They promised classic forever servers?

I hope it is just me missunderstanding the direction of these new so called “polls” that Blizzard supposedly have sent out.

Even J. Allan Brack said on Blizzcon that WoW Classic were to be treated like a Museum piece, aka there would always be permanent level 60 classic servers available, that would not be restarted.

That is one of the reasons I decided to invest this much time into this game - this time around. Due to my efforts would always be valid, atleast as long as Classic is supported by Blizzard.

I dont want to be forced to either convert my character to a TBC realm nor to start on a fresh Classic realm (having my original Classic main deleted).

I want to be able to keep my original Classic character on a classic forever realm.

Whats going on here?


Since when are museum pieces permanently on display?


Museum’s change the displays, but they tend to always represent a set point in time. It is rare for a museum most of which specialise (natural history?) to completely change the era that they represent.

Maybe you are confusing a museum for a gallery?

There absolutely should be perma-Classic servers that will never be wiped and will stay P6 forever. They don’t have to be huge, they don’t have to be super busy.

Even if I have no plans to stay in Classic once TBC is out, I see no reason why those who want them shouldn’t have them.


What kind of time frame are you using “forever” for here? 5 years? 10? 50? 1000? The only certain thing is that no wow server will last forever.

No. You seem to be confusing a point in time with a time range though. You also seem to confuse a musem display witha museum piece. We were promised a museum piece, not a museuim.

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As long as people keep paying their sub for it, yes, it can be something as ridiculous as 1000 years. Surely that doesn’t bother you, either.


In that case, I wish you good luck! Expect to be disappointed.

Oh, it’s not for me. I’m planning to move to TBC and never look back… or forward. I’m planning to stay forever on a TBC realm.

Which is why I support those who want a perma-Classic realm. Same idea, just different game version.


The op isn’t just requesting perma classic servers though. He also requests to be able to keep his classic character by misinterpreting the quote from Allan J. Brack. If anything, he should have expected to be forced into TBC. That was after all what we experienced back in 2006.


There is no harm in having at least one server held in a permanent stasis that allows all those wanting to retain a classic character either for the odd log in and ogle at the gear they achieved or to log in and try to play with like minded people who enjoy phase 6 and ‘finish’ their character and enjoy it.

I really don’t understand people saying “Expect to be disappointed”. Surely the forum is a great place for those wishing to have their wish heard?

Not sure why so many people of your ilk seem to always join these threads to dash any hopes. Any reason you are doing this? A moral hero trying to save us from ourselves?

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I don’t remember seeing this. Could you link it please? I only remember the museum part, I think and him not defining it.

no sir this is not gonna happen

I know, and I fully support both these things, because I will be in the same boat if Wotlk is ever released.

And again, louder, for the people at the back. As long as he, and other people who want to keep their existing chars on a perma-Classic realm, keep paying the sub, they absolutely should have that option. Even if it’s just 1 or 2 “medium” size servers.

Good lord, this community, I swear.


You don’t know that. Let’s wait for the official announcement instead of speculating.

They’ve been throwing this “museum” thing back and forwards on the US forums for the past week.

Dunno what hipster youtuber started it this time around…

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Oh no, could it be this time, for the first time in recorded history, Blizzard will not stick by something one of their execs said years ago? What a shock would that be!


Well blizzard are known to take u turns .being a veteran urself ,you should had known this by now

I dont see the harm in it, so why not do it? Project 99 have been doing it for EQ for over a decade.

Mona Lisa has been on display in Louvre since 1797.
Don’t kid yourself that blizzard won’t create perma vanilla servers, they just won’t do it so we get to have our cake and eat it.

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