Tanks should not be world bosses in WPVP

Tanks are absurdly broken, and should not be immortal gods, doing dps-like damage, especially blood dk.

Tanks should have a huge pvp modifier severely nerfing their survability and damage output.


havent tanks been good in wpvp since wow came out?

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Nope. Their current state has been going in since Legion, likely due to M+.

I mean, tanks can tank bosses without a healer in 20 and above keys, and most tanks do dps-like damage, and this wasn’t a common thing before m+. Tanks are absurdly broken in pvp since then, especially blood dk

Yeah this is one of those few points, where I won’t say “that’s part of WPvP”… because it is something that should be addressed.

A “open world PvP nerf” for tanks, would be good. Not necessarily for their survivability, but for their damage output. :+1:

It’s okay for them to be tanky, since we can just run away if they can’t be killed. But if they also have the dps of an actual dps… then it becomes broken.

We are already playing with 50% nerf though. And nerfing tanks is unlikely as the last time it broke the dam in SL.


Tanks are actually super weak in pvp rn. They take 70% more dmg from all sources, basically are squishier then dps.



Make me a clip of you easily killing a Blood Dk, or a Guardian Druid then.

Rich coming from a priest, considering you tend to be the immortal unkillable gods in bgs, alongside infinite mana. And as far as I know, tanks already have a debuff for ALL pvp that gives them a massive damage taken, exactly due to whining like this.

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SP, unkillable god in BGs? Tell me the secret!

You made a post talking about tanks in wpvp, I answered to that. So lets brake it down:

Protection Warrior: there is no reason to play because you are tankier if you spec fury or arms. Brings nothing to the table that the other two specs can’t.
Protection Paladin: an half healer who doesn’t heal anymore and even when it tries to heal ends up draining all the mana. Dies in a couple of stuns.
Brewmaster: made of paper.
DH Vengeance: Great mobility, pretty tanky. Still, nothing special against its dps spec so there is no great incentive to play it.
Blood dk: really tanky against melees against which it can use death strike. If you keep range or MS the heals it just can’t keep up.
Guardian Druid: great mobility, high self heal and a good kit, being a druid.

That said tanks do such little dmg that a class with good sustain or a random full green healer can keep up with them.

So even if we consider Blood dk and guardian druid “op” (which they are not) you made a post asking for ALL the tanks to be nerfed when they already suck and are the less represented specs by a mile.

They should not be easy to kill btw, they are tanks, and still they take 70% more dmg, what do you want?


Completely irrelevant argument. But if the tanks are weak and made of paper, please show me a clip of you 1v1ing one then. I’ll be waiting.

This is factually untrue. Outright blantant lying

Tanks should have zero representation in rated arenas, and should not be Raid bosses in PVP in general (instanced or non-instanced).

Mate, you tell that to yourself. You’re pretty much contradicting yourself, when you came to this thread claiming the following:

What do I want? Tanks to be severely nerfed in WPVP and PVP in general. Tanks should not be able to do DPS-like damage, while being literally unkillable. Nobody asked tanks to be easily killable. Tanks should not be easy to kill (but should not be IMPOSSIBLE to) and tanks should not be able to deal the amount of damage in PVP they currently do.

And they do NOT take 70% more damage to all sources. And again, please provide me proof from you killing a tank by yourself then, since they are squishier than a dps and take 70% increased damage from all sources, I’m sure you’ll be able to easily deal with them

My brother in christ, I’ve played prot pala since Legion, I can tell you with a 1000% certainty tanks take more damage from ALL sources in wpvp and instanced pvp. It is especially jarring since I feel like a demi-god in pve then I am literal paper in pvp vs a single frost mage’s damn death beam, so it stands out a lot.

You’re confusing “all tanks are unkillable” with “dks and druids are broken” , the latter of which I support. And I am very much NOT doing dps-like damage with my dinky hammer and shield.

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It’s not irrelevant, what I wrote down is the actual point, you are asking for an entire class role to be nerfed and that is just stupid.

It’s not, play a tank and tell me how it goes lol

And they basically have, and are not raid bosses. The only role they have in pvp is (sometimes) in bg where they can hold the flag or defend a base, and usually they suck even at that.

I am not, I’m saying they ARE super squishy because they take 70% more dmg in pvp, and they should not. Tanks suck in pvp, and imo they shouldn’t.

Once again, you have showed how ignorant you are about tanks in pvp.

https:// www.youtube. com/watch?v=A_vnvIEO9kk&ab_channel=Rextroy

Please, I don’t want to be seen as callous, but man, go learn something before asking for nefs on a class role that is already trash and has no player base.


Tanks need a huge buff in PvP, tbh. Some more than others(especially prot paladin) but they should all be buffed.


there are no rule open world pvp well 3 not grieving or grevyard camping or killing lowbies for sport just sad but player same lvl tank mean need chose u target more cerefull before u start fight

Call out those specs that have the survivability, mobility and damage you whine about more specifically in your title please.

Prot palas are absolute sh1t atm, I think the same applies for monks. Warriors have mobility and kind of dmg. But none of them is “broken”, compared to BloodDK and maybe Guardian (which only does dmg if you hit him).

Agree, I had to bench my prot after all those combined nerfs. Completely useless, no cc-immunity, no damage, no heal (on others), no survivability (+ %dmg on me because tank), almost 0 mobility (huge pony nerf).