Subscription Fee is a joke now

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It’s still much better than the other models.

For a start the price had not changed since launch except for some regions ( grumble).

It’s not only about server costs it’s also about profit - it always has been, let’s not be dimwitted naive.

Actually - it’s more popular among publishers now, just given a different name.

First we had the free to play era which has almost ended, where the base game was free but there were several ‘inconveniences’ built in to point you toward an inflated cash shop.

The other model was in episodic model where you bought the base game and then essentially content patchs at a fair whack.

Games are now moving towards the premium membership. games like SWTOR remove all the inconveniences and gave expansions ‘free’ as long as you sub.

In other parts of the industry it’s known as ‘software as a service’. For instance instead of buying MS Office every release (if you choose) you can essentially sub and get included upgrades. Stop your sub and you have nothing.

Early MMO games were pioneers of this model; there’s only so much whaling you can do until all the whales are dead, ehm penniless.

As for £600, well that’s over several years. It costs me £9.99 per month, or less if I sub for longer. Looking at that as a daily rate it’s £0.34 per day; it’s still not much, even if I only play it a few times a week. How much does a pub visit cost and there’s no hang over! Renting a movie for a few hours cost several pounds.

I do however think blizzard are taking the ‘mickey’ over their expansion prices.

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Did you take a knock on the head. You’re usually Blizzard’s biggest fan.

Yip Rift comes to mind for me: that was my home away from WoW. It’s FF14 now.

Trion got all cocky with their cosmetic shop and even bragged at industry conventions how great their f2p model was.

The only problem. The game was mismanaged and continued to be. They couldn’t output enough cosmetics so they introduced… lock boxes.

They then started gating stuff behind their premium sub. Then they tried to go back to expansions but it was still very little and of poor quality. Blizzard introduced a whole expansion (Legion) in that time and they introduced… one LFR-style raid. They are still on that ‘expansion’.

They then introduced what Blizzard termed prestige servers but due to lack of (competent) staff it failed as it used the buggy live client.

They eventually went bust and got cannibalised by a company that appears to specialise in maintenance mode games.

TL;DR subs may give less money but long term they are good.


Literally no one is complaining about not being able to afford it what :joy:


My RIO score is 452 points higher than yours scrub :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Therefore your opinion is invalid :slight_smile:


Pretty much as I said previously, I doubt the sub cost has anything to do with declining numbers. Particularly now as there are means of subbing using gold earnt in-game which didn’t exist at WoWs peak player numbers circa WotLK. There’s certainly a lot more competition in the MMO market these days than there was back then so it’s more likely that given a wider choice people choose to play more of what suits their desire. The game needs to compete via content not via price as it’s the content that will attract people in the first place. With it costing around £40 a pop for new Xbox games that have a finite lifespan a tenner a month really isn’t extravagant.


Dude I havent touched m+ in weeks. Congrats on your +12s lmao


Did you run out of gold to pay for carries :rofl:


I have more achievements from raiding from this mythic tier than your entire account.


Yeah this is my EU account which is about 6 months old. All you have is a bunch of Curves on your Account, not a single CE. You are nothing more than a try hard that is trying to act like they are otherwise :rofl:


actually why do i even bother. im out of here bye brian. you’re the beast.


All on the Old Heroic

Server 1st Heroic Ragnaros CE
Server 1st Dragonsoul CE
CE on Garosh, Sha of Fear, and Will of the Emporer,

Also when current Heroic ToC, Heroic LK, and Observed in WOTLK

And all of it not worth the time and effort that went into it.

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Now, where did I place my measuring tape…


Imo these are the only things that matter in the game. Memories of progressing raids with your friends. What will you reminisce about BfA? Running ToT 104 times to get ji’kun? That is why I cannot understand casual gamers. Why do you even play the game if you dont accomplish anything meaningful within it?


It’s like playing dota 2 but only unranked mode. I just do not understand why would you waste your time on pub games if you can improve your skills with every ranked game.

To sum everything up I just dont understand people who are okay with being bad/medicore. We should strive to be the best and I do it in every aspect of my life. I just hate slackers in games and irl.

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People play for different reasons.

Unless you get world number one clearing mythic months down the line means nothing really. Who cares apart from you in reality. (Not that I care one iota about world first.

Raiding is meaningless really as there’ll be a new tier sooner than later. Raidiing is the biggest treadmill there is in WoW.


If you progress something just to show others how ‘good’ you are, you’re doing it wrong. I progress raids on casual schedule for my own enjoyment.
It pains me to see wow becoming casual fiesta. Trailer for the next expansion should be some random paladin getting free gear while standing in one of the capital cities to really project what this game is really about nowadays.

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Ehm… where have you been…


in battle of dazar’alor :smiley:

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on a serious note tho. I took a break from wow in mid wotlk and came back for WoD. I feel like in WoD you still had to do some raiding/dungeons/pvp to get gear and Legion was really the very first expansion to give loads of gear for free.