Story Forum Offtopic Lounge pt. 2


You are already forgiven, Erevien for helping get me thrown into jail. But, as your future Warchief I fear the Banshee extremists will continue to cause problems.


Prepare your band of traitors, cow, we will have need of them soon, when we march on Orgrimmar.

(Erevien) #833

Stop being mean to Baine. He did nothing wrong.


You and what transport fleet?


Erevien! I - I never thought I’d hear such words! Truly the Earth Mother has blessed this day!


The transport fleet consisting of the 14 or so Kul Tiran ships that weren’t on Nazjatar, the Kaldorei fleet, the Ironforge aerial fleet, the Vindicaar, and the Aurobos.


Who? Didn’t they disappear mysteriously?

Orgrimmar’s defences are more than a match for the dwarves! And leftover Kul’tirans.

Seriously, no one can defeat Sylvanas’ plot armour >.>


fixed it !

(Brigante) #839

So how is everyone’s Friday going so far? I was about to say mine is Fookin’ magic, then I looked out of the window, and realised it has started raining and I am going to be camped in a field all weekend…Sighs


Well, I am working, so could be better as well.


Playing FFXIV/Fallout 76 and enjoying my hard-earned rest at home. Can’t really complain. Even got a moogle plushie to hug.


You dont have a baine or cairne plushie? id expect that with a character named iambaine.


As much as I like Baine, I have no wish to cuddle or be affectionate with him or a plushie/effigy of the character. I like him because he is what the Horde needs, and is hated unfairly.


Offtopic, but… I think I am forming actual expectations for 9.0 and might be disappointed if they don’t come to pass.

  • I expect an old world leveling remake with the level squish.
  • I expect some kind of paragon levels above max level and for the old world to scale up to max level (or include zones that do), so all that work doesn’t just go into alts.
    I don’t think I want that, since permanently fighting off mobs sounds annoying in RP, but I do expect it and think it’s a good idea for gameplay.
  • I expect some kind of cross-faction cooperative options. Not sure how far that would go, but at least in some lfg/lfr-systems I would expect to be able to be paired with Horde (maybe optional?).
  • I expect at least something in the realm of player character customization for old races.

There, I’ll moan and cry here, if Blizz disappoints me.


i hope for old world revamp that makes it up to date, with worldbosses, needing old mats/special places to craft new stuff(like the forge in brd) events, wq’s(that arent just kill 1 big mob or 12smaller ones).
Invasions like a pirate invasion at bootybay one week or defias are attacking stormwind another.

but no lvl squish it solves nothing its own, only will cause issues like last 2 but worse. adn all like better llving can be done easier without, and if last is anything to go bye lvling would be even slower.


Really, they brought it up multible times and appearantly did a survey on the kind of implementation that would be prefered. I think it’s a done deal, no matter if you like it or not. And personally just not ever again getting to lvl 50 and thinking “jay, just… 70 more levels…” and so on is worth quite a lot of bugs. Even if it takes the same time to level.


and a lvl squish only takes time that possible couldbe been spent on others.
and fixes nothing, does nothing, and 70lvls is nothing , the time per lvl is it. It would feel more like a drag then now after a squish.
If its now a hour per llv for example and its like 3+per lvl after squish. Like ive played entire evenung and i havent even done a single lvl .


It fixes the daunting number that I hate every time I level anything. That’s not nothing. And like I said, I don’t think this issue is really up for debate anymore.

And leveling 3 levels feels totally worthless at the moment. I get no satisfaction whatsoever out of it.


and numbers matetr nothing whatssoever its nothing.
And lvling 3lvls after suiqhs after its halved would be the same as its now youd get nothing still and would take even longer per lvl so it fixes nothing.
Causes only issues.
youd still get stuff ealry but would take longer to get adn then later go even more played time without new stuff even without lvl ups so is less rewarding.
Just cause they wanna do it,doesnt make it a good idea at all.

Like why spent say 2000hours on squish when couldve just spread out skills better in like 50hours and have same result without having to fix all mess a squish casues.


It matters to me, and really… you can’t tell me otherwise. Stop trying to project your feelings onto everyone. To me it makes a great difference if there are 20, 40 or 60 levels left, even if I would find out if I calculated it that it takes the same time. Because… you know what? I don’t measure the time it takes.