Translation of WoW classic on RU servers

Hello! Well i have to instantly say sorry for making this most likely pointless topic. And i didn’t want to post it on russian forums well… because for some reason i belive that there it has like atleast some percent of a chance to be heard.
But my butt is literally damn burning like hell right now.
It’s about translation of WoW classic on russian servers. Usually i always prefer using english language (if it’s the original one) of any content.
Alltho i can see why on russian servers you have to play on russian language. The things is the russian translation is like literally a bloody hell. I’m not exadurating. It’s BLOODY hell.
-Bloody tons of misspelling. In items, emotions. Everywhere
-Alot of sentences are build in a way that even some PROMT poop translator from 2000-x years wouldn’t. And it’s not just the thing that makes my and others’ eyes bleed. It literally messes with clarity of descriptions.
-It’s not just messedup sentences and usage of words. Sometimes it’s god damn opposite or non-relative words. I don’t remember for sure but for example shaman’s form buff says “DECREASE movement speed”.

And like it was quite a bloody frustration for me every god damn day but today i’ve suddenly found out that druid’s pvp trinket removes fear. Because i did open it’s page on wowhead in english. By an accident. And english description says “Dispels all Charm, FEAR and Stun effects.”. And you know what? In russian it says “all Charm, POLYMORPH effects and Stuns”. And that’s after 6months or so playing damn druid. So that was the last drop.

I have no idea at all where the translation was taken or who made it but even some google damn it translate would do a better job. The fact that i’m bond to experience this mess every day of my messed up life on official damn server. Idk i just can’t imagine someone being paid for that much trash of a job. People that were responsible for this are just. I just can’t even say how depressing that is.

Aight. Again I feel sorry for making this pointless topic. And i’m thankful for you, the person that read this, for being there i guess. I just had to burst it out and have some hope somewhere deep down in my heart that it might be fixed. Hope you have a wonderful day and life. Wish you all the best. Love ya <3 wink


Assuming what the OP says is true (because I can’t read it so there’s no real practical way for me to check) then it’d be hilarious if they just used some auto-translate software for the translation instead of paying a company to do it, or their own Russian employees.

I wouldn’t put it past them. It would fit into their overall aim for automation, like with their automated punishment-part of the right-click reports.

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So its hard to take your thoughts on a translation seriously when you yourself have trouble typing out a full post without it being riddled with mistakes which granted its not your first language but have you not considered that you are just reading them wrong? or misunderstanding them as it is your second language.

Of course Blizzard could be at fault here but your grasp of the English language makes your post harder to believe in general if I am totally honest.

I’m just asking for a roman alphabet name while doing cross realm pvp, can’t identify any of them. Again, they were made part of the eu groups but at least let them adjust to the main language group here.

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First time ever seeing such thing,

I thnk you are lying for sake of lying.

Or as far you know there is not direct translation from russian langauge to english btw…

pretty sure you know it.

Cant you change the language in the battlenet client? Im german and i also only use english. IIRC i was able to change it there somewhere.

Edit: i just checked it and i can choose between a lot of languages. There is also russian available, so i think you should be able to choose english as well.

yeah dude. I’m ashamed of my english. Never ever really studied it. It’s just what i know from youtube and twitch. And that’s especially easy to notice in full posts.
But what does it have to do with the problem i’ve described? Do you think my english being pretty much not good let’s say
makes me unable to understand that FEAR doesn’t translate as POLYMORPH effect? Or any other example?
Sorry but for me it seems that you are the one who makes no sense.

you can’t choose english and play on russian servers. Just as you can’t play eu servers with russian language. So when i tried to play eu i had to constantly change languages in settings of game every time.

What the hell do you even mean? Lying? Are you out of your mind dude? What’s the damn point for me to lie? And there is a pretty decent direct ru-en autotranslators.

Dude I’m damn ready to go on discord share my screen and prove it.

And i’ll say again to clarify. What would be the point for me to create topic on russian forums? To try to get this problem noticed by people who clearly can see this mess themselves and ignoring it?


If its so hard to read why not just read in russian? its clearly your native language and as you’ve said yourself you have never studied English so just play in the language you know because Blizzard aren’t going to change anything to do with language packs they have used for years.

Well that is silly and should be fixed but I have a question, why is your butt burning?

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I was born in USSR, so my first language was Russian.
Accuracy aside, translating english fantasy game into Russian is ridiculous aesthetically. A lot of stuff can’t and shouldn’t be translated.
Warlock is translated as Blackbooked in Russian. WTF.
I just don’t get it, why Russians have to translate everything. Watching movies with Russian translation loses half of its “magic”.

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aight you’re just trolling. I see


Russian translation of Classic WoW has indeed many typos everywhere, in the quests, talents, tooltips, but it’s generally OK and is definitely not like “google translate”.

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Huh? “Чернокнижник” is the most accurate translation of “Warlock” you could find. It literally means the same thing - someone who studies and practices dark magic.
That being said, I agree that translating a fantasy universe to another language while trying to keep the atmosphere is a ridiculously difficult task. But it had to be done as Blizzard wanted to reach russian public which in large doesn’t know English that well.

What you’re describing is indeed difficult to believe, could you share any screenshots of the russian text ingame as examples?
You can post links here if you put them into a preformatted text like that:


Somebody can’t read, the guy’s stating that the Russian translation is trash.

Don’t see why you have to bring in his English, knowing that he’s not even from an English speaking country lol.

Yet again, with this part… I really don’t see what you’re talking about the English language… because the OP is talking about the Russian client lol.

If you can’t read English yourself… you can’t criticize people on their English lmao.


IMO if German, French, Spanish client could be launched on EU servers, Russian client ought to be launched too. By the way, I already said that it’s weird to play with europens, I mean russians, and use cyrilic alpobet. It’ll be much better to make Russians play with Latin nicknames or make a little program which will convert cyrilic letters in latin letters.

I can confirm that the russian translation is retarded.
So why do you play on russian servers? I have looked at the translation when it appeared in late TBC and never even considered moving from EU servers.

(and please learn to structure your thoughts, this post was painful to read)

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I suppose that he doesn’t wanna play on EU because it’s difficult to find a good Russian guild with decent progress. Just think about it. Have you ever seen any good Russian guild on EU servers? :grinning:

i made reddit post about it. Just for fun of ppl knowing how messed up it is. But apparently it was removed. Looks like this outrage ain’t gonna be dealt with. Ain’t gonna be seen even.
I wanted to make quality picture with some examples but i feel pretty much depressing about the fact that i can’t make anything to make ppl know about this bloody outrage.
[hope this link gonna work.](
w/e you can just pm me in discord ZloyIndy#2724. Those who really can’t belive in this being real for official server… well as they say small indie company i guess. Can’t make localisation properly, while making ppl unable to change to different language on ru server. You know that it’s just a way for keeping some ppl away from others, right? Like reservoir.
Someone asked why i play on ru server? Well i started with friends. Without them i wouldn’t have started playing wow at all. So that’s not a question. I have no idea why people around there assume so many things and always being wrong about it.

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Im russian myself and I completely agree with you now, this translation is atrocious. Glad I picked EU.

What´s so bad about it? did they replace every second word with “Vodka”?
Sry i had to.