The worst update blizzard has done since the selfie patch 6.1 back in 2014

Please read… PLEASE… “Nowhere does it states its CONTENT in WoW”…

Ah good, so 10.2.6 did actually bring things into the game as well :slight_smile: Good thats covered.

Now, that you decide to claim that patch = content because thats how it used to be, when they state “New, bold” thats really mindboggling… Like I really don’t get it…

Does it matter? My whole argument is the exact thing your asking me about… Blizzard said they wanted to test some new things out, and everyone started theorizing, which of course they can do… But you claiming 10.2.6 didn’t bring anything new to the game is false… It may not have brought any new CONTENT in game, but WoW got a new game mode :slight_smile:

Maybe and hopefully, this results in people actually being a bit more aware of their own behaviour towards these things, and instead of sitting wherever hyping different things up and creating false rumors, just take it as is :slight_smile:

Where did I ignore your ideas? I literally answered them by saying what you apparently didn’t want to read :slight_smile:

Is the roadmap for Dragonflight or for in game? I really want to know why it shouldn’t be there, when we did get in game changes with the patch, but only the content was outside of in game but still in Dragonflight WoW :slight_smile:

EDIT: It even says “World of Warcraft 2024 Roadmap” and you know the funny thing??

Look at the end of road map, where it even says “The war within CONTENT UPDATE” like how is this even up for debate?

anyway im not enjoyin this new game but i see on reddit many post in a positive way.

You have a problem picking at things.And you told me you had no agenda.
It is there between seeds and season 4 yeah.And it s a pirate flag yeah?
And it has nothing on it cause it was suposed to be A MISTERY or whatever.
A mister it was indeed.But not in the game therefore its shouldn’t be there.
When in all wow years a patch meant another game?
Be real and stop trying to lie to get to whatever you want.

No I just have a problem with people claiming wrong things.

What game do you open to play Plunderstorm? My guess? World of Warcraft… What is the roadmap called? World of Warcraft 2024 Roadmap… Of you see how they link up now? :slight_smile:

You do realize that is where their “NEW AND BOLD” comes in right? Like are actually serious or just trolling at this point?

Its like you are so obsessed with trying to say I’m lying or have an agenda, that you can’t even grasp reality at this point…

Like this is what I’m referring to, when I say people are mindboggling… No where do they claim there will be content, they go out and say “Hey, we’re trying something new” and yet people go “OMG!! IT HAS NEVER BEEN LIKE THIS BEFORE?? LIKE WHAT ARE THEY DOING???” Yeh… like they said…

Can I open retail and play Meanprincess on it?If not the point is not valid.Understand that.
And if this is the future I already lost a lot of trust…
I don’t want bold new games outside of the game.
I want bold new features inside my beloved wow with my beloved chars.
I am not against secrecy,but it has to deliver.And this did not.


Nononono… YOU claimed it shouldn’t be on the roadmap… The roadmap is for WORLD OF WARCRAFT… Not for “Meanprincess” so your opinion doesn’t matter… YOUR argument was the roadmap… The roadmap works as is… Does it mean you can’t be sad about not being able to play your DH? No, you can be sad as much as you want…

But instead of claiming I have an agenda, me lying and me twisting words, maybe start by understanding your own arguments and what you link tyvm.


Considering theres also people playing and enjoying it, I would argue for them it did :slight_smile:

Twisting and twisting again.Is not in retail,its a separate game.That you have to make another character.
Its not in the actual game.
If it was I would be able to boot retail go on Meanprincess and play.But its not.So it does not belong on the roadmap.World of warcraft is retail.Not something else.

Edit.Have you seen all the hate too?Or your looking only for the few comments that are positive?

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Actually not… Again, read the title… “World of Warcraft” what game do you boot up to play Plunderstorm? World of Warcraft… How is that not fitting then?
You clearly don’t understand the road map, and thats fine… But don’t try and claim I’m twisting the words, when apparently I’m the one of us two, that can read what the road map says xD

And nice that you skipped over me pointing out the end of the roadmap… You know… Where they specifically say “TWW content update” why would they do that if “ThE rOaD mAp Is FoR iN gAmE” ?

No, I’m just referring to the hate, but I haven’t seen them… Do you see how stupid that comment is or? (:


Me: “I don’t understand all the non-constructive hate”
You: “This did not deliver!”
Me: “Well, some people liked it, so for them it did”
You: “Do YoU oNlY rEaD tHe PoSiTiVe CoMmEnTs?”

That is truly priceless xD Shows really

You’re being rude and evasive.I answered everything but apparently you can read what it suits you only.
I am done.
Enjoy it.

Lol you calling me a liar, twisting words, was not rude, but me pointing out how ridiculous your last edit comment was, when clearly our discussion is about the negative comments makes me rude xD Now I’ve seen it all… Apparently you can call and say whatever to me, but when I do it I am rude :')
Shows you never really wanted an actual debate but just wanted to lecture me saying I was wrong and you right.

People seem to forget how much DF content had, and yes the event is mainly a retail event since the vast majority of the rewards and the gameplay is mostly similar to retail than classic.

This was always being hyped up as a side-event, which it is.

I’m glad Blizzard are trying something new, even if it’s a BR which I usually dislike (but I’m really enjoying this one).

I would like to remind you OP that there were 3 major content patches in DF in a much shorter time-span to MoP + other very good updates.

Good side updates that Blizz never did before:

  • Paladin rework

  • Mage rework

  • Rogue rework

  • Evoker new spec (aug)

  • Holy priest (now)

  • Trading post


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you know? I love trading posts and im buyin as much as i can. But i think this is the synopsis of a wow that isnt mine anymore.
Im collecting mog i dont use more than 1 day, making effort to gain mount i NEVER use except for bg or certain activities.
Blizz is tryin somethin new. its true. but probably this is somethin “old style grdges dwarves” like me doesnt like anymore.

Simple. You said “Omg I MUST have the eye-patch for winning, therefor I HAVE to grind out the game 24/7 until I win even though I hate it!!”

Some people DO feel pressured into getting specific re-colors of something just so they can finish their attempted look in WoW.

Because WoW doesn’t allow you to customize your armor colors unlike most modern MMORPGs.

It wouldn’t even be that hard to implement, technically. All WoW would need is to have instead of a single diffuse (color) texture for each armor/weapon model to have simply an Alpha texture for each layer of detail and use them as mixing factor for the color values. That way players could then determine via an interface their preferred color on the armor/weapon and match the looks of multiple sets.

The eye patch and title for winning aren’t even for the main game, they’re a vanity reward for the next round of plunder you play. You get a FoS for winning, otherwise literally every other reward is just on the renoun track.

Ok, then the eye-patch isn’t a transmog. Point still stands for all the other stuff on the grind tracks.

A lot of the grumbling could have been stopped by making the cosmetic rewards here be only for your Plunderer character, so Pirate hats, fancier sabers, more colours for the shirts etc.
Also not making it time limited.

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this is the way

Yes, I agree. But then noone would have played the mode to the extent they are doing now - And Blizzard knows this.


I wouldn’t have played more than one or two rounds if the cosmetics were limited to this game mode, and I’m probably not the only one. I don’t actually want to participate in Plunderstorm anymore, I only do it because I’d like the final transmog set. That is the main purpose of this large number of rewards.

The grumbling is the price for the increase in engagement numbers, and they are professionals who knew this would happen. I can respect that, I just don’t appreciate it.