Take the Lead in Follower Dungeons

Take the Lead in Follower Dungeons

In the Seeds of Renewal, players level 60-70 will have the opportunity to play through Normal difficulty Dragonflight dungeons solo, or with friends, with a little help from a few NPC teammates.

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Ok this is a very usefull addition to the game, even though it is not so important for fully active players.
But for new players who just started wow or for our kids etc it is an amazing feature.

Now the fun part
Come on , if you had read this in 1st April it would totally be an April Fool’s day joke/lie.
right? :slight_smile:


Will certainly give it a go for the novelty, but idk how much long term use is in just normal dungeons. Now if we could expand this to heroic dungeons, maybe even M0 to get you ready for LFR… that’d be excellent.

But I guess for very fresh characters it’ll help bridge the ilvl gulf between fresh 70 and actually ready for group content. I do have some I haven’t touched since S1 that really don’t have anything better to do :sweat_smile:

Fingers crossed this feature gets built up into something really cool and not left to rot!

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Would be nice if leveling there was an option. Even at reduced rate

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Will the loot be different than from “normal” dungeons? Will recipes drop for instance?

Good job copying this from feature from FF14, I remember this thing and holy molly they were bad.

The tank couldn’t keep aggro or handle more than 1 pack, the healer struggled with healing 2 ppl and the DPS were doing no damage.

This could be a really good addition to the game, specially for leveling as DPS without waiting for queues or having to deal with psychos.

Hopefully they don’t suck in WoW as they do in FF.

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Well, it does say for players at lvl 60-70.


I would be more interested in the 1-60 levels.


nice. it would be interesting (like someone already wrote) have the entire levelling span, done in this way.
But its a start


I’m really looking forward to this. Finally I can get the stories of the dungeons and, most important, be able to do a few quests which will finish achievements in Dragon Isles. I hope they do it right as it’ll be a huge help to people like me.


I can finally duo dungeons and we can take our time and appreciate them! :dracthyr_yay_animated:


Good stuff blizzard, honestly just positivity from me, things like this make me smile


Nice to finally do dungeons without sweatlord speedrun elitists


Great feature! First and foremost, i’d be able to progress slowly through the dungeons, appreciating the atmosphere and art, and second, i’d be able to finish all the unresolved stories.
Dawn of the Infinite is left out of this though, which is a bit of a bummer. If i’m not mistaken, it doesn’t have normal mode though so probably that has something to do with it.

In the future I’d really love to see something akin to “story mode” in raids and megadungoeons like DotI too. It doesn’t even have to give me any loot - just let me enjoy the place and push the story forward.


but isnt this what lfr is? Story mode, and the other players in there might as well be seen as bots anyway as they ignore tactics and wont listen to any tactics explained

I don’t see it as being the same. The point is not about the difficulty of the fights or how hectic they are. Going in with npc’s allows You to stop for a few minutes just to apreciate the music, art and atmosphere, You can’t really have that if there are other people who just want to finish the raid.


With how many people go afk or how many stupid wipes there are you easily can take breaks like that during lfr

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The solution to the dead world where people can’t find anybody else is always to just introduce features for single player games to resolve it.

The MMO is dead. :dizzy_face:


Great addition to the game. I’ll finally be able to complete the Centaur Sojourner storyline by doing Nokud Offensive.
I’ll get to see the other dungeons too which is good. Although I still haven’t seen the SL ones, although I can solo them by now.

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Normal dungeons are solo-able with the gear you have.