The real reason alliance lose AV

The alliance lose AV because they have instant ques. These instant ques mean for alliance the best honor per hour is from fast games, often win or lose. In terms of honor per hour for the alliance fighting out an hour long win when they could of had 3 fast losses in that time is not worth it.

The ideal game for the alliance is a 10 minute win with about 2.8k honor, at that rate they get over 30k honor/hour. For the horde though with a que often reaching over an hour, the key is max honor per game. Better to have a 25 minute 5k honor game and get 5k honor every hour and a half, than get 2.8k honor every hour and 10 mins from a rush game.

Given that the best honor per hour for horde is max honor per game, and for the alliance it’s the fastest games possible. It’s not surprising that the horde decimate the alliance in AV. It’s just not worth it to fight out a long game as the alliance even if you could maybe win. If the horde team is good enough to push the game past 40 minutes, then even if you win it’s a disaster honor/hour wise for the alliance.

It’s also exceptionally rare for the alliance to get 5k+ honor games, as that often relies on horde taking no bunkers which pretty much never happens. Where as often the horde will block alliance taking any towers.

If the horde also had instant ques, we would want to rush as well, but it’s really not on the cards as things stand.


no youre wrong its the exploity hordy hordies backdoor exploiting, devs are all HORDE blizard is BIASED reeee check youre privilege hordies !!!

imagine actually believing this


Atm games are 25-30 mins. 70-80% are horde won.
Tho not realy ranking, i roughly calculated its about 3500 honor points per game total.
So atm alliance got 2 games every hour on average and some 7k honor rough.
Tho sometimes I win like 3 games in row, but they are often 40+ mins.
So dunno ur calculation and conclussion seems ok, its just there is no game now shorter than 25 mins… win or lose.
Alliance is more skillz

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How dare you come here with logic and not spout something about how AV map is biased and the devs are all horde players and that our racials are OP?! HOW DARE YOU! OUTRAGES!

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Stop crying about this. Alliance have stopped losing continuesly AV and putting in a real match now.

he is right tho.

ultra fast queus support give up mentality.

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Are you trying to imply that being immune to stuns permanently and immune to fears in most fights isn’t overpowered?

Are you also trying to deny that horde have objectively quicker routes to reach ALL objectives? Or the fact that ally don’t have 3 gys in which are total choke points meaning if alliance is pushed into a gy they cannot leave etc.

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Enough with the hyperbolic statements already, you just make yourself look like a person in need of therapy.

Doesn’t matter. Objectively speaking, it means the first clash occurs closer to an alliance graveyard instead of a horde graveyard, so technically alliance have the advantage due to closer GY so they can replenish the lost numbers faster in the clash.

ALL of the graveyards are choke points. They’re just more narrow on the alliance side, as an aesthetic choice by the designers.

IB gy is the only one different in the sense that you can run away after ressing both forwards and backwards, however the IB gy flag is a choke point practically identical to the IWB choke point. It’s just a matter of holding it.

Something you people whining seem to forget is that ALL of your problems are solved by WINNING in the fights (i.e. the PvP clashes). Start winning. You’ll see a shift when you do. Until then, accept that you and/or your teammates are inferior to the opponents.

Personally, I think the largest difference lies in shamans vs. palas comparisons though. Shamans are objectively better offensively, while palas are better defensively. And we all know a good offense is key to plowing the fields.


You’re entire argument and paragraph structures around the point


You’re a caricature of the just buy a house 4head meme

I presented substantiated arguments. You just keep presenting unsubstantiated arguments however, and that’s just a typical sign of a person who doesn’t understand the topic he’s arguing about.

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There is some truth to it.

In Vanilla, Alliance were the ones with queues and they won that BG 90% of the time. That’s not just coincidence.

Honestly, you must be joking - the alliance gy are so choked you can actually not get out of them - only way out is filled with horde :slight_smile:

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hahahaha I have detailed WHY IBGY is such a huge advantage to you, and how FWGY is closer to IBGY than STORMPIKE is to SH, and you still go on about how “its not that big a deal”… okey, here’s the thing “GOOD PRO HORDIES”… LETS SWAP THE MAP for a week, and talk later… you can keep the shaman class :wink:

All week I see hordes just talk smack although you KNOW that what I have stated is the case… but ofcourse - brush it off… no big deal… “litle choke points” nothing to worry about… BACKDOOR - phew who cares… noone uses it… LOL… I havn’t played a GAME in the last 2 weeks, when our Backddor North BUnker hasn’t been capped within the first couple mins of the game. I HAVN’T PLAYED A GAME even if we’d won, when it hasn’t been destroyed by end of the game… but ofc - no biggie… Nothing is a biggie… :smiley: :smiley:

I also loved 1v1ning EXIDE who is so active on the forums… GIT GUD man, then post on the forums… srsly :smiley:

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Who are you? And you didnt fight me it seems. Not that I remember every trash gnome mage I run into, there is literally a billion of you zerglings in any given AV.

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Not WIN THE GAME. Just win at least A battle. Like the first at SH GY.
Played a game 10 min ago. Allies split in two. One team (big) headed South and rest defended at SH GY. Good geared and with some healers. And again we ambushed them in the middle. Some of them died, the rest although captured IB GY, did not manage to keep it. Result? They lost both GYs and were blocked at SP GY.
Edit: South not North

25% more resistant to stuns isnt same as 100%.
Immune to fears 5 sec (?) every like 3 minutes isnt the same as “immune to fears in most fights”…

Alliance has in my observation more disadvantages in the map, though have some nice advantages too, like easily defended base (if someone guards the wall jump spots and towers that can be 1000% more easily capped than bunkers. I havent studied the map properly so I cant state its a fact that it favours Horde a bit. Also keep in mind that Horde lost AV all the time in vanilla and complained how easy Alliance has it there, so it all comes down to skill. In life most things arent fair and still people win through disadvantages.

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OP on his way to AV

I find recently that my games are decided by the first initial big two battles. Whoever wins/loses really sets the tone of the match.
Unfortunately a lot of people run pass and don’t engage in the first fight and try to go to galv or something.

I had a really close game today where both horde and alliance were pulling drek/van at the same time and had similar losses in the first battle. It was awesome and I got decent honor for it. If all my games were like it I wouldn’t complain honestly.

I also noticed a few less afk’s in my game today, but they are still there (like a bad smell). Just got to make sure to keep reporting them.

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Maybe its not the fact that first two battles were lost. Its just an indicator that the opponent has more power (damage, heal,setup,skill).
This is what i’ve been saying often (in forum). Horde seems to always win the SH first encounter. This battles matter the most. In practical terms, and as a stress test

A week long side switch event will resolve all the arguments and give both factions an opportunity to feel the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents from their side.

At the very least it will be an interesting experiment that gives us an insight in why things are the way they are without requiring changes.