Subscription Fee is a joke now


Last time i gave blizzard my euros was about WoD if i remember correctly.
Bought legion with gold
Bought BFA with gold
Paying sub with gold
Have 5 tokens + 54 euro BNET balance.

I also stopped playing the game mid ToS legion when people made the most gold out of it.

Its a great value because a casual player like me do have the option to not pay and have the privilege of a game that is NOT pay to win like non sub games are.

But hey, its the forum lets whine about everything we can right?


Sure but if you add the xbox live subscription, it’s not 9.99 anymore, it’s closer to wow, and the game library quality is subjective.
Also, if i buy an AAA game at launch even for pc, it cost generally as much as a wow xpac + a couple of month of subs, while providing much less content. Average single player title is 20hrs to complete.

Honestly, if you measure the cost of wow in money vs time played, it’s massively cheap compared to other form of entertaiment.
I got my movie theatre card and with that ticket is cheaper, still seeing a movie with my gf it cost me as much as a month of wow, for 2hrs, compared to the 40-50hrs a month i play wow.



Youre playing an MMO and you mention its single player time to complete?
How about HC raiding?
How about curve?
How about cutting edge?
How about 15+ in time in all dungs?

How about 2v2 2k+?
How about 3v3 2k+?
How about RBG 2k+?

How about pet battles?
How about obtaining a mount from old content?

I do half of what i mentioned and even less and it takes me 3 hours a day or more, its not the game problem its your problem because you dont know how to play it.

Go play skyrim, its ment for you.

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@Ibruan - it kinda depends, if you do the math and put 2 years between expansions that’s £240 + exp prize, that’s £285 for a game. over 2 years.
In western EU that’s roughly 1-2% of an average monthly wage, whereas in other EU countries its 10% of an average monthly wage.
So what might seem like little to you, it may not be to others.
I definitely think they should lower le subscription and ideally replace it.


did you read what i wrote? or you just posted a random answer to increase post count?


I read this the other way around i guess :confused:

My apologies xD

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That’s not really how I look at it.

The way I look at WoW is that one month can be when a new patch is released and there’s a lot of new content to try. Like the month when patch 8.2 will release. That month will be a lucrative month to be subscribed. You’re getting something new and interesting for your €10 during those 30 days.

But most other months in WoW are the same old. You’re mostly re-doing content that is at the end of its replay value. The world content in Battle for Azeroth is a good example. Nazjatar and Mechagon can’t come soon enough, because we’ve been playing around in Zandalar and Kul Tiras for 8 months now. And there really isn’t much value in paying €10 today just to play around in Zandalar and Kul Tiras for yet another 30 days – as if we haven’t squeezed all the gameplay value out of those areas already.

I think Ion Hazzikostas once described the subscriber numbers as being “cyclical”. People come back when there’s a new expansion or patch, and then they leave during the moments in-between, because the subscription just isn’t worth it when the game is stale and void of content updates.

And my biggest annoyance is that the moments in-between new expansions or patches are too long. Look at the past 8 months of Battle for Azeroth and how little Blizzard have actually added to the game. A Warfront, a few Island Expedition maps, a couple questlines and World Quests, and a new raid tier. That’s not a lot.

If there’s a €10 subscription cost every month associated with WoW, then Blizzard should damn well also add €10 worth of content to the game every month. But they don’t.

Most of the content value we have gotten out of Battle for Azeroth is content that came with the base expansion itself – but we already paid €45 for that!
Blizzard haven’t give us much in return for the 8 months worth of subscription money we’ve paid since then.

So no, I don’t think I am getting value for my subscription. I got value for my expansion purchase. Those €45 worth of content were great. But every €10 subscription payment since then haven’t give me much in terms of value. I’ve paid €80 in subscription since Battle for Azeroth was released. But Blizzard sure as hell haven’t given me €80 worth of content updates since then.

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Whoever thinks wow is expensive to play should stop paying for it. Period. There is no place for some high morality discussion here or any brainstorming for that matter.

Topic is also full of various spinning and mixing of oranges and apples (don’t how know to express myself in English better than this).

Fact is, and we all know, free games are P2W games. They also attaracts worst kind of players found in LoL, or whatever. I have been playing wow for 12 years and while I did meet some silly persons, I never saw anything significantly bad. While few games of LoL were enough to see and run away and never come back.

I also think that I get big value for only 12 euros (?) per month. I have so much various activity to do in wow, so for me, it’s totally worth it.

Lastly, microtransactions are base of free games, and of course P2W, which is worst of them all.

No, it’s fine as it is.



It’s either because you played too much in the past, or you don’t really play the game at full.
The xpac purchse in terms of content is great, but same goes for the subs time for most of the year. Unless you are one of method, it takes a couple of months to clear the pve content of a new patch, and then you can have another month or two of side activities for each patch, which is a 6 months cicle now.
So probably you have content for 8 months a year, which is still way more than what you can get from a comparative classic title.
If you get less than this, it’s you skipping something in the game, or playing too much each day.

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No. You’re confusing content with progression grinding.

The base expansion content is worth ~70 hours on either faction, so ~140 hours if you play both Horde and Alliance – by my estimation.

If you play for ~140 hours you’ll get through all the quests in all 6 zones, play through all the dungeons, try the Warfronts, do the Island Expeditions, and dip your toes into PvP Warmode.

That’s basically the content experience that Battle for Azeroth offered initially.
Of course, once you’ve played through Waycrest Manor, you can do it again and again on an increasingly harder difficulty. But that’s not new content, that’s replay value designed around a progression grind.

Regardless, the base expansion content is great. You get ~140 hours worth of content (by my estimation) for €45 – awesome value!

What Blizzard have added since then is not much.
It has been 8 months, and I would estimate the content updates since then to be worth ~30 hours of gameplay. That’s not a lot to work with for 8 months, especially not if you’ve paid €80 over that period of time!

Sure, you can grind all kinds of things in WoW until your eyes bleed.
But as far as my expectation goes – as a customer – I want new things to experience for my money, not new things to grind. And whilst WoW has plenty of things to grind, it lacks things to experience. Blizzard don’t offer much value for money when it comes to new experiences in the game. And I am somewhat displeased by paying €10 every month for 8 months for what feels more like a hamster wheel experience, and less like an evolving and developing WoW experience.



I don’t even spend 13€ a month because then I would have too many games to play.


Ok, what else can you do for £285 over two years? its approx £10 to go see a film, in the cinema, £5 for a four pack of lager!!!

Not when you take it in context to what the price of other entertainment avenues give you!!

No they should not, and for one simple reason, what will they replace it with? This thread has had so many people crying for the subs to be lowered or removed, without giving any real alternative.

Then that is where pritorites come into it. I haven’t spent a penny on WoW since i bought BfA, how anybody can claim its too expensive when taken in context to other forms of entertainment is beyond me.

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But who the hell really does that?! The cinema industry is currently bleeding because it can’t compete with home entertainment.
Who the hell wants to pay £10 to sit in an uncomfortable chair next to a stranger who makes annoying sounds whilst eating his popcorn?! You can’t even pause the movie if you need to take a piss!
At home you’ve got a wonderful, comfortable sofa or chair. You’ve got your own kitchen stocked with your own favorite food. You have an amazing flat screen TV, and you can actually pause the movie whenever you want to!

People went to the cinema in the old days, because it was the only way to see new movies, and it was the superior way to see them.
Today everyone practically has a home theatre in their living room, and the emergence of streaming means that new movie and tv content can be immediately seen from home. You don’t have to go to the cinema anymore – and fewer people do!

That cinema comparison gets brought up so damn often, but it’s a crap comparison, because a cinema is an outdated concept that’s struggling to validate its existence in today’s media landscape. It’s going the way of the dodo and Blockbuster.

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personaly I think wow sub works fine, you get everything in game whitout any microtransactions, unless you want to buy some mounts/pets etc, what is totaly optional.

most free to play games, are huge cash grabs to be honest, due to how they work. some give you an option to buy a premium sub, where you get a lot of stuff for free, but not everything, what again meens you have to pay extra to get more.
SWOTOR atleast at one point was like that, you could not even get all the rewards from the quest you just done, unless you payed for a sub.

GW2 again, you saw something nice on AH, oh it costs Diamonds, oh here you go, buy them from our shop, or grind for ages, this was not so bad, but you get the point, becuse it can become realy expencive in the long run, even whitout anyone even realicing it.

and not to talk about the Asian mmos, oh god, to get anything done you need to spend lots of money, that easily hits 1k euros or what ever currency people use.

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All the 4 Immersion subtype.
Btw. for me of would be better a wow sub free. but with the trend and the massive incomin comin from sub fee i doubt blizz will maintain the same quality of content (ok we could argue about content lately but as an 14 years old game is defending himself with bravery) without recurring to a strong PTW mood


If they remove the subscription fee the game Will probably double down on the course theyve taken with BFA

I’d rather see them make it worthy of the sub again

And they apply psychology tricks to try and trick you into paying for singular object content as well like a mount

Most people understand access to the servers is what they pay for but that was always the reason why we didn’t have a cash shop, now we have both and apparently even in content draughts they dont mind spending some dev time on content for the cash shop, this has left a bad taste, like priorities are not in order

Also, the whole ‘you pay for access to the servers alone’ is not An arguement blizzard will use because it is standoffish and (probably) wont be used unless theyre being taken to Court, its a failsafe, not a policy for customer interaction


Regardless of who want to do it, the point is, that’s the price!

Notice you avoided the lager comparison cos hey who the hell does that these days.

Tbh that post is one of your most embarrassing posts I’ve read. You don’t deny the fact that it costs that much, you just go off on a rant over cinemas lol


Is the cinema really that cheap now :o


Only the flea pits lol, and that’s just entry, not even considering refreshments, but hey don’t worry because cinemas are dying out, nope no new multiplex cinemas opening anywhere ( 3 in South Wales the last year)

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I just had a pet-peeve about the cost of WoW compared to the cost of going to the cinema, because that comparison gets brought up a lot. That’s the only reason why I commented on it, because it’s a stupid comparison.

As far as comparing WoW to other expenses, then surely WoW is best compared to other gaming alternatives. I mean, it’s not like you’re choosing between spending 30 evenings in the cinema or in front of your computer. You’ve probably decided that you want gaming to be a staple in your spare time, so the question is what gets you the most value for your money in that regard.

And all I will say when it comes to that, is that Blizzard sure as hell aren’t competing on their prices. Their products are expensive as hell! And WoW is definitely no exception.

Other games adopt business models that make them more affordable and cheaper to get into. Blizzard goes the other way and increases the price of the WoW expansions, because screw you.