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And as i see it, it matters nothing, will casue only issues and is as uneeded as the last squish(we even got bigger stat/ilvl jumps now then before).
Its simply uneeded and will 99% sure break multiple parts of the game.
and im sure if each lvl would take like 10min onyl you wouldnt look at at 60lvls ugh so long left.



Or does my subjective enjoyment not matter?


And i could say same?
And i just said that is how i see it, it doesnt matter in my eyes.
You find it matetrs but i find that aboslutly stupid way to see things.


No. If it matters to someone, it matters some. I am someone. It matters to me. So it matters.
If you say in your opinion it doesn’t matter, you imply that it can’t matter to me, or that it mattering to me cannot matter.

So no, you can’t say the same.


Whatever im done with you. Else we will be here forever.


Have a nice day.


You already are here forever.

No escape from the Story forum.


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chanting in hooded robes


Nah have been multiple occasions i havent visited story forum or forum at all in ages.
Escpailyl pre bfa to ealry bfa when evrything was Teldrasil is bad, horde and all its players are pure evil(teldrasil was bad but still no need to get irl involved).
Or horde never looses anything and undercity doesnt mattter, you dint losoe you still have it. Only night elves lost something. (undercity might not be as bad but they still lost their captial the forsaken and are getting their leader villain batted and horde gets another civil war story)


You sound like

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Method got 6 bosses. 2 more to go.


That’s how I like my faction conflict.


the best faction conflict is when gnomes are been killed also humans.(can we just get rid of anduin already >.>)


Yeah, I guess if putting on clothes is too high tech for you, you wouldn’t like gnomes.


My respect for you has dropped completely. You don’t deserve anything. Go back to the ashes where you belong, Ash Elf.


I would not assume anything stoneset about level squish yet.

It could be executed poorly and have a bad expansion start like BFA or, this is what I think, it will be great help to fix the most borning and dead aspect of the game.

First things first - you wont have to level 125-130 levels when you start fresh alt, which does sound like a long climb and the process
 The process is taxing.

Squish could help even out the redristribution of skills and talents character gets leveling up. You can see now after level 80 character stops getting new abilities and after 100 you stop getting anything new, basically last 20 levels is just anticipation of
 nothing. Well level quish could easily get rid of that void.

Now take leveling areas - at the given moment new player goes in all sorts of timeframe and different continents which have no connection to each other whatsoever. You get to finish close to none of the continents completely when you get the next expansion quests popping up. Which of course is confusion for new players and for veterans its such a big F#$KING drag! But the thing is with level squish Blizzard will have to A. Merge the some leveling expansions togather and make to choose between each other further more, which lets be honest here is gonna mess up make for a total mess and less likely for Blizzard to expand on something that isnt really working for them.
Or B. We get a revamp. And hell yeah I would love to see revamped Azeroth once more. To rediscover it like I did in TBC and pater in Cata. Yes, Cata was not the best expansion, but personally for me, to go over the new areas and to see the changes on Azeroth was a blast. Getting new alts, playing the opposite faction.

To say it short, it gives the game new soul and it is deffenetly something to look forward and something that matters, because this damn game is too valuable to die out like this.



I will say that I am definitely enjoying FFXIV a great deal more than I have been in WoW. After allowing the (then Stormblood) now SB novelty to wear off, the story is much more interesting and well-knit. The GCD was annoying initially, but there’s enough buttons off the global to make it seem a familiar pattern.

Before I forget

Puts on large glasses and shuffles a few bark slabs together
Baine and Saurfang have been located at Thunder Bluff. Reports of massive Horde movements towards Thunder Bluff are coming in. Strangely, there is a lack of any Alliance presence being reported. This reporter wonders if we are being fooled by a Mana Bomb-esque event. Perhaps the Alliance has finally lost patience.


Now that would be a twist. Jaina Mana bombs Thunderbluff with all great Horde leaders present. It wouldn’t be inconsistent with her character, because her character is character inconsistency!


Aftermath: Jaina has gone too far.


Aftermath: Jaina physically splits into two personalities. Peace Jaina confronts War Jaina for her dastardly deeds, they duel in the sky in a cutscene and kill each other. Or, more dramatic, killing her bad side kills her good side. There, that might be enough cheese to make Blizz think of actually doing it.