Stop boosters!


You forgot.

Or Blizz literally shuts down EVERY SINGLE THIRD PARTY site that offers these things in the first place, and continues to do this in the future. Also for players in game that participates in doing this. And then remove the option from both their own’s games website itself and ingame.

That will also stop it forever.


Yes, the gold sellers that died infront of the ah in a way that spelled a website. So discreet.


Blizzard would have to change their own viewpoint on boosting for this to happen, if they stopped supporting it for gold like they don’t support it for real world currencies then they would have motive to shut down some of these sites. I’ve seen third party sites that advertise and not all of them have been for real world currencies.

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I swear Blizzard has shares in WOW VENDOR - they just love to allow it to be promoted.


Stopped reading there, tbh. I was around then, too, and I remember it well. I’m not sure we were playing the same game. :woman_shrugging:


They almost always accept real life currency for the boosts.
Some outright advertise a website where you can see the prices, and I’m sure the gold boosters would be happy to accept paypal instead of you buying tokens through blizz.


Checks what day it is Weekends are so refreshing

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:thinking: Ok then.


Maybe make a Services Trade chat and a trade chat for goods, would be a nice idea

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Not entirely. Getting a bot is using an outside system to do something in the game without you having to do anything. In the case of boosts you earn gold by playing the game and you can use that gold by buying this service from other players. It even makes sense from an rpg standpoint.

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I was objecting on principle, the argument was made that anything is justified on the basis of supply and demand.
The difference between boost and bots is irrelevant, even though your post is more like a rationalization.

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Because that’s some A++++ sells man strategy

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It’s a pay to win mechanic implemented into the core design of the game.

You can’t simply remove it without severe consequences to the economy of the game.

So as much as it’s a terrible thing we have in the game, It kind of can’t be stopped at this point anymore.


it would be nice to see a tab dedicated for boosters instead of this weird form of prostitution having a foursome to get that sexy high item level loooot mmmmmm :stuck_out_tongue:

to each their own but a tab for it is needed for it it’s like walking thru your cities slums section it’s kinda sad to look at…


I had my first forum Silence for 1 month because of these WOW VENDOR bots.

I’ve uploaded 3 screenshots with at least 3 of them @ Sylvanas - Alliance.
I gave both a whisper and i had the same reply back.

Name & Shame (the illegal bots which sell illegal currency boosts) .
Good memories


To be fair from an immersion point of view, its actually not an issue whatsoever. Players advertising their abilities to help you progress in content or gear isn’t an issue I would say that destroys the game.

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If the general gameplay was interesting enough to keep people playing by themselves, boosting coorporations wouldnt exist. It’s a joke tbh.


Perfect thread. Lovely to see all the “boosters” whining. I sincerely hope Blizzard is going to do something about this. Meanwhile I’ll keep wasting “boosters” time (kinda like you can waste those indian-windows-scammers time) And ofc. I’ll keep reporting every single spammer :-).

edit: Would it be possible to find an addon to strike up conversations with these “people”?


ban all boosters.


No u, let’s ban complainers.
you cause too much noise on forums.
way more than 1 dude who sells runs on my dead servers.

install add-ons to not see them or shut up, you are annoying