Spell Batching WORST Idea Ever Implemented

Spell Batching is something worse implemented ever in WoW.Trap after Feing Death have 2 sec delay, Pets have sick delay.When i press Feing Death near NPC and while am laying i used Invisible potion and Npc attacked me even am invisible.All these shiets happens because Spell Batching that NO ONE asked to be implemented.Every single decision by Blizzard that we never asked was terrible idea.We need instant cast spells not to “cast” instant spells… Every good PVP player is frustrated of bugs caused of Spell Batching…


Agreed. Gotta love when mages blink out of stuns, or when you vanish and still get hit. Terrible system which has no place in modern games.


Hmmm… :sweat_smile:


Blink removes stuns


I’ll admit, it does seem to hit Hunter’s quite hard - I’ve got 2 60’s (one a Hunter) and whilst PvPing I find myself praying to anything holy that when I use some of my skills they actually work as intended. Does make it difficult at times.

Don’t think it’s going anywhere, though - so we just need to decide if it’s something we can deal with, imo.

LOL ok, that explains a lot.

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Instant traps weren’t a thing until WoD, they always had that delay before.

It was never case in history of wow, playing wow since Vanilla Beta, i am Multi Glad and R14 Vanilla player, do not spread desinformation plz, u can check videos at vanilla that is proof.FD+Trap was instant for 15 years.


It isn’t disinformation it’s the correct information

At least now you seem to finally have accepted that leeway and batching exist and affect all classes

I wouldn’t be surprised if they just lied about implementing it to get away with bad netcode.


Boy, everyone knows that
1.You are trolling
2. Or you are really stupid
We know u since post 1
If it worked as intended as u said before why BLizzard tried to fix it first time?Before that fix u claimed that wasn’t bug and Blizzard Confirmed it is bug.
Plz don’t, you making yourself even more stupid.

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It is working as intended - it isn’t on any fix list

And many many hunters - on these forums - have stated they make it work

So is trolling having a reasonable and informed conversation- or is it posting the same complaint time and time again and calling anybody who disagrees ; a troll, stupid , or spreading misinformation

I have played since launch

They works but not as intended, that other hunters are not enought skilled to see where it bugging.You are 57. Walock and you talking with me about Feing Death bug xD. You played since launch and you cant even detect most obvious bug in game, Maybe you player Super Mario sir.
My post proofs that “it isn’t on any fix list” is lie and disinformation.

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True. And this isn’t a modern game ^^’

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That’s old news - they applied the patches relating to that release nearly 2 months ago

This toon is level 60 - I’ll refresh to forum login - but I do post on a Classic toon on the classic forums

Once again - the spells both work - delays are caused by spell batching, leeway and poor player technique - especially with pet

In PvP the issues are compounded by players who have had over a decade to drill into and disrupt a hunters using the combo - nobody is fooled by it - using it when you have a rogue in your dead zone is going to end in tears

Once again - it isn’t on any fix list - because it isn’t broken

I won’t read your post, as they SAID THEY STILL INVESTIGATING BUG to realize what is real problem, kind of problem is hard for programmers cause spell batching.
I just reported you as many others to spam desinformation on Forum.
As i said before on old Vanilla hunter videos u can see that Trap is instant after FD. And every single hunter know that, you playing wow since WOD i guess, and your skill is 0 so u cant even know what we are talking about here. Do not talk something you know nothing about, you wasting our time.
Sure they know that problem is Delay of Trap after FD and that FD wont drop combat in most of cases.

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Okay - I’ll look forward to nothing happening about that given the information is correct

Perhaps you should re-read the information you linked which Blizzard posted in September and then look at the Blizz website with the patch note information

They will fix in future patch am sure, and they need time since spell batching makes this issue, and in that moment you will be more stupid than now.

If they remove or reduce spell batching delays I will, like many other players, be very happy

It will allow me to hit a target with 3 Dots with far more speed as a lock

But Blizz have repeatedly stated they are happy with spell batching when they compare it to their reference client

It kind of sucks but we did ask for it