The Evolution of Creative Content in World of Warcraft

The Evolution of Creative Content in World of Warcraft

Over the last few weeks, artists and writers across the WoW team have updated a small number of old quests, art assets, names, and dialogue that we identified as outdated and inconsistent with our values as a team. These updates are a relatively small part of a comprehensive, company-wide effort to improve the WoW team and Blizzard as a whole, but they’re important to us as developers.

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Give PvP players 2 sets of gear - 1 honor, 1 conquest. U completelly igonored it on PTR.


Ain’t this grand! I hope long beards for humans will be in there, no? Or will you keep ignoring this basic customization idea?


Thank you for replacing women with bowls of fruit, I feel so much safer now.


Now, get people recolored artifact apperances, like fel werebear, use inspiration from that to new cosmetics as well, the recolored CM gear that were never used, bring it back to some content. Have timewalking once a week on rotation instead of once every month. Pull the ripcord harder and get us out of this horrible expansion named Shadowlands, and on to emerald dream or something. Stop redesigning woman to bowls of fruit, use your resources elsewhere!

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Hopefully not being able to fart in game will stop the bosses at blizzard sexually assaulting people


Everyone can, a sensitive microphone is all that’s needed.


hahaha, what a joke lmaoooooooo


Well… it seems to me that the players don’t care for your current values as a company. I don’t think anybody genuinely appreciates any of this.

EDIT: Actually a glyph to summon a male succubus is pretty cool and I think there are a number of people who do appreciate that.

But I think that a company without your particular values as a company could’ve added that.


Seriously, if you want to keep your playerbase, get your poop togather and start delivering content. Your release cycle is unprofessional. We know you can do better, Legion was a proof of that, but obviously you don’t care to do your job and instead are wasting your time and our money on stuff nobody cares about.



I know some of the changes are controversial and there are concerns, but…

I actually really like this idea a lot! I’ve wanted an incubus option for warlocks for years :smiley:


At least now we know they’ve been busy solving THE REAL ISSUES with this game


Great addition as long as you don’t make the succubus model less of a succubus


And they’re focusing on the inappropriate art - the main reason they were sexually abusing co-workers! I’m so glad it’s solved!


I mean incubus aside are none of the retail players bothered that it’s 3 months after 9.1 dropped, there’s no 9.1.5 release date announced, pretty much 0 info on 9.2 and THIS is what they get a giant blue post essay about?

It feels quite insane to do this while the playerbase is absolutely bleeding. It’s not like people heard all the crazy insane stuff going on at blizz hq and started rioting about the kharazan npcs.


Development pictures of succubus 9.1.5



I approve.

That has to be the penultimate goal to strive toward, to have a game that is increasingly accessible and inviting to more people, ultimately being a welcoming place for everyone who shares the love of the game and the values it is built on.

And you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

The circumstances for these changes are less than ideal, but they are good changes none the less.


My feedback: stop with the destructive virtue signalling right now, and if you genuinely want to be welcoming to all players, start by making a dungeon system that doesn’t drive off weak and unskiled players, or by aiming for a recommended hardware spec that people on low incomes can afford to keep up with instaed of making nVidia’s share price one of your top “values”.


Please go ahead and show us your new values, inclusivity and all that in the NEW content you develop.
But stop changing old stuff that’s been that way for YEARS, it was fine then and even if it might be annoying to some people by 2021 standards, that’s how it was back in the day and that should stay the same.
For example I loved the old Kaelthas voice acting, partly ofc because of nostalgia, the new one can just never get close to that. Now all I can think about when I do TK/Timewalking is how much worse the new voiceover is and so the content is ruined for me.
If a person turns out to be a d*ck you don’t want to work with by all means remove them, but don’t try to erase every sign of their existence.
Change things in the future, not in the past.