They put the Alliance in the coffin

Before you even replay … please go and search for more info before you do that.

Frist of all… i want to talk about Blizzard and how they favor Horde and how they throw dust INTO ALLY FACES… and act like is not TRUE and how they wanted to FIX an exploit

Blizzard… how dare you to tell us that you fix the game in AV ? by removing the numbers from the que which your goal was to fill up the games that premades are killing it ? you did that and then you did an update over your FIX and nerf to the ground forever… it wasn’t a FIX… you didn’t fix anything, you just did a harm to Alliance because you knew that casual premades was actually at 50% chance of winning and was the only way for Alliance to win some games, YOU NEVER WANTED TO FIX AV, YOU WANTED TO KILL ALLY… you could easly fix pala / mage pull or 7 min game BY ADDING A MECHANIC THAT DREK AND VAN CAN’T BE PULLED UNTIL EVERY SINGLE WARMASTER / MARSHAL IS DEAD … idk… just saying… i’m not dev… but it’s possible or something else, because Horde did a massive river of tears of these 7 min game.

If you guys check the US forum, even U.S Horde is saying that it’s a worng map design which actually favor Hordes and ally has a huge problem with choke points like SH GY / SH BUNKER… etc… you did fix the numbers but you didn’t fix the backdoor in DB that Horde exploit it every single game…

https://.imgur com/a/jGM40vd

Obviously alliance has an isuee with AFK and bots because the que times are smaller… so the AFK and boting is going at a higher rate… you don’t have to be a genius to see that… and when casual premades stood a chance and avoid these kind of behave and then… BOOM… you killed us… and then Horde comes here and tell us how to play with pugs / 15 afk/ 7 bots and develop strategys and learn how to play to a faction that is 70% PvE players… and how good they are because of the que times and they go god mode PvP in AV… how is possible that US and EU loses 98% of the AV ?

Is not like you didn’t see it coming … you knew the win / lose rate of both factions, you knew what is going to happen if you merge the casual premades with pugs, you think we are that stupid ?


I think this is the thread in the US forums you’re referring to:

One of the more balanced discussion threads I’ve seen.


Fun fact, we’d have less afkers/bots if we had more of the premade players in AV instead.

The afkers/bots would be more spread across.

I still think its right to fix a situation where just 1 of 2 camps can make premade teams.

When all is said and done horde simply attracted the bulk of PvP oriented people, and alliance is filled casuals and pve’ers who just want the exalted rewards. And that shows.


Just reroll Paladin.

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Would’ve been better with the ability to queue as up to 40 people in a premade for AV. For everyone. Not by performing tricks, but as an actual option in the game. It would’ve enabled some fun times with realm wars.

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“by removing the numbers from the que which your goal was to fill up the games that premades are killing it ?”


You only have yourselves to blame for continuously defying Blizzard’s stance on premades in AV, but keep trying for the sympathy vote from your fellow exploiters. Someone will bite, eventually.


#no changes!

You think you do but you dont!

Wasnt it that ?

Did not you wanted Vanilla?

Wasnt alliance dominating AV 15 years ago seems tables has changed.

All classic forums are complaisn about Classic how it was and how it is simple as that .

Each day proving more : YOu think you do but you dont!

Mate, you don’t even know what you are talking about, you are that cancer player who point towards what actually cares and nothing else, Horde exploit the DB backdoor and they didn’t fix it same with Van and Drek pull… my friend, when we talk about changes… we talk about over all changes which means everything i stated… when Blizzard decided to press the button #some changes… they should have fix all of that, how on earth they changed just one thing ? my friend… you never played competitive pvp or rbg in your whole life… if you see the tree and not the forest, why you even replay to me ?


The same AV that Alliance won 95% of the time in Vanilla?

The same one that Alliance were winning 95% of the time, just a few months ago?

Horde adapted tactics, but Alliance has not answered. They’ve thrown their toys, out of the pram, as they do. It’s anybody’s fault but yours.

Also Alliance aren’t dead, I’m having under 1 minute WSG queues…as Horde. Doesn’t suggest to me either faction is dead.

Stop being a precious queen.


He got it guys!

Av is fine.
Alliance are gamer dads not using exploits.
Thats single reason alliance losing.
Hordes are our adolescent and rebellious kids who are using exploits and it is single reason they are wining.
But we love them and hope they will grow in nice ppl


SO you have 0 issue naming them go ahead!

Curious about these exploits.

Its still not to late for u.
Confess man


So you cant describe what you even blame them for.

And actually my friend dad is gamer and plays horde undead.

It would be an interesting experiment if they ran an event where horde and alliance just switch places in AV for a week.

I suspect the largest impact comes from the terrain around SH and SP GY versus the corresponding horde graveyards. The location of the horde cave probably matters too. I can’t really judge the impact of towers vs bunkers. The changes to SH GY on retail today are actually very sensible, the alliance have a way out from the back of that graveyard there and the entrance to the GY is also slightly changed.


That would be interesting to observe indeed.

Curious what would be another excuse if they would kept losing.

You have mental isuees ? it seems so…

1: You can’t compare classic with vanilla, ppl now have knowledge in how to maximize the efficiency of their classes and what race they need to play in order to be more efficient in PvP… which is Horde side.

2: Horde adapted to new tactics because they have 80% PvP players … o_O" and ally have from 40 players in AV… 14-15 afk and 5-6 bots… rest of them are pugs that has no knowledge about PvP, when to make a CC or AOE dmg, or to take healers from a side and prevent for a sec to land a heal on his mates, or to mass fear even if they die in order to brake the lines and etc and 6-7 are from premades that actually have a decent play in AV and grp up for some push… these are the 40 ally from AV… you can easly say that is 15 vs 40 pvp hordes.

3: That same alliance is not the same alliance … are you trolling or what ? Blizzard stated that they favor Horde… they did even DR on corpse camping in case Horde has long que in AV, they knew that ally is going to quit AV so… they were like… “go outside in wPvP and camp them since you have a long que, we did DR at 10% on HK” it’s simple as that, are you blind ? you need glases ? you forgot what happend in Phase 2 ?

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Blizzards goal is keep hordes happy, nothing else.
Alliance pointing on forums on something broken, unfair, not working etc get ignored.
Horde complain about their winrate below 80% - bunch of developers makes huge changes to game.
Alliance pointing on this and get massive zugzugs answers of #nochanges.
Nothing can be done here, as alliance your meaning of life is to give to horde frags, thats it.