Top 7 most ridiculous situations with SPELL BATCHING

1- Shaman - Guaranted double crit with elemental mastery every single time
2 - Hunter - big chance of failing fd/trap, in proportions never seen in vanilla
3 - Mage - double sheep happens way too much, even when casts are no synchro
4 - Rogue - Vanish weirdly broken on several occasions
5 - Hunter - Pet responsiveness feels like subpar russian private server
6 - Misc - When dying, if you click fast enough, you can instantly resurrect directly at your corpse
7 - All classes: Counterspells abilities wont work if used at the last second
8 - All classes - If you pull with an interrupt on caster mobs, you will start the fight with interrupting his cast.
9 - Healers - “healing corpse” your heals actually go off and reach target, but he still dies regardless
10 - Warrior - Execute batching and spending all your rage at time of casting + next auto swing, but not doing damage due to batching.
11 - battlegrounds - entering huts and getting berserk/leaf buffs and managing to get out without dismounting

Can you think of any other?


What?! Ive not heard of this one?!

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This is a good one. Will try.


8- with each content patch more stuff get broken.
9- devs radio silence.

Yes, I can.

I exclusively pvp on this char. I am Rank 9 90%, soon Rank 10.

Rogues act as if they have Cloak Of Shadows. Every BG it happens multiple times that my Serpent Sting hits a Rogue just before they Vanish, and the sting does not apply. Rogues just absorb it, exactly like they would do in TBC when activating Cloak Of Shadows before vanishing, and thus they remain in stealth.

I imagine this also applies to other dot spells too.

This is ridiculous, please fix.

At the game’s current state, serpent sting is almost completely useless versus rogues. This is clearly not intended, it breaks the game and it makes Rogues OP.

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Two charging warriors, and both stunned at 20 yards away each other.

Yeah it works to our disadvantage alot but I can sometimes avoid warrior melee range entirely with intercept scatter timing

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Warriors became extremely skillful in Classic. I double fake cast and still they pummel my following heal…
Don’t know if it is related but I find it weird.

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Ya, exactly this. My best solution for this is to install Omnibar. Whenever you see the pummel icon show up you actually have time to stop your cast AFTER he used his pummel - that’s how big the delay is (and my reaction time is not what it used to be)


Here’s another ridiculous example with Rogues, Spell Batching, and a Hunter spell, in this case Hunter’s Mark.

You spot Rogue
Rogue jump walks
Target Rogue & Press Hunter’s Mark
Nothing happens
Rogue keeps jumping
You keep spamming Hunter’s Mark
nothing happens
rogue stealths

Jesus Christ, this is ridiculous.

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HoJ only gives you 1/3-1/2 of an extra attack.

I nova rogue
He improved sprints from it
Right after that I use CoC, he obviously isn’t slowed by that at all. Moreover, I get “IMMUNE” message as a reply to my spell. What in Azeroth can make him being “immune” to my Cone of Cold?


Healing corpses is a wonderfull new feature. I hope some day i will reach the required plus healing breakpoint to make my heals revive people


If you pull with an interrupt on caster mobs, you will start the fight with interrupting his cast.

More like i get Counterspelled even though i’ve cancelled casting.

Honestly it’s terrible makes me want to not pvp


Cheapshot a rogue at the same time he cheapshot me and we were both just sat next to each other stunned and looking like idiots :joy: we didn’t even kill each other after that, just /lol and walked off.


good catch, had forgotten that one

Execute can remove your rage without dealing damage to your target.

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Cant concussion shot warr with my hunter because he is too far away. 0.01 sec after he charges at me.
Thats why I didnt log my lvl 60. hunter since 09 Dec. 2019