Subscription Fee is a joke now


All games are casual fiesta with a tryhard niche. None’s wrong, people are all doing what they want


But you havent done anything above 12 either:thinking:


If you really want to study my RIO progression you should check how long it took me to get 1100 score. I was one of the highest score mages on draenor EU and then gave up cause I lost motivation to grind m+.


But why attack somebody than your no better then ? you both have done 12’s yet you mock him and then bring in about Mythic progress i do not understand what that has to do with anything does not make your point anymore valid .


Because I have flaws like everyone else. I am arrogant I and like verbal fights. Hope this answered your question.

I dont think I ever brought up my current progress unless someone asked about it. +12s are trivial difficulty.

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Be be 100% serious, that was the only way to get any gear. WoD was content light on everything but raiding.

The problem with legion and now BfA is the multiple way to get gear - it needs good catch up gear. If you wanted to get the best gear you raided, since legion you can do that abomination that is Mythic+. Due to that they’ve had to buff Mythic in Legions twice and even then it was so easy. We used to have three tiers now we have four or five and that’s with the full four difficulties.

Mythic+ needs to be capped. Especially the welfare chest (yes it is), it needs to go No more bumping ilevel on new raids of the same ‘tier’.

I loved catch up heroics in WoD and Wrath which then led to raiding that tier.


But what are you arrogant about i dont understand ? Your not CE yet ,you done 12s and admit there easy for you so what do you have ingame that you feel warrants you being arrogant towards others ?

Actually gear has rained down since season 2 Arena in TBC the start of welfare epic .

I simply can not understand why you have to be creul towards others real shame .


Player motivations are quite widely studied subject and there is many different things people enjoy in games. Here is one example of such factors from Nick Yee’s (2009) research. Note that these are not player types but players motivations, divided on maincomponents and subcomponents. Player can be motivated by any combinations of these components (so not only from one maincomponent group) but not necessary from all of them. So the ones you wonder about are just not motivated from the subcomponents of advancement and competition.

Source and whole text to read:

Which component motivates you the most? I am mostly on Immersion maingroup but also on lower scale on socializing and teamwork.

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It is such an expensive game that my total expenditure since paying for BfA is…wait for it…£0.00.

Please explain how you earn 175K gold in 1 hour consistently every month everyone woul;d love to know.

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I prefer to pay for a sub, and have the free to play option via people grinding gold in game to buy a token for game time.

I would hate this to become another soul less MMO with a gazillion micro transactions. I’m quite happy buying the odd optional extra mount or pet but I don’t want every little thing being possible via the shop.


Advancement, competition, teamwork, Customization.


To OP…

The point of the sub fee is for Blizzard to make money, sorry if you think that’s bad but that’s how all businesses survive, by making money.

I fail to see what the revenue model of other games has to do with WoW, just because another game does something doesn’t mean we have to have that ‘something’ in WoW.

If you don’t want to pay the sub fee then don’t, go play something else.


Currently standing at 5.3 million gold, next question

Edit… this is Bradarn

Edit 2 Earned 12k gold today thru Paragon

Edit 3 and I need to earn 175k in one month not 1 hour, your maths seems ummm wrong

Edit 4 I forgot my alliance toons, it’s 6.5 million gold


You cant imagine how crap games went when they removed the sub fee.
The last i recall was ESO, they removed the fee and the vast majority of players are like 14 years old. If you even DARE to kill someone in open world pvp you will get whispers beyond your imagination.

I am not gonna mention of how crappy the support became after the sub removal.

You have a sub? You play a non pay to win game, otherwise you will have to pay endless stuff from stores to help your progression in looks and even gear.

I know people that have spent 50k euro on a 2D game called Drakensang, if you want that you free to take it ITS FREE does not require a sub but…You can buy

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can I have it?


Yes ofc you can, just wait until I get bored of the game

Ps been here since 2006 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m patient when the need arises.

Feeling fine today… no sickness of any sort…


Well a tad rough, but the copious amount of alcohol might explain that lol

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Compared to what other companies offer for the same money i dont think its even remotley good value. They cleary dont put much back into the game which is why i feel its a complete rip off.

What annoys me is that once you stop paying you have nothing you cant own WOW ever its pay to play and pay for Expansions + a cash shop Triple dipping and nothing when you stop coughing up.

Also i have stopped playing in March


I think you’ll find that you don’t own any games, what you buy is a licence to play those games. The discs, the manual and the game itself remain the property of whoever publishes the game. So using that as an argument against WoW is stupid seeing as all software is sold that way.

As for what’s value for money, that’s purely subjective, if you don’t feel the sub is value for money that that’s your opinion and you (hopefully) know what to do.