Suggestions for horde if you don't like alliance AV premades

You seem to have completely missed the point, it’s to illustrate the more likely outcome of that scenario.

3.2k hs on tuesday night 4.5k standing with 20 honor.

No I just dont understand why you’re bothering. That knowledge might be useful for you, what can we do with it?

No, the suggestion is to get the game over with fast. Not try to lose fast. Winning fast works as well.

And it isn’t just for my honour per hour. It is for everybody’s honour and rep per hour, including horde. If people are farming for rep this is even more important because rep stops entirely after turn ins are finished, towers are capped etc, meaning a long game is terrible for rep gains.

It provides context to their claims. That’s what it does.


Just sayin’.

20 honor and 15hk. The 20 honor to signify that they are arguably as low as you can get in terms of standing.

Nice one.

Now just need some more sources from other servers, anyone reading this feel free to chip in. @Alliance & Horde, what are your ladder sizes?

Winning/losing game fast works only for alliance cause of instant queues. Numbers aside (which i dont believe you got correct but ok), people simply dont want to wait for 30,40,50 minutes in queue to win/lose in 5 mins. It s too frustrating whether you win or lose.

Ok… and if you stay 5 min in AV and 20 min in que, insted of 1h in AV and 2h in que :slight_smile: make the math my friend, how much honor you gain ? :slight_smile: win or lose

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It doesn’t affect queue times in the way you think it does. So the queue time is static either way, for you to see an impact on queue times it’d require almost all of the players to turn AV into a revolving door. Which is very unrealistic.

So even if people give up and roll over, it’s “5 min in AV” and then it’s still 40-60 minutes in queue. So 30 minutes average in AV and then back to 40-60 minutes in queue nets more honor per hour.

Exactly. Thank you.
Edit: and also as i said, if i was pvping it would still be too frustrating to wait for 40+ minutes just to lose in 5. Even if it brings more honor. That is my opinion, but obvioulsy many people think like me, that s why they are putting up a fight (sucessfull or not).

When you face a pug, you are so happy with the free win that it’s just too irresistible not to farm scrubs at SH GY without advancing the game. Drag it out a little longer and get in those free HKs while you can. Because YOU made the poor life choice of choosing horde and because YOU are mad about your queue times and jealous of Alliance queue times. #hordelogic

When these scrubs have got their exalted gear they will not be returning to AV to be served up as meat for lowlife hordies.

When your queue times increase again because of further poor life choices, at least you will have extra time to come and cry on forums about how long you are waiting to join a BG.

This is how long your text should have been.

Thank your premades. They trained horde to play like this. Personally I would rather spend time making life hard for those premades than anything else in AV tbh. I dont mind losing to a good pug though.

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Woooooooot, then how the Russian Horde does it ?

They can premade thanks to the low pool size so different norms apply, as well as how their queue times are different in the sense that they don’t spend as much time in queue to be randomly assorted with other teammates, but rather instead just spend time waiting for enemies to be thrown at them in the system.

While the gigantic EU pool (french, german, english and spanish) have to wait for their own turns in the line to be randomly assorted into teams or take a spot in an already ongoing AV.

The main problem with alliance pugs remains bots and afkers.
We usually get a very good game going, 50% of the time even kill Galv first. We cap IB and then the game is basically over. Because horde can recall 20 people and attack with 20 people. We have 25 active people, trying their best to attack. Meanwhile bots and afkers chill in the cave getting honor and rep w/o doing a thing. Since yesterday I personally lost 6 AV’s while pulling Warmasters. Not because horde were better. Because horde were tryharding in defense and we couldn’t do a thing about it, since we are lacking PURE NUMBERS.
This remains the biggest issue that needs to be solved - afking in AV and bots.

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Definitely, this affects horde too. Although not as much as the alliance pugs, the horde only reaches that number of afkers(bots) at 3-5 A.M.

It should without a doubt be addressed properly once and for all.

Well i play the game for fun, not really fun to play 7min games lose or win. It sounds more like a job than a game. Long live turtling


Firstly, as i said I m not into pvp (did rep farm and that s it). Secondly, point of your comment is dont touch poor alliance and make them pvp in BG? Because they are PUG? All Horde AVs are a PUG, so what? Why should they have a free.pass, I dont understand. And I m not saying it cause of some childish Alliance vs Horde rivarly.