Subscription Fee is a joke now


I mean that is a bit rural though


The reason the cinema comparison comes up all the time is because it is relevant, regardless of whether you think it’s a dying art form. That is the price of entry, some places even more expensive. You cannot seriously think that £285 for two years entertainment is expensive?

As for other games using another business model, I’ve yet to see an alternative offered!

I disagree that are prohibiting costs at all, you pay one cost for an expansion that is updated for the life time, with new content, which is free of charge, save the subscription, which as I’ve pointed out hasn’t cost me a penny since the piracy of BfA.

Again if anyone finds it prohibitively expensive, then maybe priorities need to be addressed.


Indeed the monthly sub is a joke since you can farm gold with but a few hour per week of research and craft/farm and wait for your items to sell.

While ESO system isn’t that bad, you still have to pay for plenty of content and their store / sub offers some great QoL you have for free with WoW. (Profession ressources banque ? You have to sub in eso to get it. Mount training is timegated but you can pay to bypass the 23h CD. Bag space and banque space cost a lot of gold to increase but you can pay ect)

Blizzard is considering adding Housing to the game. Guess what ESO offers ? Incredible castles for crazy prices ( >100€ iirc ?). I don’t want to see blizzard put houses in the cash shop tbh, same for decorations

At least in WoW if you pay your sub you can farm everything one way or another (shop mounts cost about 350k gold worth of tokens ?)

Imo the sub and the shop are fine as long as the wow token is still a thing.

(Jito) #228

How is it relevant? Are you seriously telling me that you’re making a choice between 30 days of WoW or a trip to the cinema when you think about how best to spend your €10 each month?

Of course not.

You spend €10 on WoW because you want to play a video game. A trip to the cinema to watch a movie isn’t a replacement for that.

People who quit WoW aren’t quitting it so they can go to the cinema. They quit WoW in favor of playing other video games.

So that’s what’s relevant to compare WoW to.


Agree, but the shop needs to remain purely cosmetic


33 pence per day or earn 175k gold per month it is not a great deal people spend more on other forms of enterment.
Spend more on candy or booze on cigarettes.
Its just whine for whining sake now.


Dear God do you read these posts or just dive in with claptrap?

I used the cinema example to show that two years entertainment at £285 is much better value than going to the cinema in those two years!

You really are embarrassing yourself now, and I also notice you continue to avoid the lager example!

I’ll put it simply for you, £9.99 for a month of entertainment with WoW, or £10 for one evening in a cinema? Now which do you think is better value for money?


He will never admit to being wrong and his view is the right view nobody elses matters.
As you say compareing cinema with wow is valid as both are paid for forms of entertainment but he will tell you until purple in the face your wrong.
All he does is agrue tries to wear people down.
If earning 175k gold is hard or 33 pence per day then dont play its simple .
Far bigger issues in wow than the sub price.

(Jito) #233

WoW, obviously, because cinemas are crap.

Here’s a better question:

£9.99 for a month of WoW, or £9.00 for ~10 games on Humble Bundle? Which is better value for money?


WoW as the games on humblebundle are in my subjective view sub par and rubbish.

(Jito) #235

Try to be objective. I mean, if we go the route of subjectivity, then we have to conclude that most people aren’t going with WoW as the choice anymore, because the subscriber numbers have been in free fall for quite a while now.

If WoW was the superior gaming choice, surely people would stick with it. But they’re not.

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Likely WoW is still the better deal. Reason is it provides usually far more played time per-dollar compared to any alternative.


So the thousands of people who go to cinemas are idiots then because ‘cinemas are crap’

You really are just arguing now for the sake of it, you agree that WoW is the better option, but are still too pig headed to agree to why it’s better!

You sir/madam are a lost cause, who appears to be able to lose an argument an empty room!

The other poster above me has hit the nail on the head, you’re just here for speed, and I for one refuse to supply it to you.


Which is the point of the comparison, people are saying it’s expensive, but when viewed in comparison to other forms of entertainment, it quite blatantly isn’t!

(Jito) #239

How do you define played time per dollar? And how would you judge that for other games, say Fortnite or League of Legends? How’s WoW superior in that regard when WoW is just about the only game that has an upfront cost and a running cost – yet many games have the same longevity as WoW.


What had this got to do with costs? This is a totally different argument!


I’ve looked at Humble, a sub to allow me to play games I have no interest in whatsoever?

WoW, as, if I was paying the sub, at least I’d be playing the game i like!

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But listen here. You cannot just compare it to random things as if there’s a logical connection.

WoW is cheaper than a line of white powder! WoW is great value for money!
WoW is cheaper than a lap dance! WoW is great value for money!
WoW is cheaper than getting drunk in a bar! WoW is great value for money!
WoW is cheaper than spending Valentine’s day in the cinema! WoW is great value for money!

Those are idiotic comparisons, evident because you can flip it around:

WoW is more expensive than buying a yoyo! WoW is terrible value for money!
WoW is more expensive than a football! WoW is terrible value for money!
WoW is more expensive than a loaning card for the local library! WoW is terrible value for money!

See how illogical and stupid you can make these random comparisons?! It makes no sense to just compare WoW to random things or activities.

WoW is a game, so surely the context of comparison is other games.

If I want to evaluate the price of a new smartphone, then I don’t compare it to the price of a car or a dishwasher. I compare it to other smartphones, because that’s the most direct comparison!

God!.. :angry:


Just embarrassing, a long post of rant without actually addressing the points made!

Who is comparing WoW to random things?

WoW is entertainment, cinemas are entertainment, you’re the one bringing in random comparisons tbh.

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Well they need to get the cash from somewhere to cover 15m+ wages of people who find ways to avoid as much taxes as they can, right?