Stop boosters!


I got the add on and it’s fine for me bruh :smiley:


Boost but don’t advertise? What? How else are they supposed to sell services?


no youre wrong blizzard can solve it but they dont. harsher punishment for people who advertise boosting is the key. sure they can go to external websites but it will make boosting that much harder which will cut it down.

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I’m not wrong, if theres a demand there will always be a supply.


now you’re just in denial. I did not say blizzard can completely stop it. What I said exactly was “cut it down”. So you’re still wrong because you didn’t even read what i said properly. If blizzard bans people who advertise in game, boosting will decrease, how much? I don’t know. 25%? 50% maybe.

Supply Decreases : price increases, quantity decreases. Basic economics, you are welcome for the lesson.


I bet you’re one of those people where if you see something wrong happening you just ignore it. That’s the kind of person you are. Cause something wrong is happening here (boosting) and you couldn’t care less.

Theres a saying where im from that says if you see something wrong and do nothing about it, its like you are doing it yourself.


Can it be stopped? no. Can it be reduced? yes. Reducing it is better than nothing my friend.


Why should it not be a llowed to offer his service in trade chat? thats the whole purpose of tradechat.

Just because you dont like it personally doesnt make it wrong xd


oh god, more bull$hit. Its wrong because its wrong. Not because I don’t like it. If we made a poll asking people is boosting wrong? What do you think the majority will be. Spoiler, It will be that ITS WRONG.


solid explanation. you should go for military career there they use the same logic to explain stupid things: it is becaue it is xd


Since you are inferior to me and can’t think for yourself ill explain it for you.

Boosting is wrong because you are paying to get something you don’t deserve, in the real world guess what we call that? Cheating. I could go into more detail but cba, you seem like you’re not worth it.


Where is this saying from?

And how can boosting for gold be wrong if the higest authority here ( blizzard ) enables it?
Or you live by your own Creed and not local law ( ToS ) so everyone should follow your set of dogmas?

I say you broke the irl law and moral now, cause your statement is dehumanazing and demeaning, no way to treat a person.

Bottom line: you don’t abide by the real laws, ignore local laws, but have an audacity to pass judgement on person, when noone has elected you to do so.

By very simple logic you are on the wrong side of history :wink:


No its not called cheating. Cheating = unfair advantage not according to rules. Surprise boosting isnt against the rules.


The highest authority (blizzard) is corrupt because they allow it, hence why this thread exists. And by your logic, Anything the government says is true and correct and we should follow it blindly. So not just do you ignore wrong-doing, but you are also a naive person. Grats! :upside_down_face:

As for demeaning people, if I know they are completely in the wrong yet insist that they are right then it is my right to demean them. If you do not know what you are talking about you should stay quite as to not embarrass yourself. Its his own fault, not mine. If I am debating someone intelligent I would never demean or insult them. I would argue it out and if I am wrong, I will say i am wrong.

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It is a trade of gold for a service, in this case a boost. That’s why it’s not against the rules.

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Oh just stop. People advertise with trial accounts or ones stolen through hacking. It’s of no consequence if they get banned or not to the advertisers.

I don’t need lessons from someone who thinks a text book constitutes reality and practical experience.


A service that is ruining the game, a service that is morally wrong, a service that if it was in real life we would call it cheating. Need i go on? This “service” should be outlawed and met with the harshest punishments as to reduce the number of people who participate in the act.


Reallife is full with such services xd?
not the brightest bulb hu


I get what you’re saying however I don’t agree that they should do nothing. I don’t agree that that is the right course of action. Plus if what you’re saying is true about the trial accounts then they can do IP bans. There is always a solution you are just too lazy to think of it.


Give examples please. Those services in real life will land you in jail. tell me something that is pay to win irl. Please elaborate more.