Stop boosters!


If instead of petty arguments you would actually follow that line of thinking it might even get you somewhere imo.

Of course you can play a Randy instead, but it won’t help your cause I am sure 100%


Yes, because in this situation, it IS black and white. Cheating is wrong, period. And don’t you dare say boosting is not cheating because I’ve already proven my point by asking you a yes or no question which you replied to with a freaking essay.

You are waffling around the subject and not getting to the point as to not appear that you have lost the debate.

for the last time:

ACHIEVEMENTS ARE MEANT TO BE ACHIEVED, NOT BOUGHT! THUS BUYING AN ACHIEVEMENT IS BY DEFINITION; CHEATING YOUR WAY TO SOMETHING YOU DID NOT DESERVE TO GET. I don’t care what the TOS says, It is wrong and should be changed for all I care. They probably allow boosting just for monetary reasons, corrupt much?

Boosting is cheating, it might be a mild form of cheating, but it still is.


Hey, I like to have petty arguments in my free time, sue me :grin:

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Change title to Stop boost advertising. People cant read as you noticed by now.

(Punyelf) #153

Boosting is only cheating in YOUR opinion. In terms of the game and the terms of service it is NOT CHEATING. If it was cheating it would be reportable and it’s not.

You are totally entitled to think it’s cheating, but you can’t demand everyone agrees with you :wink:


What about people who got boosted to hero of the horde, or to 2.4k or to gladiator or so on. Is that not cheating too?

(Punyelf) #155

Providing there is no win trading and the boostee is playing their own account, then yes it’s allowed within the ToS.

I admire the skill of the booster though. To be able to play at that level and still beat the opposition.


Coolio, I agree. Boosting is not cheating, I have seen the light now, I was in darkness, and my mind was clogged. hallelujah!


Good for you. I however, aside from not being able to use trade chat, do not like entering M+ with 1.5k rio rated person who doesn’t know what an affix is and wastes my time/depletes my key.

I also don’t like having a person in raid who has bought curve achievement but doesn’t know what the hell is he/she doing and wipes the whole raid.

Hitler didn’t consider killing Jewish people to be morally wrong.
So if the game does not consider boosting to be wrong/cheating it doesn’t mean it’s not, it just fits their moneymaking policies or whatnot. But I guess you appreciate your MVP status way too much to be objective and say anything that in any way counters official Activision Blizzard rhetoric.

(Punyelf) #158

I actually find it really hard to believe that there are a significant number of people who buy a 1.5k rio score. Just like not many can buy the full mythic raid boost runs with gear. The amount of gold involved is insane.

It just seems to have become some kind of standard insult if people mess something up. I’ve been in various keys where someone makes one mistake and someone has to go over the top insulting them and having a go. That kind of pressure rarely makes someone play better and generally ensures the key goes to die or doesn’t time.

Part of the reason I do the bulk of my keys with friends is because we don’t get abusive with each other. Of course people make mistakes from time to time and we don’t give them a hard time for it. Mostly we laugh. The person who made the error is sorry and sometimes very annoyed with themselves.

If someone does not perform well in a PuG raid, regardless of whether they have curve or not they are usually removed. This has always been the same. Having curve is no guarantee a group will succeed, however there is usually a greater chance if they’ve already cleared the raid before.

I really love when people have to go to such ridiculous measures to try and make a point.

There were far better comparisons to boosting earlier in this thread. Such as if you hiring a gardener/landscaper to do your garden or a chef to do your cooking etc.

It is a boost, it is not genocide. Comparing the the mass murder of a race to a boost through a game is frankly, ridiculous.

There is nothing wrong with people not liking boosts, disagreeing with them, not wanting to use them etc etc but it’s not ok to belittle an atrocity.


That’s like, you know, your own opinion and not a fact.
Also nice point Godwin…


“Boosting has been on wow since Classic” you mean Vanilla, and it weren’t anywhere near that big compared to now. I would even argue that boosts have increased in BFA compared to any other expansion because of how easy & braindead retail WoW is in general (apart from high lvl mythic+ and mythic raids obviously) hence why there’s so many people buying boosts and so many able to boost.

Gear is too easy to obtain, especially since you only have to do Mythic+ for BiS, no raiding required.


Those are pretty bad comparisons and you know they are so you picked them because it fits Activison Blizzard business-friendly rhetoric.

Here’s a good one:
Is it not cheating and morally wrong to simply buy your college degree diploma without studying at all?

(Punyelf) #162

It is cheating to buy your College Degree Diploma, it is probably also illegal and would land you in a load of trouble if caught and out of a job.

Nothing about buying a boost is against the rules. It is you playing your character and paying for the services of capable players.

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With the same logic you should also not be able to fly on an airplane, because you haven’t got a pilot’s license?

I have never bought a boost but it also has zero influence on how and what I can do in-game.
If people want to boast with accomplishments they didn’t deserve its on them not me.


Lol, really? :smiley: No, you can fly but you should not be allowed to pilot it.

(Odeone) #165

I meant If I buy a degree that opens doors to other educations or jobs
but if I buy a in-game title it does nothing that affects others.


We’re running in circles here and I guess that’s part of your little job, to agitate and defeat players who provide valid arguments in the name of company you defend.

Of course it is cheating/morally wrong, same as boosting i.e. buying achievements (hint: things you should achieve, not buy) and accessing things you should not be able to access because you lack accreditation i.e. skills. Like I said earlier, if something is legal/allowed/considered ok due to whatever reason, it doesn’t mean it really is thus I used Hitler as an example.

Just like buying achievements such as college degree diploma in real life is LOGICALLY cheating/morally wrong and is illegal for such reasons, the same simple logic should be applied here. End of story.

(Punyelf) #167

I don’t have a job, I’m free to post my opinion, although I do tend to try to answer questions. Including what is and isn’t allowed in the game.

(Moothilda) #168

MVP’s are not employees by Blizzard, don’t pour hate on title/colour because the debate is stalling.

When it comes to boosting it is allowed by Blizzard, so by that definition it is fine.

I can’t find any moral or ethical things when it comes to this.

So I think we are just at as crossroad when it comes to what people think is acceptable in game.

Some hate them, some loves them and others doesn’t care.
The reasons for hating, loving or not caring are various.

My opinion on boosting: I don’t care about them, boost all you like it doesn’t affect my gameplay at all.