Story Forum Offtopic Lounge pt. 2

(Zarao) #791

He looks like an old southern french dude, that wears flip flops and Hawaiian shirts, likes to paint looking at the sea, and regularly drinks mojitos.
And maybe has a daughter called Daphne or some flower name.

But all the above is maybe because of the ponytail.

(Araphant) #792

Peace was not an option on that thread.


Warfare is the core of the story forum.

(Araphant) #794

Well, this is World of WAR-CRAFT, you know!

(Brigante) #795

He pretty much does…He actually ends up looking like Genn according to ‘Son of the Wolf’, and you know what, there are worse ways to end up! At that age, if I had that Silver fox thing Genn has going on I’d be “Yeah, I rolled a natural 20 on the ageing dice” . Its weird that he (Anduin) does end up looking so much like Genn, giving the surrogate father/son relationship they have going on., weird, yet -so- appropriate. I still maintain that relationship, whilst a very wholesome one, is an awesome one that Blizzard could work with so well, and there is only one way they could make it more heartbreakingly obvious and haunting than it already is…and that is if in some moment of forgetfulness Anduin actually calls Genn “Father”, or Genn calls him “Liam”. That would be Horrible, and Tragic, but beautiful at the same time.

And, at least we’re all out of that thread of horror, until a new one is started on Friday. I find they are like the line from ‘Hotel California’ “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”. I know I’m one of the worst offenders, I’ll look at them and go “No, no, seriously, leave it alone, don’t click it, do- Oh JFC you clicked it!” “Well that’s it, we’re stuck here for a week now, going backwards and forth with people you don’t even know, and don’t even have any real malice with, Next time, just don’t click the…” “OH Jaysis! Its Friday and you clicked the link, Did you not listen?”

I always make that mistake, I think we all do, to some extent, I equally like to think that as acerbic as we get with each other, it is mostly jovial. I love, to a degree, that we get to kind of know what each other are like, so we’re like a comfy pair of slippers. Leias’s last post in the Thread We Shall Not Name, stated that She/he was Pro Trump, and assumed I was Anti-Trump, that She/he was Conservative, and that I was not, and that She/he was pro-Brexit, whereas I was was Pro-Remain.

And you know what, they were absolutely top notch spot on with all of those three assumptions. 100% correct. I loathe Trump, I have never and can never see me ever voting for the Conservative party, and I was indeed one of the 48% who voted to remain.

Don’t you think its, Kinda cool, that when we have civil conversations like these, and not furious ones about Dalaran or Theramore or any other Kodocrap made up places, we actually get a pretty good handle on each other?


Ah shame, that thread was keeping this forum alive and worth reading every now and then. I do wonder if you people enjoy spending time in a dead forum. What would any forum be without drama?

Welp, back to MMO-Champion until the next flaming thread rises.


A peaceful land, a quiet people


A boring land full of boring discussions. Yawn.


This land was green and good once…


Wait, when?


when it was first created probably. im sure posting was strange and foreign enough not to be abused.

(Brigante) #802

I’m sorry, I’m not going to be here on Friday to take part in this week’s ‘The Horde is Evil’ thread, I’ll be in a field, with more than a thousand other nerds, kipping in a tent that is essentially a bin bag, yet trying to remain wholesome and fresh smelling, due to have my first ever ‘date’ in 30 years. In the middle of a field full of nerds wearing clanky metal. This is the wholesome and nice thread where we don’t slag each other off, right?


If any of you start here and now, I’m going to spray you all with a can filled with gongwater.



I don’t want this thread to be closed like the last Offtopic Thread. That was my precious child I had to give up.

Behave, children.

(Brigante) #805

I would embrace the Gongwater as my deserved punishment. I am not the same as my sarcastic at times persona, I’m pretty chill.

I also like the fact that I have just heard the phrase Gongwater for the first time in two decades…!

(Brigante) #806

Wait, I am assuming that Gongwater means the same thing here…


In other, more positive news.

Raid night for me today. Been enjoying the Palace personally! How’s everyone elses experience with Nazjatar in general?

Honestly, thought my fears of it being a repainted Azsuna* was quite unfounded.


Haven’t been to the Palace myself, but I’ll be honest… Nazjatar is far better than Argus or the Broken Shore in my opinion. Blizz tried to get some new ideas there, a combination between WQs and dailies, and the follower system is not that bad either. A bit bland, but oh well. But yeah, you do need gliders or flying.


Also, Coarse Leather Barding can be provided for free by me if you are on AD and still stuck on the ground.

I prefer Nazjatar over Mechagon, which is a bit all over the place if you ask me.

(Brigante) #809

Not had time, When I’m online, I’m on the Brigs here and doing the big RP Campaign, not had time for even rep grinding. When I’m not, I’m writing plot for a LARP fest this coming weekend, our players are going to get nightmares…Oh by Thunder are they going to get nightmares, When not doing -that- I’ve been recording some Voice Acting audio Book Narrative, for a Published Author, loving it, but it is a lot harder than just reading a chapter in your head, and takes considerably longer, Then I was mucking around in Tanks last weekend, and inbetween just being terrified of the fact I have a bloody date on Friday. I can’t, and have no way to process this!. But in general, life’s pretty good, how is everyone elses Wednesday?


May Light be with you in that dark and fanatical place.