Stop boosters!


Is it cheating though? Or just using an in-game resource to solve an in-game problem?

Don’t get me wrong, I despise boosting for gold: I think it leaves us with players who have not got the skills to match their gear and who fail even in LFR with ilvl 425… I think that people who pay for it are doing themselves out of the experience of having a guild or community, and failing to understand that the goal is not the gear, but the experience of getting the gear. But I don’t think it’s cheating.


As the private service provider they are entitled to establish any system of rules, if they don’t come into conflict with irl ones.

Calling them “corrupt” as an unknown person won’t get you in trouble, but if you were a journalist or public speaker, you could get into trouble with the law for defamation.

So again you do not have that kind of authority. And here you are naive person who lives in their own bubble.

If your subjective opinion doesn’t find a common ground with this person subjective opinion you have no right to demean them.

Cause for obvious reasons you are equally free to share your opinion on this matter, and it’s in no way grants you special right on the basis of your own personal conclusions.

Actually you are doing now a disservice to your cause by keeping up with this demeaning attitude.


literally every service you get?


stop wasting time and give examples. omg.


you take a taxi? why not drive on your own?
you go to restuarant? why not cook on your own?
you got to doctor? why not fix your brain on your own?


Demeaning people is not the subject here, don’t avoid the subject. My morals and manners are not the subject here. So you are wasting time. It is a corrupt system whether you admit it or not. Boosting should not be allowed.

(Punyelf) #114

To you it’s cheating, to others it’s paying to get a mount, achievement, score, pet, rating etc. The game does not consider a boost for gold cheating. It is not against the rules. The transactions are also not supported, you complete them at your own risk. However there are plenty of reputable organised groups. Guilds frequently use boosting as way to earn some gold for their players and guild banks to fund repairs, gear, consumables etc.

I am fairly indifferent to people buying boosts, whether someone pays for a service or not has zero affect on me.


I accept your defeat, enjoy your struggle for outlawing a boosting services back to underworld of cash.

(Dejarous) #116

Proxies get around IP bans in seconds.

And sure “jail terms for illegal stuff” works so well…

The alcohol prohibition in the 30’s really stopped people drinking! (Wait, no it didnt!)
The “war on drugs” is really showing success in crushing the dealers (Wait, no it isn’t!)

Where there is a demand, there will always be a supply. It’s pretty much a fundamental fact of life at the moment. And also, what are boosters doing to harm you?


Exactly! It did the exact opposite and provided the outlaws a steady source of income to build a mafia organizations.
It was mentioned even in Godfather book.


This is the last time I will answer you because you are getting on my nerves. Here are your answers.

  • Taxi is a paid service, it doesn’t give you any achievement or reward. Same with all your example. All your example are just dog$hit. Please no more.

Here is a real example that is equivalent to boosting… Boosting is like paying someone to pass the SAT for you.

1- you are cheating by not taking the sat yourself.
2- You are rewarded with a high SAT score that you should never have gotten. IE you got gladiator title by getting boosted. Gladiator title = High SAT score.

Please no more dude you have not provided one valid argument till now.

(Punyelf) #119

But sitting an exam for someone else is cheating and probably an offense. The booster doesn’t play your account for you, that would be the equivalent of your example. The booster just invites you to a capable team that do all the work. It’s the equivalent of hiring a gardener or a chef or whatever other examples were given.


Sure, I don’t disagree but it made alcohol that much harder to obtain which meant supply decreased. While they did not stop people drinking they definitely hindered their ability to drink.


i accept your defeat.

No all these examples are services you pay with money you earned in some other field where you are more skilled/fitted =)

Also your sat comparison is absolute horrible and completly wrong. Because this includes account sharing which is not allowed anyway. But the gold boosts dont accountshare =)
When you can get gladiator playing yourself but getting carried by 2 others you still deserved it because obviously other teams couldnt win a 3v 2.5 situation :wink:

must be really hard to act smart but fail at it so badly xD

My example still holds value tho. When i eat in a restaurant for lunch i always “cheat” in your world because i pay for a service instead of cooking for myself.

(Khareal) #122

You are fighting a pointless fight.

Too many people get their gold by boosting.
Too many people get their stuff done by paying the boosters.

All of these people will be against its “removal”.

It cheapens the game. It fills chat with spam. It bypasses blizzards own way of blocking unwanted messages such as ignore system and reporting spam with use of, i assume, hacked accounts, 1lvl alts, spam, delete, repeat. ect.

In my opinion its bad for the game. But its good for the people who are using it so you cant make them think its bad.

Its pointless fight.


Boosters irl colorized:


Are you even hearing yourself right now? “to other people its buying an achievement” ACHIEVEMENTS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE BOUGHT, THEY ARE MEANT TO BE ACHIEVED, ITS LITERALLY IN THE WORD ACHEIVEMENT. I thought you’d be much better at making a point but alas. Oh and I don’t care what the game considers. It is still wrong.

(Punyelf) #125

Well he certainly looks like he’s enjoying himself.


Brobably during the start of the season, where the prices are still good enough :slight_smile:


yes I am cause no one has yet to prove me wrong, especially you. “to some people its buying an achievement”. That made me laugh so hard OMG. How did you even get the green ink you do not deserve it with those debating skills.