Titanforging, masterloot, etc... Blizzard you're killing the game

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well it aint realy titanforging that making people unsub at all, well maby to some extent, but that aint becuse titanforging exist, that is becuse of peoples greed, people get jeouls on others due to someone else getting it, not thinking at all, that do you realy need everythign titanforged, it is our own mentality what is making us mad.
now I am not saying everything is fine in wow, or even that warforged or titanforged is needed, I could live whitout it totaly.

sorry have to comment on that, thing whit both reddit and MMOchamp etc… is pretty much the same as on theese forums, those who are unhappy for what ever reason, are the loudest, you almost never se or hear anyone saying anything good on this forum or any other forum, and it is the same whit every game out there not only wow. those who have problems are the loudest, it is impossible to actualy get an picture on is there more unhappy people than happy people now.

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Because the game is garbage! Really, nothing positive in any game forum? Go check Path of Exile, Warframe, GW2, FFIV. (This considering you only ment MP games, because, god are there so many SP one’s forums that are nothing but worship).

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Maby for you it is, personaly I find wow better now, than it was back in the days, yes there is stuff that could be changed, but for me it is more fun now, but we all think differently, I have played all of those game you mentioned.

Path of exile is fun no question about it, but it aint same genre as wow, it is more or less a diablo clone.

GW2, is ok, I never realy got in to it, but it aint bad.

FFIV, is ok again, unless you start now, you wont get anything done, not bad but not good eighter for me.

Warframe, tested it hated it, not for me.

you se we are all different, some like wow, some do not, wow is getting old no question about it.

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It doesn’t matter what genre it is. It shows that Activision blizzard have no grasp of their core audiance. Diablo is dead and PoE is the most played ARPG in the west. There just isn’t an alternative to WoW right now. When it comes and makes everything that the players want, Cosmetic of Mountcraft with all its looking for RNG bs will go mobile.


With everyone super, no one will be. When everyone can get what they want there’s no room for satisfaction of having it. When you can’t tell if the player is any good by looking at his character there’s no reason to be good, there’s no satisfaction in being good. The reality is this, the majority of players should be nothing, a grey mass of people, and only a few people should look fancy and scpecial. That makes bad players want to be good, that gives good players a feeling of achieving something. When the whole population of the game looks like a glittering shiny christmas tree with “unique” titles for nothing on every sort of mount there is, there’s no way to distinguish yourself from others.

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then again due to how we humans work now, doing that, would kill this game even faster honestly, if you can not get good gear, shiny titles or mounts, becuse of whatever reasons, be it time, age, or just being lil stopid, you would quit this game fast, and none would be left, just look at Wildstar how it ended up, a game for hardcore players, at endgame there was nothing for more casual players at all, game died due to this totaly.
it doesnt work anymore, it didnt work to some extent even in Vanilla wow, where raiders became to strong against everyone else, and the rest where shafted after a while, TBC was even worse, becuse of how raid and attunements worked, in the long run it started to back fire and hard.

they got it right in Wrath, I am not saying we all need purples etc, though it aint like it matters at all anyways.

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Diablo was messed up from the start, heck even the chief developer said he never even like diablo games, what was realy silly to begin whit, and in a way yes it does matter what Genre a game is in, becuse you cant realy compare wow to and ARpg at all, Wow should be compared to GW2, FFiv etc…

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Or you can inspire of getting better at the game, invest more time and get rewarded accordingly, not like going into a the newest and most amazing “can not lose” contend - the AFKfronts. Wildstar was nothing like WoW. Have you played it? The playstyle was a mishmash of Darksouls combined with Terra onlined with dificulty level that Deamon’s Souls would be jelly of. On top of that it had the art style of a Korean MMO, something that the west clearly do not like that much.

WoW can not be compared to those games, because it is completely diferent playstyle…

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oh yeah I did play wildstar, I actualy preordered it, play to max level, did dungeons, even heroic ones, didnt raid at all, I loved the housing system in the game, and it had realy fun quests etc…, heck would love to se the housing system in wow also. if I recall the developers of it where to some extent former blizz employes also, idea was great in wildstar, but something whent wrong a long the line, for me it was the attunements, and to some extent the difficult level and time it took to get anything done, it got boring when you run out of stuff to do to fast.

eh not realy honestly, they are both MMOs, though more sandbox mmos but still mmos, where path of exile is an arpg, totaly different style of game.

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well I never said wow didnt have its flaws, I am quite sure I did say wow aint perfect even.

the difference is, a game is eighter to hard or to easy.

to hard the average player runs out of stuff to do, due to difficult level, aka Wildstar.
to easy, you run out of stuff to fast due to you clearing everything to fast, wow is borderline to easy at times, par from Mythic raiding, and I do aggree that there could be more stuff to do in wow to some extent atleast.

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That’s really not true. I’m reading several game forums, and I can tell you for certain that when people that participate approve of the direction of the game, there is a lot less negativity. Not only that, but there are a ton more constructive posts too.

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It used to be atleast, where people did have constructive posts about game, but from all the years I have been lurking arround, it has dropped and dropped, more and more people complain, but almost never come whit good solutions, mostly whining, there is expetions offcourse, and yes it does come down to if the developers listen or not also, what seems to be a common trend to not do now, no idea why though, it is quite sad it goes that way.

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There 3 major problems with WoW that with the current dev mindset they will not get fixed:

  1. Lack of player control - nothing that the player do in the long run matters. AP grind is worthless due to the catchup mechanic, Titanforge absolutely removes any insparation of doing harder content and the constant removal of player’s choise in both social and gameplay aspects.
  2. Lack of long term goals - every reward is either daily or weekly. Professions are meaningless, reps are worthless, content is absolutely travial. Flying is locked, mount farming is worthless, since all the good mounts are being shoved into the store. AP grind is meaningless, due to catchup (I’m repeating myself)>
  3. No social aspec and no insentive of playing with a group for the majority of the players. All of the content with a very few exceptions can be done by solo quing up in groups. This is not a MMO, this feels more like a SP game with advanced AI.

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Because the devs don’t listen and continue making idiotic descisions. They have NO grasp of what the playerbase want. None! And people are tired of making long construct posts, because there is NO POINT! It took half a dozen influencers with followers of half a million people each to make Blizzard put in an Azerite vendor… Like FFS, the Azerite gearing was absolute GARBAGE, for the whole first Tier, how hard was it to make it barable? I still don’t have a single BIS trait for ANY of my specs after 6 months. And if it wasn’t for the “Gamers Rise up” meme there still wouldn’t be one…

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Did you see the amount of constructive threads on the state of classes in the class design forum back in Legion? People had suggestions, brought forth arguments, there were long threads dedicated to the general idea and to every class. What happened in BfA? “We listened, we brought back abilities!” - only to find out that the abilities brought back are two 1h buffs and tremor totem… Now I’m sorry, but if that is the definition of listening, then I don’t even…

The amount of threads about things like AP farming were also many, stating how it negatively impacts people’s established gaming habits: only log in for the raid, for example, after the glamour of the beginning of the expansion wore off, or only PvP, or simply not log in every day… And what did Blizzard do in BfA? They eliminated the arguably more fun part of AP grinding, which was unlocking the weapon talents one by one, kept the AP farming, and made it an even more monotonous grind where you re-grind the same thing over and over. I don’t even…

The constructive criticism over legendaries in Legion was always over the RNG way of obtaining them and over how it’s not so cool when your class is incomplete without the specifically BiS legendaries, not over their existence. What does the Azerite system do? The exact same thing… it’s RNG to obtain the BiS traits, and your class feels like garbage without those.

And the list can go on and on and on. Constructive criticism was provided, over and over and over again, solutions were provided, but it simply seems nobody is home. Instead of things improving, we get more store mounts, cuz that always goes well with the player base and replaces good gameplay so well. So why blame people? They are simply fed up with this crap, there is nothing left to say that hasn’t been said already.

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this I aggree on AP is not realy needed at all, not that legion legendaries was much better eighter, could have scrapped the AP totaly instead, and yeah titanforging is not needed never was, could have kept the mop style whit reforging instead.

I do not mind having flying locked at start, but maby not having to do rep farms to get it, could have been a long quest chain instead, that continued when Blizz felt like it instead, I would not say all good mounts are in store, but yeah a lot are, they should have atleast an equal in game whit different colors, that would make stuff better. Proffesions are horrid now, considering it can take longer to even make them, than getting a dropp that is better.

again yes, social aspect is little bit gone, that is true, lfr and lfd killed that long ago, but not sure how to solve that, becuse removing it, probably will not work eighter, harder outdoor bosses maby, but then again good luck getting a group for them, wont happen, heck cant even get groups for wanted mobs now.

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I do aggree about the AP system, something that was not needed, but neighter was tier bonuses, becuse it in a way had same impact, you eighter got the item or you did not, what also made problems, a token system where you can buy the parts you need could be better to some extent realy, where you can choose some items alteast, or some sort of currency agian, what you can buy stuff whit.

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When we run ‘Alt’ normal Uldir run we’re definitely not doing it because we like the worm coming out of the cave…

Well… good for them. That might help their horrible DPS. You definitely don’t need all that ilvl if you’ve got good DPS :stuck_out_tongue: just give them the gear, in a week it would be worthless or almost.
You don’t need high gear if you can have steady high DPS with low gear.

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Yea, and now ask youself what happens to that constructive criticism, the kind you yourself levied? Absolutely nothing, because seemingly nobody cares for it, all they care is to sell you another store mount.