Stop boosters!

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You don’t think they should be bought. Then you don’t buy any. It shouldn’t make any difference to you that someone else has bought them.

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I see we are back to green bashing again. sigh


we prove you wrong all the time :man_shrugging:


As an orc he should relate or no soul :cry:


I actually liked his post just for you information. :wink:

But Mr Green Ink has yet to answer my question because he knows I am right. I have him cornered and he doesn’t like it so he runs away. I am eagerly awaiting your answer Mr Green Ink. It is a simple yes or no question.

He deleted my post which had the question ahahahaahahahah. Just because he did that it makes all this time I spent arguing so worth it.

Well here it is again:

Achievement are meant to be achieved, not bought. Yes or no?


Lemme try that.
Meant to be achieved, but certain group of players will always seem to buy them, it’s a mentality and their way of thinking.

Company can either outlaw them and see how a huge cash market of illegal services is draining the companies player base from cash and enjoyment, also making any achievements mean nothing.

Or create a legal way to exchange in game currency for this service and keep both people with cash and ambition and veteran players who want to make an extra gold happy.

To fight it your best bet is to fight the mentality of the buyers and persuade them to stop looking for an easy way of getting an achievement.
It is a toll order but only real way of reducing this type of services.

Simple ban of mythic plus runs for gold will just move this type of service to a psites in exchange for cash. But the demand won’t go away.


Where are you Mr green ink? and why did you delete my post? I don’t know how it was deleted, but it was. Seems like I have bested you maybe? You have yet to answer my question. it is a very simple one. Yes or no?


I didn’t read past “Lemme try that. Meant to be achieved” Because it was a yes or no question. As for how to deal with it that’s a whole other story which I am prepared to talk about with anyone who wishes. I know it is complicated and i know it is not easy to deal with it, but there are ways to reduce it.

I don’t mean any disrespect to you in anyway but that’s it, period. They are meant to be achieved, thus paying gold for achievements is “basically” cheating. Point proven, thank you.

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You deleted your comment so I didn’t hit reply on my answer and deleted it :laughing:

It’s a points scoring system, it awards the most trivial things like equipping a tabard and getting a haircut. They can also rewards pets, titles, mounts etc. Some achievements are more tricky, some are great fun to try and do and others are the most frustrating times of your life.

Achievements can be earnt by any player and yes they can pay others to help them get whatever achievement they are after providing it’s within the terms of service of the game. So that would mean something in game, like gold or an exchange of other items.

I personally don’t care if people buy a boost to gain an achievement. I have often helped my own friends get an achievement or boosted them through content they wouldn’t normally do because it’s outside of their comfort zone or skill level.

In previous guilds we have boosted socials through things like Garrosh kills for the heirloom weapons, Archimonde Heroic for the time limited mount, even Argus Heroic for the flappy bird mount, also time limited.

I’ve had some great fun getting various achievements with friends and sometimes pugs. Some of them are now bnet friends who I still keep in touch with.

I am not judgemental. People play this game and are at all sorts of levels. If they need help to do something either via friends or pay a booster. Then that is their business and none of mine.


Why in the hell would i delete my comment then reply to you again and ask it again. Now your just being sad.

Secondly. DUDE, it was just a yes or no question and you give me a freaking essay to read. oh come on. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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This was where you asked a question.

I then noticed you’d tagged it on to another comment instead.


this guy must be trolling


Well if i did delete it excuse me, it might have been by mistake, but I definitely don’t remember deleting it or even thinking about deleting it. No idea how these forums work, I’m new to the forums. But again, I did not have the intention of deleting it in anyway. That should be extremely obvious since i replied to you directly again with the same question,


You just keep writing useless stuff… If you cant keep up, don’t pollute the thread please.


Greens can’t delete your posts. So don’t worry about that.


Cool thanks for the info.

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I think he’s probably genuine. Just one of those people where everything is black or white. Nothing in between.

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This is Discourse (the forums) if it could speak to me


well i already defeated you some posts ago and then you played the blablabla card x)

after your stupid sat example


Whatever makes you sleep at night. :wink: