Subscription Fee is a joke now


If a fair system can be implemented with optional subscription I am all for it .i just fear based on blizzard past history that if they come up with something like this .it will be a bad one


Such as? Vanity mounts? The token?


The concept


I have played lots of F2P mmo’s and i personally rather pay the monthly fee than go with “f2p” model with utter dog crap model like most of the so called f2p mmo’s.

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The huge advantage of FFXIV and ESO is being available on consoles though. I’m pretty sure WoW being made available on console would be huge, but the pruning required would be massive.


I do love being able to play on console… it’s very relaxing :slight_smile:

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Same, my experience of everything being gated behind ‘micro transactions’ is not a good one. And you only have to see the huge amount of upset we get when Blizz sells a mount, we’d have that for every little thing in the game.


Oh man, there is always that “WOW KILLER”. We have been hearing about those for years.
Did that happen?
As far as google tells me, NO

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@Dreamkore: I actually ran my latest set of calculations on the 20th and ended up with US+EU being at an absolute minimum of 1,87+ million and a probable range of 2,3+ million. Considering certain base data deficiencies, it is extremely likely that US alone still amounts to 1,2+ million.

@All: On the topic of value comparisons… The following are F2P titles, you do not have to buy anything with cash, if you do not want to. Even the premium currencies are available (in MINOR amounts) through playing.

War Thunder has plane, helicopter, ship and tank packs that include a single vehicle and some more or less minor extras, like a few days of premium time and/or Golden Eagles (the game’s premium currency)… One of those only costs about 8 euros, but it is the only tier one vehicle pack… higher tier vehicles typically cost 39.99, 49.99 or 59.99 each… Some combination packs have been well past 100 euros.

MechWarrior Online does have some much cheaper things for sale, but the most expensive assault class hero Mechs can cost 25 USD each (and some of them are actually arguably slightly worse in actual combat than the variants one can gain trough just playing, they just tend to have unique paint jobs, geometry variations (like slighly different shoulders or cockpit area) and/or a bonus to C-bills, the standard currency).


5£ :o
I paid 23£ (converted) for one ticket when I watched shazam 2 weeks ago the heck.

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Ah ok, thats good to hear, 2 million is bad but not as bad as i thought.


When it started at 10 mill… I’d say that’s very bad :frowning:

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And that was US+EU only. Russia, Taiwan, Korea and China go on top of those. I have posted on this in multiple other threads. :slight_smile:


god bless wow tokens, havent payed for sub for 9 months now


Never said anything about WoW killer, as that would require 12 million players. What is happening now is a gradual shifting of numbers, WoW trending downwards, several other games trending upwards, so they will intersect at some point, unless the graphs change, which Blizzard likely wants to achieve with 8.2, though so far deception overall from players that have left the game for the patch seems lukewarm.

Very unlikely any MMO will get near that in today’s market. WoW was down to third place before, though one of the games ahead of it I wouldn’t strictly call an MMO, though some people making said rankings seem to think otherwise (it was World of Tanks, before you ask). Can’t recall what the other game was, other than it being what I would consider a proper MMO. I know this ranking stood for at least 3 months at the time, but quite possible if viewed annually, WoW still came out on top.


Was the other game Eve online?


So WOW is still going strong then?
fact is, that wow also has peaks when a new expansion or the last raid tier is released.

If people dont like playing WOW anymore, thats fine.
But people comparing WOW subscritopn to Playstatation plus etc ist moronic.
You could also compare it so GARBAGE mobile games etc. and bottomline is:
dont pay for it, if it doesnt please you.


Don’t think anybody has been disputing WoW is still doing well, relatively speaking, but a certain breed of people like to take any uttering of WoW maybe not being the Behemoth it once was as an attack on their manhood for some reason.

Wouldn’t have been Eve, Eve has always had a relatively small, but very dedicated and profitable user base, think their median is somewhere round the 300k mark, with ups and downs. Could have actually been ESO or another of the like when it released, it did do very well, briefly, but I honestly can’t remember as it was a time when every Tom, Dick and Harry was bringing out their ‘WoW killer’ and most, ofc, only had a brief moment of glory, if that.

I’m critical of current WoW, I don’t think in it’s current state it’s worth my time, the money doesn’t even bother me that much, it would cost me more for a packet of cigarettes, if I’d smoke, than for a month of WoW sub. Doesn’t mean I don’t hope at some point to be able to consider it worthwhile again. I just don’t like the current class design and some of the underlying game play philosophies, but I’m not so stuck up to think because I don’t enjoy them, there aren’t others out there that won’t. To each his/her own.

I’m also very critical/doubtful about Blizzard/Activision as a company and some of the moves they have been making over the last few years. But again, that’s also my choice to make and not one I’ll force onto others. People can make up their own minds on those affairs.

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They can just sell the additional content and if you want it you buy it also there pressure on them to make each one decent and regular.

My main point is you have to sub to access Content you already paid for which is a scam.

I brought BFA for £50 but have to pay £10 to play it i just want to show my nephew my characters but nope i have to pay for a months sub or loose 175k gold to log in.


As I showed in an earlier post, the money made from initial sales of the expansion would more than fund 2 years of initial development and and additional 2 years of continued development for an expansion. The money from the subs isn’t going to be an absolute requirement for that.

After marketing and distribution, I would guess they have at least 300 million left from expansion sales. Very rough guess, if they have 200 people working on BFA fulltime, it would cost them roughly 40 million a year (staff, buildings, computers, software, etc. - all just a very rough guesstimate, but I’ve been very generous in my little calculation on how much things would cost). So 2 years development and 2 years maintance/updating would be around 160 million, leaving 140 million for server costs/data costs/profit (which is quite a lump, considering data costs have gone down immensely compared to 15 years ago).

There is no reason to assume the sub is there because the game needs it, it is there because the share holders need it as they like to see constant income, rather than spikes.

Must also not forget WoW is at present one of the franchises which is in essence bankrolling the rest of Blizzard/Activision and their other (future) projects, as they have a painful shortage of franchises to deal with at the moment…