Subscription Fee is a joke now


No I don’t believe 100% of the subs go to the game, but at the value of the subs, even 1% of the subs missing g will be a major shortfall in the game, so once again, explain how Blizzard will fund the game without the sub, I’m intrigued!

(Dreamkore) #287

About 10 million players bought BFA, a good estimate is that around 1 million players play the game right now.
How do you think they funded 8.2? With the initial sales money + microtransactions.
The sub is just a relic of the past when Blizzard was a small company that needed the extra cash to launch their game off the ground.
As of Wrath/Cata Blizzard has not had the need in the slightest for a sub but its just there because ‘‘thats the way its always been’’


Rift prime is gone.


One of my local big national chain cinemas only charges £5 a movie, with exception of Friday and Saturday evenings…

As for the argument the sub fee is needed for the (continued) development of BFA, the initial sales ticket will have made them at least 400 million, probably more over time. They don’t heavily advertise, so say 100 million goes to advertising and distribution, leaving 300 million + for initial and continued development. They’re good, no sub needed. In short, the sub is there for the ‘happy’ of their shareholders. They need to have a constant stream of money, not for the good of the customer, but for the health of their stock price…

Again, I’m not anti-sub, I’m against the combination of having the sub + micro transactions and then Blizz trying to ‘strongly encourage’ people to purchase said micro transactions as quality of life features. Anybody who denies they are doing this really needs to find themselves a good optician.


Yet you have no proof of this, just as I have no proof that the subs help, but it is common sense to see that if a company decides to lose such a large revenue scheme, they are going to struggle, and that means WoW will struggle


The last time wow was standing around 10 million players was in before the launch of wod if I remember correctly . Also the one million active players claim seems true for one region .if you add all regions except China wow is standing between 2.5 million -3 million .

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Blizzard are already moving in the way of how other games monetize, by upping the amount of microtransactions, wich is fine, if the sub was removed.
Selling tokens, mounts, character services whatever for 30-40$ is fine, just not as long as you have to pay 15$ a month to play the game you already paid for.

If anything i’d be in favor of microtransactions being there and removing the sub, that way the whales indirectly pay for the rest of us.


How delusional one must be to think that private company, which exists to make money will shoot itself in the leg in order to please people, who have no money/ desire to pay.

Any way if sub is gone most of the mogs mounts and wellfare gear will be locked under premium payments, so the only benefactors among gamers will be people who are willing to spend ≥30 euroes monthly.


If its not then dont pay and play it?

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But isn’t that already what a lot of people have decided to do? To stop playing WoW.

That’s why there are fewer WoW players today than in the past.

Isn’t that a problem? I mean, the other MMOs on the market show quite clearly what the future looks like if players keep leaving the game.


If sub is removed then expect a blade & soul kind of model .dont expect a lenient micro transaction model from blizzard .


Something tells me you will be the author of the posts like:

Why can’t I have this new sweet premium druid forms?

That amazing Anduin love train mount, why we can’t get it by playing?

Tired of being ganked by MT geared newbs. I want equal progression for artifact socks nAW!

Bring back subs, this game becomes a toxic pool of freeloaders, who spam insults to me from 100 accounts

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How is it lenient today? It’s €25 for a mount, €10 for a pet, and €25 for a Race Change. How does that constitute lenient microtransactions?! :face_with_monocle:


It is lenient cuz u are not forced to buy them .
Money grabbing model is when essentials like flying, mounting ,gear are put behind payment gate wall .
If you are not happy with wow direction you can always vote with your wallet .
For me it is providing me the fun that I need from the game .

(Dreamkore) #300

Well no, if they introduced microtransactions like that it would be similar to mobile games like Clash of Clans or something.

i.e Paying real money vs Ridiculous time investment

I would have no problem putting in 500 hours to get something someone else is willing to pay 30$ for


You’re argument makes little sense

You yourself are comparing several unique products (just like oranges and lemons, they’re both fruits but they are obviously different)

All these other ‘offers’ and ‘bundles’ aren’t WoW, they’re something different, so by your logic there should be no comparison.

Would you go into your local supermarket and demand that Tea be on special offer because they have Coffee on a special price offer ?


Well, I used to play swtor since the begging.
Got the founder title and all…

After they went FTP, I gave you the taste of what has happened

By all means, I am not arguing that for someone every Euro counts. But atm the sub is the most equal and decent system, where every player have the same opportunities.

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Which MMOs have these kind of paywalls though?

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Well I did and decided to spend the money on LoL instead of wow.


It would be good if the sub was optional with additional benefits for those that choose to.

More xp, more bag space stuff like that.