dead, and I like RPing both sides for clarity but I’m an Orc guy at heart.

Is there any organized Horde RP that’s not just guild based and such?

Hell, even crossfac stuff would be fine.

Thanks in advance!

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It is mostly guild-based. However, there are options for casual RP.

There’s a casual gathering every Sunday at a different location. These usually attract a decent number of attendees.

There are Fireside Gatherings on the first Saturday of every month, where guilds are encouraged to gather in Orgrimmar to participate in various events. They are usually quite successful.

You’ve also got seasonal public events like the Conquest Clash tournament and the Kosh’harg Festival. Spring is coming, so I would expect the next Kosh’harg in the next couple of months. These tend to be absolutely massive.

But if you are looking for a solely Horde roleplaying hub where you can find people casually roleplaying every night, there isn’t one. People don’t bother with Orgrimmar these days unless their guild is passing through and it’s a similar story for Silvermoon City.

If you’re open to cross-faction RP, then Legion Dalaran is your best bet, though it is decidedly neutral and so it may not suit characters who care a lot about the Horde and who are built around the Horde’s themes.


Thanks for the reply. - I’d be open to joining a guild, I’m just not sure where I’d fit, this particular Orc is not very traditional and a lot of Orcish clans seem inclined to act like it’s still Warcraft 2, and Orcs have made no real progress since then, my Orc is extremely loyal to the Horde, but the Thrall ideals of the Horde, so he’s no problem interacting with anyone honestly.

It’s a bit of a tough one, it’s a shame Horde RP is much quieter than it used to be. But I’ll have a look around and see what’s going. Again, thanks for the help.

As someone who also plays an orc who defies tradition, there’s a lot of fun to be had butting heads with more traditional orcs who passionately cleave to orcish culture and clan culture.

For guilds, there’s a few that I can think of off the top of my head:

Here’s a selection of military guilds that are open to most members of the Horde and I’m quite sure that they would welcome a non-traditional orc, if you enjoy martial themes:

The Orcs of the Red Blade are a good choice for any orc and I can say with confidence that they’re not stuck in a Warcraft 2 mindset.

And while that they do not have a thread on these forums, I know that the Iron Wolf Clan are open to most members of the Horde and they describe themselves as a more modern clan.

There are plenty of other options out there and I’ve only listed a few, so I’d suggest shopping around and seeing which community fits your character the most.

Thanks again. Will have to look into some of these guilds! Seen Iron Wolf around before, nice folks, but not quite a good fit for Dharg!

Appreciate the pointers though!

There is also the up coming Kosh’harg festival where many of the mentioned guilds will be at in march :slight_smile:

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