Solo Shuffle issue with rating

So for the past few weeks, I tried to play a solo shuffle, but my main concern and issue are that even when I get 3-3, 4-2, or even 5-1 but better stats, I don’t get any rating either 0 or minus whatever, there was one occasion when I got 1 XD for 5-1 wins. Can you please fix this? I mainly play PVP, and shuffle is what I always wanted, but the system now is hard to enjoy. I’m not even talking about the long q times.
Please, guys, solve this as soon as possible!
Thank You, and keep up the good work!


As the OP talks about, people generally don’t think of a shuffle game as 6 separate matches played in a row. They think of it as one game, and they either gain or lose rating, or it doesn’t move at all.

But at the end of the shuffle, it’s just summarizing all of the rating lost and won each round in that shuffle, and then you end up with either rating won, lost or that it ended up exactly where you started.

This is causing extremely bad optics for players, and this effect is further amplified by the long queue times.

So they need to change the way the rating system works, and make people get rating more reliably. The way it’s designed to constantly make people get closer to each other in rating when they’re in the same team, is just purely nonsensical in the shuffle format. Rating won and lost needs to become way more predictable and transparent, and for that the system as a whole needs to change.


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like this where u win 6/6 and gain 70 and everyone else gain 0

yo-yo all day 20x row of 3/6 +0 then one 2/6 for -2000000

getting blizzard automated language warnings constant for just typeing focus target “go x” in lobby etc

then watch ppl never press cd and int in opposite sides of arena 6 rounds and u go 3 or 4/6 for +0 for it

riot mmo when?

i wonder if the subs started dropping yet or if it takes few more months and then blizz starts doing some changes to winback trade few of them

this pattern it seem very familiar, like ive seen it before

3/3 for healers should 100% give rating in most of the matches you cant do anything in almost every match there is one very good player and everybody else is playing the game first time so he wins all matches both healers get 3/3 and +0 cant do anything no matter how good they play dampening cuts them off anyway


i play 3/3 most of the time and gain 0

really fun as a healer


That or +1…

did blizzard say something about this i mean why shuld healers play?

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blizzard should bring 20 min bfa damp games back just to annoy dps players

Netrisha makes a very compelling point tbh.

If Blizzard’s intent is to make going 3/3 a waste of a Healer’s time by rewarding them with nothing then perhaps the game shouldn’t actively work against them via dampening and preventing drinking.

Could you imagine DPS being punished for not being able to land kills because the game reduced their damage output by 20% every minute lmao.


Thank you for this great explanation.

My question is why do i always face low mmr healers when i hit +1.7 cr/mmr whatever it is.
My solo shuffle journey is up to 1.7 and back to 1.5 again. I’m done with it as long as it stays like this. Really frustrating and its about to turn me into a toxic person :smiley: I’m getting mad to myself when i make a mistake and oh boy i’m gettin real mad when others do mistakes. It’s better for me to stay away from it. It was fun tho :slight_smile: Keep working on it blizz, you got this.


Check this one out, I DONT get the system.
I win 5/6 I loose rating … but this one - please explain - nobody lost rating,

6w 1404 rated +72 rating
3w 1457 rated +9 rating
3w 1482 rated +0 rating
2w 812 rated +19 rating
2w 1261 rated +17 rating
2w 384 rated +192 rating
453 rating was gained total, none lost.

i.imgur. com/jkRjLMM.png
I quite understand that lower rated playing well gains more :D, but 0 lost ?

That means you are in your own bracket since yoi neither lose or gain rating. Everyone in the game has same chances in long run. You dont get carried by randoms by luck, you need to make the difference to win the games.

If you think there isnt anything you can do to win, then how the heck people manage to win more games and climb? Atm the ladder is just very deflated and most people play <1600 since the skill level is almost the same

If you say you cant do anything → you live in denial and cant accept the fact you are in your own bracket :smiley:

I played solo suffle consistently winning 4/6, play about 2 rounds per week and got to 1920. Havent tried to queu this week but every week i got rating and climbing to 1900 seems quite easy. And at everygame i have noticed something i could do better, this could have been my chance to make 5/6 or 6/6 wins. If you cant see where you can improve, you will not really improve and get stuck at your bracket

It’s not the wins %, its the lobby luck, if you are the lowest you can win a little to a lot.

so if you have +75% win rate you dont climb or wtf u are saying? :smiley: if you think lobby luck exists in place where everyone has the same chance in the long run, you are drinking some very heavy copium.
There is no lobby luck, l2p issues

So 6 players joins : 1484, 1409, 1425, 1421, 1366 and … 0
How can a player join a 1400+ arena game as his first?

Everyone not winning +4 matches Looses rating.
0 rating guy wins 1 out of 6 matces - gaining nearly 200 rating :)))))

Yeah… I have to put tremor before getting a fear or sleep, fake cast or grounding interrupts, interrupt incoming ccs, and I have to be happy for 3-3 because the opponent healer is almost always a druid who face rolls 80% of the match with zero casts, unccable cc god, then pops tree when dampening gets rough. Zero skill gg “you are on your own bracket”.

Same for me bro 3 out 3 win 0 rating :wink:
not fun

well, I play both healers and dps, the 3-3 issue is not just healers related. In both cases it is pretty annoying.
My major issue is that 99% of the times I get into games where for some reason or another, even if I win 4-2 I get 0 rating. Every time I lose, I mean every single time I instead lose rating.
Now I understand that there are both rating and mmr to consider but in all honesty this is becoming just frustrating. How come that I always end up in a ss where the only way to get rating is winning 5-1 or 6-0?
I’m no gladiator but in Shadowlands I was duelist on 2 chars and rival 2 on all the others I had, so I presume I have a decent understanding of the game.
I love the solo shuffle structure and I don’t really have time to always catch up with my arena mates, but the rating side of it is becoming really frustrating. It’s not my choice queuing for 20-30 mins and then enter in a ss with people who have lower mmr. I believe this needs a serious re-think.