Subscription Fee is a joke now


The uproar from community divide will be legendary.
I don’t think the game will handle it :pensive:


In ESO i do pay a sub when I am active… lots play without a sub though. It doesn’t cause any issues there.

WoW needs to catch up with the times if it doesn’t want to lose even more players.


Hey, we need one. It would be 20 person mount, like those amusement park trains, Anduin driving it, pink with hearts. Plays joyfull melody. Now that we still pay this high cost for this game they should use fraction of that money to make this amazing mount.

SWTOR is not pure f2p, it has limited f2p option but it still is very much subscription based game. You get a lot for free if you wish, but only with sub you get full game. :smile:

I wish to know this too. Not familiar with any AAA game that would do it.


I feel like wow’s strongest and the most stable bulk of players rely on the fact they play under equal settings


If you read my full post again .i have written one example .


It’s not equal is it? If you are someone that can run boosts all day you’re laughing… everything is free.

If you lack the time or skill for that then you can’t… how is that equal?


Yes please, with holy rainbows on /mountspecial press


There is a shift what people play nowaday.

There was a time when RTS was popular, and now MObas are
There was a time when deathmatch Shooter were popular and now its battleroyal

other MMOs show the following

Every MMO subscirber numbers decline at some point

WOW is still the strongest by a large margin. The fact that WOW is still being played while most other MMORPs are being barely kept alive or have subscriber Numbers far below WOW, shows that they did a few things right at least.

Now IF you think that the players who unsuscribed want to play a better WOW, then I want to know what the basis of that thesis.
All the other MMORPGs dont have even close the subscriber numbers that WOW has or even had in his prime


That is true .they tried to experiment with Diablo 3 and now with Diablo immortal and u can see how community has responded to those changes .


Equal for the $, not equal in terms of skills and friends.

Just a disclaimer, I am telling my position, based on the US fanbois feedback I have read. This feedback might be more lenient to classic wow values.


One they tried a real money ah… that’s nothing like an optional sub, and the other isn’t really a change it’s a brand new thing they are doing.

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I can see you did but they are two different genres of games. What’s next Bubble Witch Saga?

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Blade & Soul? I never played that game, but I’ll take your word for it.
What about the rest? I mean, if the argument here is that the subscription prevents games from being like Blade & Soul, does that mean Guild Wars 2 is similar to Blade & Soul in terms of what you need to pay for? What about ESO? SW:ToR?

My basis is that lots of people buy the expansion. Battle for Azeroth set a record for day-one purchases.
So WoW clearly has a large player audience from the get-go.
But what has happened is that a lot of those players have unsubscribed since then.


If WoW offers plenty of great content, why don’t all those people stay subscribed?


Yep it’s different .but I am saying that leaving subscription fees for wow ,blizz will come up with a bad f2p model judging by their history .
It will create more anger then what we have now .


This is why I say optional sub, with benefits… then more people may actually sub in the end than do now.


Strange then how several analysts have pegged 2 or 3 other MMOs to overtake WoW on active players within the next few months based on current trends. Also, WoW has found itself in 3rd position in MMO land before, but managed to get people back with Legion and make it’s way back to the top spot.

Nothing came close to WoW at it’s peak, probably nothing will again, certainly not soon, but with current state of affairs, WoW has several competitors nipping strongly at it’s feet.


Optional sub i don’t know .if they implement something like eso in which crafting unlimited bag is behind a subscription fees and you have to buy dlc on top of expansions if u are playing without subscription .
I don’t think most people will like that .


I think 2 of them will be Final Fantasy XIV and ESO


I don’t want that. Just some nice benefits for choosing to sub… not the removal of stuff if I don’t.

I have subbed 12 years with no more than 3 months break at a time… others since the start… they do nothing to reward long term subscribers at all…

Don’t even mention the stupid boat :rofl:


Best solution in my opinion will be to bring more currencies and based on your country charge subscription less or more .like they do in China and Korea .
They can do same in Europe .