Story Forum Offtopic Lounge pt. 2


evrything is elf land.


A naked tauren and a naked night elf walk into a thread…

A story best left for Goldshire, probably.


I’m wearing pants though?


Really? I didn’t notice. Tauren all look the same to me.

(Araphant) #895

Daelinna is seeing what her eyes want to see. Tauren without pants. Looking at how Jaina behaves, this is a natural thing for Kul Tirans.


So her wanting peace now with horde is becasue thrall biceps afterall?


It’s because Blizzard is pushing the toxic narrative that Jaina is weak and crazy without Thrall coming to her rescue and putting some sense into her tiny brain.


Ok, then you are colourblind. They all have different furs.


It’s not that I am colourblind, it’s that I can’t stand looking at your ugly character for more than two seconds, so I didn’t notice any difference between you and the other cows I have seen in the game.


Pffft, Tauren are beautiful in their own way. And if you look at a Tauren for two seconds, you’ll note some distinct features.

I know, the difference between males and females is hard.


Reminder that this exists:


Hey Daelinna, did you see this?

(Erevien) #904

Very cute.


Erevien a furry confirmed?

(Araphant) #906

Burn it in the flames of the Inquisition.


Reminder that this exists:


Nothing can stop true love.

(Araphant) #909

My hammer can.


Hahahaha, your hammer is useless against mighty Tauren fur.


Also, you’re not actually carrying a hammer but a very hot sword.

(Araphant) #911

This theory demands testing. Meet me outside Uldir in ten minutes. You bring the fur, I will bring the hammer.