The Loot Problem

I am against this system “Need before Greed” and I would wish for Personal Loot to be reintroduced, as many people are still being too disadvantaged and others struggle to follow loot rules, as most people roll Need before Greed on everything in Normal or Heroic mode and equip themselves, which I think is not fair. I have no problem if there are other opinions, but I think one should reconsider why they play WoW and that it is not a competition but a multiplayer game.

Those who rediscover this for themselves, then I think many things will relax again. I wonder why the system was reintroduced. It’s not really clear to me. I also want to say that I’m not envious, I wish everyone their loot. Yes, the game has become too casual, that may be. But people have also gotten older and apparently there are many players who are bothered by the fact that the game is somewhat more adjusted and not as hard for some. I have a social human philosophy. The WE counts in the game and not the I. Maybe I am too selfless, maybe some here also do not like my opinion and my wish to return to Personal Loot.

I just found it more appropriate back then. Besides, you can also gear up much faster through M+. So I think the raid should be made more lucrative with the loot again. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, I even see it when I run LFR, how some people just walk away with items 2 or 3 times and others look sadly disappointed. This also happens in HC or NHC and that’s not fair, people should finally learn again what it’s like to think in terms of WE and distribution. This is not meant to be malicious, how you take it is up to you. :wink:

In that sense

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Nobody asked for this to come back tbh or even if they meet mid way for letting pugs/guilds decide how to run the loot and let LFR be perm PL.

I agree with you.


I don’t like group loot…


Group loot ist absurd and the most annoying and unjust loot system ever


Yup, many people need on all, and try to trade for other gear or sell it.

LFR dragonsoul had that clownfiesta before.


I fail to see the problem here, honestly. Ever since this system was introduced it has worked like this on all my characters. I rolled need on a cloth non tier head piece. I won the roll. This week I went back into the instance and the same headpiece dropped. I only had the option to greed or pass as I already had the piece in my bags.

Now lets say its personal loot and the I won this piece this week. The following week there was a good chance that I would have gotten the same piece again. Even if they gave us bonus rolls, chances are I could have gotten the same head piece or disappointingly only gold.

I don’t see the problem with the loot system.


Personal Loot :arrow_forward: Wah wah waaahhh we can not trade our loot with our customer… erm with our friends and guildies et cetera whatever, change it.

Blizzard: OK, we are listening, go group loot if you are so generous. Roll need if you want it.

Group Loot :arrow_forward: Wah wah wah, they all press need when they need the loot, :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl: :popcorn: it is impossible to get a loot, bring back personal loot. Cry cry, moan moan

The guy is complaining about group loot because everyone needs and he wants the personal loot back without even realizing that everyone automatically wants on personal loot.

I really understand the guys in Blizzard. Hard job, very hard job.

No one is too disadvantaged because everyone has an equal chance to get the loot.

said the same guy;

ROFL, LMAO :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

Let me get this straight, you do not want personal loot back or something else, all you want is to get all the loot you want in the first weeks. However, this is not how Nature and the Universe work.

On personal loot, at least you can ask if the loots rightful owner needs that loot or not, but on group loot, the rightful owner of the loot already clicked on “need”, whispering and asking for the loot should be considered %100 reportable offensive behaviour.

Stop disturbing the people.

No one is obliged to give you a loot, which is rightful theirs.


Group Loot is a dreadful system, especially in LFR.

Under PL you got two items per full clear, under GL I frequently get nothing.


Would welcome the reintroduction of PL tbh, it was such a superior system.


Group loot worked when we weren’t in the world of megaservers when being a ninja would actually get you a bad name and you wouldn’t get invited. Now you’re never gonna see these people again so people need everything even if they don’t need it.

Personally I think the most egregious part of the loot system is that you get locked out of a raid bosses loot even if you don’t get any loot. That’s so stupid, it’s needlessly punishing, just implement the FF14 loot system, you only get locked out if you win a piece, that makes loot fair and doesn’t mean you can get shafted by RNG and lose an entire week.


I see it a little differently. Just because you looted the boss doesn’t mean the loot is YOURS, it means everyone has the chance and that’s why I don’t bother anyone, I just see the urge and need of greed in your eyes. But can I live with your opinion is yours. But whatever. I know it’s not fair when people leave with more loot.


I still don’t understand how people fall to this rabbit hole, Personal loot was need before greed with forced need roll on everyone. Current system is not any different than personal loot not even a bit.

People who say they get more loot with personal loot are just mistaken. It’s more of a selective memory i can tell you, as someone who experienced old loot system and then personal loot and then group loot now.

Looting in wow never changed (except the removal of master loot)


No. Just because “you” looted the item, it means the item is rightfully “yours”. For what you wanted “your” loot or what you will do with “your” item is not my business.

Meanwhile, I went from getting 1-2 items every raid when we had PL to never get anything at all.

I need on absolutely everything now, so I might have a chance at a mog or some random trinket at least, but it’s useless. I really despise this system, and running LFR for loot is no point. I have stopped caring what others need because they don’t care what items I want anyways.

Other raid difficulties can have group loot, but LFR really need to go back to PL.


Seems you have a pretty selective memory yourself.

Fact is, I went from plenty of loot to nothing, and I am not making that up. I need on absolutely EVERYTHING I can now to try get something, but there is no longer any point for me to run LFR for loot, and that’s a bit idiotic when the place is full of mogs.

That said, some were unlucky with PL, and it sounds like you were one of those, but let’s pull the “selective memory” card instead. My partner got zero loot for weeks with PL, but even he can see that group loot made it even worse.


As a solo player I want to said, that I did not get even 1 item in raids from the start of expansion.
I have no motivation to do raids at all, that trading clowns should go to their isolated clown server.



I used to get loot under PL, now I have to wait for Vault or use the Catalyst.


True, but the essence you became every 2 weeks atm. I say at the moment because later often more. But the Loot Rules with Need before Greed is not fair its my openion. All can means what ever you want each and everyone. Its so bad, they can all become loot in this raid as anyone people can maybe out with 2 items ? EVEN one Item? I dont think so. They say other things, what say the char about you.

10 years ago was not bader with the loot, the was possiable that you can roll on anything aItems and take all. PL was and is from my openion was the best Solution. Many Guilds take RC Loot Council, and it is possiable without this take away loot from other umens if he have still an item.

The Aceptions for own Rules its tricky… I make this so One Player can roll of all he like to want. He can Rolls of on T3 and good! So its the possiable Possibility he can wins maybe two or min one Item. And all are happy. And then at the next Boss dont rolls not more again and can if all have rolls. I dont understand thats the problem for such People is. PL is still ever the better option i think.

Have a nice stay and good Loot!

“No. Just because “you” looted the item, it means the item is rightfully “yours”. For what you wanted “your” loot or what you will do with “your” item is not my business.”

Dont understand what you means? Thats a Game right? And your Loot? Nope! you doesent Knows the Raid Philosophpie right? It so. You lay the boss, you loot the boss you will can look drops which Item the Boss and THEN maybe you can win or not, but not its YOURS. You can anyone ask if you dont believe me. :wink:

And how did you come up with that? What do you think should be fairer? If that doesn’t work, it would be more like PL, but just making need over greed shows me that many people have forgotten how to play WE and only think about themselves and that supports the statements I made in my original post. I find that very unfortunate.

I love when the winner of a roll announces they’ll start taking bids in dms.


Sorry, I can’t quite follow you, what do you mean by announcement of DMS? Or do you prefer to play on a DKP system?