Suggestions for Mistweaver monks improvements, pvp

Since the 9.1 changes did not help mw get onto par with the other healers. Here are some suggestions, I mean hopefully you read the class forums for input and obviously you won’t want to add all changes people suggest. But here we go.

Since mw monks do 0 damage in pvp since they can’t get into range without being nuked dead or put into endless cc once they step into the open right now. Bring back xuen the white tiger for mw monks like they had in early Mists of Pandaria. It will only last 25 secs but it will be similar to what the resto sham does now with the rock elemental only theirs lasts 1 min whereas xuen will last only 25 secs. I see resto shams doing almost equal damage to their dps in 2v2 because of this rock ele. (Maybe the xuen also heals abit too like it did back then as well).

Take soothing mist off global cooldown like it was in the first 3 expansions mw monks were in. This is a must.

Cocoon in stun (I see every mw monk suggestion change forum always mentions cocoon in stun again like they had before in MoP).

Make demateriazlize pvp talent baseline. There used to be a talent that made mw monks immune to damage for 2 secs in MoP which was baseline.

Honestly the main change is taking soothing mist off GCD, I wish the developers knew how essential this was, if they played in MoP and WoD at anywhere above 2k in arena it was the only thing that kept you alive in fast pace metas like today.

I think you need to look at what MW monks had in the past that could come back and help now. If anyone else has any suggestions to help improve mw, especially with doing ranged damage like all other healers in pvp feel free to comment.

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We are in a bad state… yes
We need changes … Yes

But U have to be real. Taking away the gcd of sm would be gamebreaking. With macro u cant be Kicked.

Coocoon while stunned… Yes pls.
DMG buff… yes pls
Fistweave needs more Love in PvP Situations

Healing wise its OK.

Dont forgett that we have basically zero pressure/damage on full health targets

How i would fix that?

An untargetable crane pet with low constant damage which also implies mystic touch

i dont expect restro shaman lava level dummy damage but

i think it would be fair if mw would have abit automatic damage because we have to have perfect positioning the whole fight or we get clapped

Did you not play in MoP or WoD or Legion? Soothing mist was not on global cooldown in those 3 expansions and it was far from game changing, mw monks could still be kicked and were still the least played healer by far in MoP and WoD. Having soothing mist not on GCD was the only way I survived as well as other healers back then, without it this is the state of mw now. Unless they add the azerite traits, corruptions and pvp tanking trinkets mw were given in BFA to compensate for this change. I wish a developer who played mw monk back in MoP and WoD in pvp still worked there to tell them how much soothing mist needs to be off GCD again like those 3 expansions it was.

And it would not be a little over the top?
How can U be Kicked when its Off gcd with a macro and cancelaura? :face_with_monocle:
I doubt it

There is still a GCD from casting enveloping mist or vivify while channeling soothing mist, it reduces the the GCD to just 1 instead of 2 GCD’s. You can still be interupted if they’re fast enough. If only you played it in those expansions you would realise how wrong you’re.

Also I use a macro and cancel aura now on my soothing mist with the GCD on it, I have never not had that on a macro to help fake cast.

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Soothing was passive in legion, happening automatic after you casted enveloping, i didnt played arena back then but i remember that that felt insanely good, also you were able to move while soothing

In legion you could spec into the talent where you could instant cast enveloping mist every 7 seconds while soothing mist is free casting and uninteruptable at the time. Then mid legion they had the ancient mistweaver arts talent which was how mistweavers are now just with soothing mist OFF GCD. And last few season of Legion it was crane spec where soothing mist was uninteruptable, instant enveloping mists when you cast your rising sun kick with the tea, and ofcause crane every 45 secs (melee damage and heals).

if blizzard stll dont fix pvpMW tho its a dead spec you know they dont want money

this doesnt look like a good future for mw, if mw stays like this and dps has 2 legendary this for sure will be the end, yikes

i don’t know if any of this is true, sounds interesting. But I feel sorry for those hunters who got the legendary bow but won’t be able to use it if this artifact weapon system is back. Plus mw monks might get some changes to compensate for al lthis along with all other healers.

I hope…

Also looking at some of the changes in that list on that forum it sounds too good to be true some of them. I’m a bit skeptical about all of this. Esepcially the alt conquest gear catch up sounds too good to be true.

By nerfing brew and removing our damage cd (way of the crane) shortly before shadowlands release they basically just showed me that they dont want pvp-mistweaver to play, they did made sure that they buy/preorder the expansion tho

there are many ways to fix mistweaver

you could copy that priest passive (15% less physical damage taken) + make sunkick usable on distance

you could baseline “dematerialize” and increase our health like fury/warlock

you could make soothing uninterruptable and usable while mooving

I believe you can say ‘‘good bye’’ for real now to MW, they want it to be bad on purpose so anyone has something to ‘‘look down’’ to

even me, who is obsessed with MW, is leveling a shaman now lol

I deny the tierlists anyway

since i never lost to a hpal, disc or rdruid

so anyone lied to kill the spec

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