The problem with the Alliance

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Nah nah nah. All land belongs to the rightful moo.

In theory yes…but we both know it’s going to end up with a handwave where all is fine with the Alliance. Long live Anduin, wise beyond his years! :nauseated_face:


Where was the alliance when teldrassil burned? Other than priotising gilnean evacuation over the night elves. That actually happened in the novella. Elves dead. Gilneans safe rescued.

Where was the horde when the fleet was bombed, Rastakhan killed, loa champions slain in their own sanctum and the vault plundered?

It’s almost a mirror.

Angry Tyrande and Talanji have every right to second think about the idea of sticking to their factions allies.

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Any genocides against Trollkind are a community service.

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Well that’s the point.

The rebellion is going to have a lot of problems as not all the lore characters in question will be on board with it.
I agree with you, Tyrande and Talanji are two candidates who will, most likely oppose it.
Working with the opposing faction, after Rastakhan’s loss and Darnassus’ destruction is not going to sit well with either, but honestly, we need this.

Tyrande and Talanji are needed to stop this rebellion from going forward.


Be quiet pointy ear. Traitors Elf. Revantusk trolls have more dignity than you could ever handle.

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Ehhh, I think you need to do the raid again. Regarding the Horde puts on Warchief’s mantle and rightful moo-ness

WE WAS TRICK’D! by the Alliance stratagem in Nazmir and rushed back after massacring defeating the suicide diversion force. The Horde was simply fighting elsewhere and only arrived too late to do much for Mr. Death God wannabe.

With allies such as the blood elves to trolls, who needs enemies?


Oh, I missed a thread!

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Ok, I didn’t miss anything but a bit of salt. Have fun, everyone! And no weapons!


King Anduin sent his fleet to Kalimdor as soon as he heard what happened, and for once Blizzard respected the laws of time and had his fleet take a long time to get to the other side of the ocean. Perhaps if the Lightforged remembered they had the Vindicaar it wouldn’t have taken so long, that’s on them.

And I still have to repeat this, one year later. Jesus Christ guys, did you play the Alliance side of the story? Anduin learned what happened in Ashenvale and immediately ordered his fleet to organize a military expedition on Kalimdor. But such things don’t happen in just 24 hours you know…

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I think it’s a rather short bend and unjust conclussion, mostly anyways.
I can actually sympathise with the ‘Human ‘mains’’, as I feel Tauren, although allot lower in NPC cast and representation, suffer from the same issue as they do.
For the Humans, it’s all Anduin, or some Jaina(wich makes it only slightly beter, as she actually did take action in favor of her faction/ people) - For Tauren, it’s all Baine, and all other Tauren are either pretty much non existent/ rare or just Baine Hivemind clones.

The faction issue however, I think does lay for a great part with the Alliance, or rather BLizzard’s unwillingness to actually write 'Moraly Grey 'themes and so that faction will end up as doing hardly anything more than being Reactive, as they Have to be the Shining White Knights, their faction suffers badly from that, but in conjunction so does the Horde, who will be villain batted time and again and look like inept morons making the same mistakes again, just so the Alliance doesn’t have too.

I find it remarkable that BLizzard themselves haven’t come to a similar conclusion yet…the story won’t get beter or engaging if that doesn’t change, and I think BFA is pretty much a lost cause right now…even the gameplay is worse than say, Legion, or WoD(wich imo had excellent gameplay).
I fear that if they do remove the factions in the future, the storyline will become as pruned as our character’s class abilities.


That’s because you’re not able to wait and see the full picture!

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That goes in line with my fears as well, but I hate the faction war story because it is simply a Warfront. No winners or losers. No reality on what a faction war is. Just backwards and forwards all the time.

However in the same breathe, I do not want my Horde characters taking orders and working with failing characters like Anduin and Jaina. So breaking the factions works in some areas, but completely fails in others and it’s the story that would suffer.


Really depends on what the alternative is. Legion would probably the closest we ever got to a factionless addon… And storywise it probably was a mixed bag. The idea of class stories was nice, but the reality in many cases was rather dull. There might just have been too many for them to focus on, especially considering they did an additional artifact scenario for each and every specialisation. But that workload could easily be reduced by not focusing on classes, but roles, or maybe just elected NPC-teams or something.

The bigger problem might have been the “neutral” quest experience. Where we dealt with big NPCs it was mostly Alliance NPCs like Malfurion, Tyrande and Velen. Even among the neutral ones Alliance races were prevalent, like with Illidan and Khadgar. That the HM and NB-NPCs changed to Horde after the addon doesn’t really touch on that experience. Without judging the story behind it at all… Blizzard did fail to bring in the experience of faction neutrality. So I guess these fears are quite reasonable.

I don’t think that was unavoidable, though. If, for example, Baine had a big role in the Highmountain quests, that would have gone quite some way to balance it a bit…

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I don’t know who, nor why, this was removed, but I think, both Wrathion and Baine should have remained in Highmountain.

I agree with this, wholeheartedly.

Yes, we had the Blood Elves, who commanded the “Horde focus” in many areas throughout Legion, but no disprespect to them - they aren’t really “Horde-looking.” I get why they were involved deeply, because they are Zin’Azshari Highborne descendants, their Elite joined the Legion years back, they were involved with Illidan etc, but…it didn’t feel like a true “Horde experience.”

A few were done well, like the Demon Hunter, but this was to be expected. Rogue was ok-ish

Ones such as the Mage, Paladin, Priest and Warrior - they were just bland. Mage was simply cat-and-mouse, yet they could have done so much more with it. They should have used the lore in Azsuna and Suramar to perhaps, flesh out a story involving Naga, Legion and Nightborne from Suramar who threatened the Tirisgarde.


Not a single bloodelf or orc helped against Kilj’aeden. Ooc enough. And sad.


How many orcs, other than Gul’dan and Ner’zhul know about Kil’jaeden being the architect of the orcs corruption?


The most thought probably that Mannoroth was responsible for this.

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All elves (except the night elves) should just make their own faction. Both Alliance and Horde are kinda boring.


I approve, both factions would greatly improve without boring elves! But You have to take the Nelves, too.

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I don’t want them.


No one does, but that’s the deal.