Texture flickering in World of Warcraft

Same here stopped it completely although I am still using very old Nvidia drivers,
24/09/2020 456.5 on a MSI 1080 ti GPU I don’t like updating drivers unless I realy have to.

But that said I don’t believe the texture issues are NVidias fault, Blizz defiantly changed a lot of things for Shadowlands launch and I am running the exact same Hardware and software I was all through BFA and never had any issues all graphic’s wise but the day Shadowlands launched issues started appearing.

It is on NVidia. I’ve had the same problem in BfA when a particular NVidia driver launched. Rolling back older ones fixed it for me, then Nvidia implemented a fix and it worked…it worked up until they released the Cyberpunk driver which broke WoW textures again :confused:

Not necessarily . Blizzard made changes to graphics and Nvidia have had to develop new drivers specifically for the Blizz changes, Nvidia dont roll out new drivers just for the sake of it, they have to when publishers change their games.

Problems with most of Blizz changes they lose what they’ve done, so instead everything just gets Band aid fixes and then continue to add more band aids on top of the previous ones to hopefully fix an issue instead of actually doing a proper job and then informing company’s like Nvidia of the exact changes.

If Nvidia knew the exact changes Blizz had made it would be a easy driver fix for them , but they don’t, tbh I don’t even think Blizz knows themselves what’s causing the conflict with drivers.

Lets be honest here there has been so many issues with every aspect of the game since Shadowlands launched far far more than any other expansion has ever had, Blizz have openly admitted they had to cut a lot or corners just to get the game “playable” for the already delayed launch and admitted many aspects were still under development, Shadowlands launch was basically an Alpha and still is.
Blizz currently are in a catch up mode, they are rushing around trying to fix everything and also still trying to make content for future patch’s, tldr: everything is a mess and Blizz are falling behind every patch

Driver update fix my issues.

Will try the turning off triple buffering tip. It even caused issues with quaking, not able to sometimes see them in e.g. Sanguine Depths.

The easiest fix for me was to use Nvidia Profile Inspector. First you need to export a profile from an older driver (or use that one linked from here) where the issue didn’t occur then you just need to import that profile once you updated to a newer driver. As far as I can tell, it’s been the only working and reliable method for me.

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Soo, this actually didn’t solve it for me. It makes it go away, but I suspect just because it “reboots” the gfx engine. Changing zone often makes it reappear. I’ve taken a short video of it happening in Icecrown when playing an alt:


I’m glad they are still trying to get it sorted with NVIDIA at least.

Yesterday’s update - still listed under open issues :frowning:

“[World of Warcraft: Shadowlands]: Random flicker may occur in certain locations in the game

New for me today - only seems to be in Bastion (had fps issues a few days a go but they seem to have gone - tried different older Nvidia drivers and resolved the issue)

Flickering wasn’t there yesterday (turning Ray Tracing fixes it but I like my frame rate) . So it look like the choice is flicking but good frame rate with (461.40 drivers) OR terrible fps with something newer.

AMD 5800x and Nvidia 3070 GPU

Yep, this is becoming unbearable…

its not my idea, i found this on the US forums and atleast for me, it did not eliminated the flickering completelly, but its not as bad as it was before

for me reduced the flickering by 60-70% which makes the game somewhat playable

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I’ve fixed it by lowering a few settings and turning on Ray Tracking (good - middle setting). I get the same/similar fps and I think overall it looks better (even though most of the settings needed to be turned down from ultra to high to facilitate this)

Just started today in Bastion random textures “flickering” all over my screen.
to add, I am Kyrian Covenant, so I’m there everyday and I’ve NOT updated anything, NO windows updates, NO GPU driver updates, not even any addon updates, NOTHING as been changed all week on my end.

Logged another Alt, also Kyrian covenant, game seemed fine, no issues so flew to Oribos and Hearthstoned back to Elysian Hold in Bastion and textures “flickering” like crazy

I had this in the week - see my video above, like yourself it just appeared one day.

Turning on RTX (if you card can support it) ‘fixed’ it but it not ideal. I’ve tried half a dozen Nvidia drivers and I either get to pick between massive FPS loss or flickering (without RTX).

I’m happy with my work around and might actually stick with RTX from now on but it doesn’t solve the issue at all.

I don’t have RTX, I’m using a MSI GTX 980 ti and still using an old driver from last year - 456.5.
Never had any issues at all before until yesterday , it seems if I log into Bastian its ok, but if I leave the zone and return and its very prominent like your video.

Like I said I 've not changed anything from the launch of the expansion, this just started happening completely randomly yesterday for no reason at all on my end, play a few other games, most with far more graphically demanding requirements but no issues at all with those.

I’ve never had any real issues with WoW ever before over 15 years, until Shadowlands were everything seems to have turned to s**t for alot of people, far more than for it to be just a coincidence, its defiantly on their end .

Sorry you are having a hard time, yes my FPS issues with 9.0.5 hit a week after the patched dropped, worked fine for a week and then without changes - nope.

Then I thought I fixed it for a few days and then the flickering started (again no changes at my end) . Fortunately I am computer science trained and like solving issues but many just want to play.

The drop in testing and quality control is there to see from Blizzard. I get the engine is old (at its heart) but they need to fix stuff like this instead of blaming the user, which is the default response on here. (I get sometimes things will slip through but some acknowledgement of issues would be nice and would gain some understanding from most players)

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This… exactly its always a user issue response first from them for most issues, very annoying, but there comes a point when for 1000’s of users the “coincidence” of same issue becomes quite obvious its not on their end.

TBH I think Blizz don’t have an actual honest response to give because they don’t know what it is themselves and certainly don’t have the staff and time to delve in to the issue full time until its fixed… its easier for them to just “pass the buck”

These days , at least last 3 expansions, Blizz don’t realy put time into fix anything properly, they just “band aid” everything and then keep adding more “band aids” as time goes buy… terrible work practice to have.

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I would add I don’t think Nvidia are blameless in this (look on their forums, there is so much anger at the moment. Issues everywhere) But Blizzard’s communication is really lacking in this area.

I can’t believe this issue is still not resolved. Having to use dx11 means big fps drop. I hit 200fps with dx12 on. Selecting autodetect or clicking on the main gpu fixes it for that particular gaming session, but this is happening on such a regular basis. Nvidia still haven’t provided a fix in the latest drivers either.

I’ve reduced shadows to low to see if it will help, and will try turning triple buffering off after this but I’m sceptical about either.

@Blizzard is there an update on this issue?


I have had this issue since November when I installed a 3080.

RTX 3080 FE
AMD 5900x