The Hydraxian Inn 1 - Classic Community Comradery & Casual Conversation


Feel free to add me if you want (Cherwina on Classic too). I’m a level 15 Priest at the moment, so still getting there myself but I promise I’m a chill and friendly healer :slight_smile: .


Good evening all.

So happy to be back in Classic. Back in WoW in general for that matter as haven’t really played since early Cats apart from a very brief return in BfA. Was an Alliance main back then do the Horde experience is all new to me. This really wonderful mix of the nostalgic setting and new quests to discover is completely engaging.

Love roleplay and Nakato Hazemane will be exploring the lands of the horde happy to interact with anyone passing through. Already had some impromptu interactions and looking out for more.


Welcome back! :slight_smile:


Hello from another former Aldor player. Feels like back then, started shortly after the initial release, and I love it so far ‘the second time around’. And the good thing is that just by writing a bit more for normal answers and stuff I’ve ended up in a few spontaneous rp situations already, yay. See y’all ingame!


We are legion, mwa-ha-ha.


Aldor gang! <3


Anyone got the link to the realm discord? Thanks.


Already recognising some of the names on here which is great. :grinning:
A server discord would be handy I think



This thread went a bit quiet (not that it was ever particularly lively). Let’s change that!

How’s everyone settling in so far? I’m liking classic quite a bit still, but I’m slowly reaching the level where a few of the cracks begin to show. Dropped right into the level 30 leveling hole, where I barely find any level appropriate quests and my quest log looks something like this:

Which makes the leveling aspect a bit… stressful. Other than that I’m having fun though. The community is pretty great and I really enjoy the more close knit atmosphere of classic servers, where you constantly stumble over people you met before somewhere, instead of drowning in a sea of anonymity.


Don’t, you’re making me anxious about my 30’s! Leveling so far has been fine, I prefer it in the evenings because the darker nights and weather make otherwise drab zones, like Thousand Needles, look gorgeous. I easily get bored of zones I’m in so regularly hop back and forth between old and new zones (my 20’s began in Wetlands and are about to end in Wetlands).

Being a small server (smallest on EU right now?), a benefit is you really do see people you recognize grow around you. I’m guilty of going to a lot of higher level zones and getting random people to group up with me and carry, which all in all has been quite fun for making friends; I was effectively carried through all of Duskwood in my early 20’s.

Tonight I’m gonna finish up Wetlands then finally be high enough level to head to Thousand Needles! Was dead gutted when I ran up there the other day only to be a level too low. The adventure continues!


That’s fairly normal, it’s about the age when the last slivers of youth begin to leave your bod- oh, wrong 30s ; )

I’m not sure this is a problem for the Alliance, though. My experience with alliance characters is fairly miniscule in classic, played on an RP PvP server back then, so I had to buy a second account to try out alliance (don’t judge me). I don’t recall having a ‘questing hole’ there, but it has been 13 years, so… I may be misremembering.

Smallest EU server sounds about right, which suits me just fine. I like the more close knit atmosphere of smaller servers - and it’s still full enough that I have to compete for mobs a decent amount, even while playing in the morning or late at night.



Sums things up. The leveling, I do not mind - I just do dungeons as often as I can, lurking in the LFG channel to see if I can find a fitting group and logging onto the right alt for the group.

Mobs tend to be too contested for my liking, so I only quest earlier in the day, if possible. Overall, it’s fairly smooth and the constant rested XP really helps that feeling of making progress.


That’s probably not the worst way of doing things, I might give that a try also. Maybe with a priest. Everybody loves priests.

/edit: Or a warrior, if I’m feeling particularly masochistic.


I found Warrior to be pretty fun actually. Decent gear plus first aid suffices to make it a very smooth experience, a lot more so than rogue.

Bad gear, though… ouch. You cry in a quiet corner and wish for sweet release. Then you get an upgrade or two and suddenly feel like the king/queen again! For a few levels. It’s a rollercoaster, but quite a lovable one.

Priest is nice as well, although a bit boring, what with being stuck on auto-wand. Probably nothing a good (bad) PUG can’t fix, though. Reminds me, I still need to do my Deadmines run on Aryn, but healer spots are always taken before I dare to /get to ask!

A side benefit of my leveling is that, since almost every alt has a different profession, I never want for bags, or potions, or leather, or… anything, really. Even the random drops I find, I can redistribute, so if one alt gets unlucky, that can get compensated.

It also helps keeping the gameplay from getting stale. I do get stuck behind the curve a little I feel but… sheesh. Something’s got to give, especially since I’m trying to attend the public RP events as well with one character or the other.

It’s all a bit much, but I’m also enjoying it, so there’s that. And the people I met so far have been quite awesome as well!


Oh, I remember running across you, Aryn :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m enjoying Classic a lot so far, but considering that I only played vanilla up to a month into BC back then, and BfA recently for half a year, I’ve always stayed mostly a vanilla player, so that say. It feels to me as if the classic Azeroth is bigger, with all the secret quests and stuff, the slower traveling makes the world seem more vast, exploration is fun and rewarding, etc. Just don’t know whether I’ll stick around for long again, will depend on the community, the rp and stuff.

That said, so far I’ve mostly seen alliance rp guilds being advertised, with few horde guildes, which seem to be mostly species specific theme guilds. I’ve had an idea for a project/guild, but I’m not sure if I’m the right person to lead a guild (mostly been a good second hand throughout my MMO history), whether I’ll stay around (would be bad if the guild leader suddenly switched character or stopped playing), and whether it’ll be a successful and worthwile addition to the rp scene. Many questions. And I’ve actually even thought about going alliance.


Decided to come and join you lovely lot on here a couple of days ago (has taken me long enough to settle on a server). If you see a human warlock with this name feel free to wave :slight_smile:


Is /bonk okay as well? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure sure, if you must :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, classic. When you finally hit 40 and lack 56 gold to buy your mount :c

Luckily I have that ghost wolf.