Solo island expeditions in 9.1?

You probably can’t easily solo islands anyways. Last I checked with 200 ilvl team it took a long time. Mobs have around 80-90k hp and the target cap is abismal since islands were not designed with target cap in mind. Now maybe as 260ilvl balance you could solo but it will take a LONG time anyways. My advise would be try to add some people in bnet who also want to run islands and make a consistent group. To save yourself the pain islands are rn.

You can solo normal ones, just need 2 trial accounts with 10+ level chars in order to q, but that is all for now…

Hopefully some day!

The only way to get soloable legacy content is to create a private server and enabled it there, unfortunately.

Oh shut it. You never thought about transmogs maybe, no?
You can spend a lot of time to just wait for someone to fill up, and for what? For easy solo normal mode for dublons?

I love the Warfronts like Darkshore, and they reward amazing Transmogs. Sadly nobody is joining these days. they should let us make custom groups for Normal, otherwise its impossible.

This is our only thing close to “night elf” heritage armor.


The time has come, adventure seekers! We hear your requests for private queues in Island Expeditions, and are now assessing the work required to release this functionality in the upcoming 9.1.5 update.

Here’s our current plan: Once 9.1.5 launches, you’d be able to set sail on your expedition alone or with a party of up to three players on these seafaring voyages.


Yooo, cheers.

9.1.5 is starting to look pretty good from what I’ve heard when it comes to heavily requested features being implemented, keep it up!


Remove Conduit Energy, Please :slight_smile:


I won’t get a reply obviously from this, but i’ll still bite.

Mr blue, maybe now you can confirm if that ilvl 252 gear from Torghast was indeed true or false??

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Don’t want to be that guy, but what about war fronts? Any update on those?


Super happy to see you listen to Belluar’s videos. He voices the community opinion very well.


How it will work with PvP expeditions though?

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Oh this is amazing for my 2 Locks :grinning:

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Oh god, liking the clickbaiter of anything wow stuff in general, jesus.

Massive facepalm.


It’s been a recurring request in the forums here: In 9.1.5 consider the implementation of a way to send anima to alts that need it, people are reaching cap without anything to spend it on.


Good job, better late than never.

it will be when the numbers drop even more :smiley:

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Now warfronts too please :slightly_smiling_face:


2 months later it did in the end become a 9.1 feature.