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I would rather see him dead than made a mechagnome, really.


I share your sentiments, but I fear it is what will happen. Short of deus ex machina life-threatening-injuries-are-handwaved.


Amputating limbs or transplanting brains wouldn’t be handwaving the injuries away, though. I would prefer some handwaving.


I mean, he’s frozen, right?

Best time to handwave it away with a corny microwave food advert joke.
Considering Gnomes’ unfortunate proclivity for wackiness, it wouldn’t even be out of line.


Yes, that is what I expect will happen. Handwaving would be eg: Gelbin steps out of the capsule and appears completely unharmed


Yup. And I would prefer that. Best case would of course be the player getting a sufficiently epic gnome-centric questline to get him out, with him possibly being permanently affected, but overcoming his disadvantages over time… but I don’t think a good option is a real option, sadly.


Lmao, the first character development he gets after 10 years is basically dying. That could only happen to a gnome :rofl:

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I was made an offer so I took it to heart sharing it. Our American friends for the story wants you to join.


I’ve got this video on YouTube.

What’s your opinion, do you agree with it ?
Which general would you chose to follow ?


(Araphant) #962

Suvorov best.


Maurice of Nassau = best.

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How come I see an increased amount of lore topics in Story section?

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I think it’s more fascinating that nearly all French generals are from the 18th century when Napoleon was running around. The British are more mixed, and the Germans are all from the World Wars.

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Well spotted, strange selection there.


I watched this video before, if I recall correctly this is just a video version of a Wikipedia list.


That moment when you realize that Blizzard thinks Sylvanas is as smart and calculating as Napoleon. What an insult to Napoleon.


To be fair, for me It’s hard to chose.

They are impressive.

What’s even more impressive, is even through France got all this amazing Generals, including Napoleon (1st place) they couldn’t win for France, what Alexander (5th place) managed to conquer with 22 victories or even Caesar (4th place) with 23 victories.

Different time periods, I know.
Why didn’t Napoleon conquer Europe ?
My opinion:

  • Too many battles, to be fought.
  • Too many nations that had similar technology.
  • Invading Russia.
  • Wellington (2nd place) 39 battles won.

Also, the Generals from the second World War (England, America Russia and Germany) average about 8-19 battles won.
Montgomery leads with 10th place.
Maybe the fact that, the armies became more independent, fragmented, smaller, by this period, meant less burden on the Generals, because there was more conflicts happening everywhere, than the Napoleon period.


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Compared to what an average Warcraft general is capable of doing, Sylvanas is definetly a Napoleon in the setting where she operates.


Typical Sylvanas stan. I wonder if you will still lick her boots when she tries to have you killed and you’re forced to join the rebels.


Is it April 1st?

Ooh Ooh, I know.
Garrosh was worse than Sylvanas!