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Ara took the apple as well. :frowning:


Whats ?! It was just in my pants! Sneaky cheeky moves there!


Gives Coupe pinenut bread

It’s a poor substitute, but it’s nutritious and crunchy!

On another topic: Hmmmmmm….Legion did nothing wrong?

(Keydiam) #773

Speaking about it…I’m currenty busy playing FF XIV and I got my Dark Knight job up to level 50 and did the entire job questline up to this point. Wow. That’s all I can say about it. The writing, the execution of the questline and the final battle.

I will mark this as spoilers. The last battle against your own darkness was one the greatest moments for me. I'm a big sucker for stories, where characters have to fight against themselves so this was right up my alley, but the entire execution of that scene and the dialogue was done so perfectly that I actually got goosebumps.

Not to mention that I was actually feeling sorry for the Darkness. There was no black and white. She (in my case a she as I am playing a female Miqo’te) just wanted to free the character, wanted to get away from all these people with their menial tasks, getting away from everybody constantly expecting help of the so great Warrior of Light. And the moment where my character raised her hand and smiled at the Darkness…god damn it. I nearly cried manly tears.

I just had to write about it.


If you had to replace one existing and (sort of) living character in the Warcraft universe with Med’an, who would you replace?

I’d replace Sylvanas. Hehe.


I can’t wait for Classic, back when Stormwind was a medieval human city, and not a weird sci-fi melting pot for pandas, goat people, dogs, etc. Boralus is so much better.

It’s a shame, because Stormwind used to be my favourite city before this expansion, but then Blizzard started adding all those allied races NPCs that roam the streets and then the Kaldorei refugee filth littering the streets and the Cathedral, and I just can’t take Stormwind seriously anymore.


Omg guys, what happened to that nice background here on the forums? Where has the Highmountain Tauren gone to?

I don’t want to look at Azshara for an entire year!


I’m still here, fellow Moo.

Maybe the devs are into tentacles.


I want the strong, Warrior-like Highmountain Tauren, not some level 37 cheap cow.


That’s bull to you, fellow moo. Baine is a male moo!

And you shall have it, when I am Warchief.


Fantastic change. Dare I say best one they’ve made this year.

I don’t have to look at that disgusting Void Elf ever again.


Oh my God, this is so true:

The Virgin Stormwind vs. The Chad Boralus, basically.

(Araphant) #782

You will still come to Stormwind for an Auction House.

(Keydiam) #783

The entire world needs a complete revamp at this point. Most of the necessary assets for the faction at least exist. But, sadly this is only a pretty small part.

But, I would give much so that they finally remove the outdated CSI-reference, Rambo and “Indiana Jones and the Secrets of Uldum.”

Edit: Oh and remove that completely retarded tornado and hole in Westfall. I never even understood the purpose of it: There was no quest, it’s never mentioned anywhere and simply exists. Classic Westfall is far superior in all regards.


Considering the coming level squish, I think it’s not much of a stretch to expect Blizzard to reform the leveling process for 9.0. And since they already started redesigning old areas with the Warfronts, I also don’t think it’s that unlikely that they would work towards making leveling zones look like something that’s from the same game as the new zones.

Apart from that it doesn’t seem as if the graphics department has unduly overworked themselves this addon (at least after 8.0), considering how a third like Nazjatar just uses Aszuna-stuff, or they cut down the number of raid sets (and subsequently pvp variants) substancially, for example… I wouldn’t be surprised if they were working on something big for 9.0.

And then there is the fact that they really have to win players back after BfA…

So I myself am willing to bet that either an old world rework or a major change to character creation and customization is coming in 9.0. So who knows, maybe Stormwind won’t look as bad compared to Boralis then, as it does now…


They’re up against real competition this time. The (Western) MMORPG market is saturated, no shortage of replacements esp in FFXIV. 9.0’s gotta be better than WotLK’s best or the momentum downwards will require absolutely HUGE resources to correct. Something I can’t see a US Corp doing. They’ll just kill the project.

And you can’t just keep drawing resources from one xpac to make another one good. Some people playing this game can barely afford the sub fee as is, it’s insulting. WoD clearly had work cut out and likely sent into Legion. If 10.0-10.3 is more of this pattern, it won’t take a maths prodigy to notice it.


That’s something that won’t be relevant before 10.0 though. For the moment we have Beta for Azeroth, that clearly was half-buttedly done, and 9.0 has to show what they were saving their effort for.


On the contrary. If it is true that the writing is done years in advance (implying the skeleton design as well) of an xpac, then that would make the work on 10.0…around now. If they’re listening, then that is my feedback. People will notice and at some point even the hardcore fans are going to start dropping.

Of course, they probably aren’t listening, but let it never be said I did not give constructive feedback.


Of course. But we won’t hear of it until 10.0 is bevealed.


Anduin doesn’t look bad as an old man, not going to lie: