They fixed AV guys

Alterac Valley

  • Spirit Guides now apply Honorless Target to the players they resurrect.
    • *Developers’ note: We observed some behavior in Alterac Valley that can only be described as griefing—a violation of the In-Game Code of Conduct. If this had taken place in original WoW, it would have been seen as either a situation that needed to be fixed preventatively or a circumstance that called for account suspensions. We feel that the preventative solution is the more amicable one.

As you can see, it was the main issue with AV.

But yeah, if this change applies to other BGs such as WSG and AB as well, then the repercussions will be pretty huge.

To provide som context to this hotfix, and its attempt to sweep things under the rug, is that:

  1. It’s not exactly possible for a randomly matchmade team (i.e. not a premade, only fools like hplovecraft thinks a premade can only refer to queuing as a group, thus ignoring the trickery behind it) to be GY farming in AV.
  2. It wasn’t that uncommon, especially towards the end of vanilla, for a guild raiding end game to be GY farming in BGs such as AB and WSG. Which makes this change yet another retail change brought into Classic.
  3. By making it “less worth” to GY farm in AV (and possibly WSG & AB, which for the sake of #nochanges needs to stay unaffected by this), they only treat one of the symptoms of the premade issue in AV, yet ignoring the causation for it, which is the premades.

A premade refers to a team made before queuing. The difference is a social one, with more coordination and more requirements made possible, such as gear, 100% mount, r8+, the requirement for everyone to sit on discord, and a predetermined setup of healers, tank(s), ranged dps, melee dps and stealthers, as well as talents.

Basically all the things you have no control over in a randomly matchmade team.

Thus the term premade. Because it was organized prior to the BG itself.


Honor or not.
It’s a tactical move to gy camp alliance when taking down bunkers. It will still happen.


You can’t grief the opporsite faction in PVP.
If you could? A lot of people would have been banned for the worldwide griefing caused in phase2.


Yeah, I know XD.
I just found it funny that this is the big issue that they found with the current AV lool.
Nothing about bots/afkers and premades, right?


Premades are fine, stay salty.

That also once more clarifies that they dont see Qing at the same time as an exploit.

Sorry not sorry for you Horde players that call it an exploit.

You ignore that the ability to get more people in the same Batteground is also only the symptom and not the cause.

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Actually it doesn’t. It shows yet again them not acknowledging it is a thing in the first place.

How can they say it’s ok, when to them it’s not even a thing in the first place? Same in retail. Been used like that for years, yet not a single word of acknowledgement either confirming or denying it’s an exploit or not, by them.

Meanwhile, we do have the EULA and CoC to go by, and with the broad definitions in those then it falls under exploitation since it grants a competitive advantage over the opponents in the BG which the opponents can’t do themselves.


Premades aren’t fine - Alliance player on classic :slight_smile:


I still dont get it, why all ally pugs so shi.ty and sux vs horde pugs ? dont tell me this is about racials… if ally work together even 5-6 man with paladin support can do huge dmg to horde but still every pug is same thing. whats gonna happen when AB or WSG weekend come ?? when hordes start to premade for WSG AB, they will start to crush ally premades and crying will start again at forums just like P2 started :rofl:

Hmm by the saying “everything that is not forbidden is allowed” ?

Can you read me the passage that says “Can get into the same BG together because of an overcrowded enemy faction is seen as an exploit” ?

Many of these are just a matter of interpretation.

1: We often start 15 vs 40
2: You can be sure allience are a “Me me me” faction. Atleast 10 will be leeching.
3: Allience are “me me me” Booohooo cant win in 10. I would rather get farmed for 30 mins with zero bonus honor, than fighting back. Because Horde WILL maximize honorgain.


The alliance is kind of like a segregated society in the PvP side.
You’ve got the high performing players with their raid gear and whatnot all secluding themselves to their premades, while the “lone wolves” (a big chunk of this is the casual players) don’t get a spot in a premade and sometimes ends up queuing solo, hoping to get one of the few accidental spots in a premade.

This is why the alliance “pugs” are so bad, because they’re the bottomfeeders not being allowed to play with the premades.


Because any Alliance player that’s even remotely good queue up with a premade, so the Allies left in PUG’s are literally the bottomfeeders and the leftovers?


The min maxing mentality.

The average person did go horde for the advantage on Horde. Now you only have the above average on Alliance side that grouped together and the rest that is below average.

The middle ground is less likely for Alliance.

More people chose horde for PvP in mind.


Pretty much this, and a lot of the good alliance players gave up on AV after exalting the rep.
Especially due to all the bottomfeeders and leftovers.
The rest of the people wanting to rank went to premades.

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Except it is “forbidden”, just not acknowledged to be a thing by the enforcers of the rules.
Kind of like a guy robs a store, a police sees it, but the police turns a blind eye and doesn’t get involved.
That still doesn’t make it ok.

:clap: Sophistry at its best.

yea thats true, I witness that so many time while playing ally at ashbringer… while 2 rogue attacking me, some 60 dwarf warr come see us and start mining gold vein while rogues killed me then that 2 rogue attacked that dwarf and killed him too :smiley: I have withness so many story just like this, this is a big true so many allys dont like pvp and sux at pvp :smiley:


Just another proof how delusional they are. This will change nothing, it is tactical move to farm GY, horde will still do it regardless of this change (definitely with less people).

Though, nice to see this as it’s another proof how everything, absolutely everything can be against TOS.

But sure, let’s fix this and leave some of bigger issues in game.

  • Prospector pull
  • Solo pulling Van
  • TP jump
  • Backdoor to the alliance base
  • Ally premades dodging queues (major issue)