[UPDATED 9 MARCH] 9.0.5 Update Notes

[UPDATED 9 MARCH] 9.0.5 Update Notes

The World of Warcraft 9.0.5 update is now live!

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  • Madness of the Azj’aqir duration increased to 4 seconds (was 3 seconds).

heck yeah. It was so awkward to use it.

Hurraaaaay Wandering Ancient is coming next week!
Bring it on 9.1 PTR

Thank you for the good news a week earlier then i thought .


Time for 9.1 on the PTR now, hop hop
I sure can’t wait to raid nathria for another 3 months, so exciting!

Is the warrior legendary realy going to go live like this? Like are you for real? It doesnt need any testing…you will get IK with mortal strike…

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More Arms buff, and some Survival nerfs.
That’s exactly what PvP needed.


I am actually amazed how much can you write about patch, yet still looks like you did nothing in it at all.

Balance issues still not addressed.
TRUE VP vendor still not addressed.
PvP balance still not addressed.
Underperforming and overperforming classes, you guessed it, still not addressed.
Covenant abilities being broken OP still not addressed.
Covenant spec, PvP/PvE, players not able to play all they would like to full potential, still not addressed.

Why so stubborn blizzard?

How long before you step down from the high horse and make the solution to issues you created when not listening to playerbase?



This was litearlly the only good change for m+ this xpac.

All your new affixes highkey Trash especially for melee and this change helped me not feel punished for skipping a week because u guys are incapeable of balancing your affixes/making your affixes not extremely unfun.


I cant believe u guys are letting this get through without a pvp nerf. War is already the best/2nd best dps in the game.



Can you fix class balance already…

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Big whoop.

the keystone change is a typical blizzard move. instead fixing m+ they made it worse :rofl: your game is more dead than ever 41% left already.


Pretty happy with the shaman buffs ^.^

Did you fix us not being able to upgrade gear we already have with VP ? did you completly remove VP caps ? did you put real VP vendor into game ?

no you did not.

this patch is pointless as it will change and fix nothing

game still will be the same garbage as it is this week.


you realise 9.1 wont happen till like august i hope.

they had nothing ready during blizzcon for that patch .


The fact that you buffed warrior before Unholy DK shows that someone should lose their job.


As a (Kyrian) Shadow Priest I wish they’d look at Boon of the Ascended to have it give Insanity when using Blast and Nova… as it is I barely use it beyond padding out Mastery buff and extending it picking up the 3 orbs. :confused:


How is it possible to create such an imbalanced game?, and even making it worse as you go, after months, looking at rouges, 2 specs are dead, 1 mediocre at best(pve, and pvp actually), a class that brings nothing but dmg, and it can’t do dmg(pve), at the mercy of the fmage in pvp, warrior/ww/ret is safer, easier and better choise tough, since they just brings more of everything.

Thankfully stopped raiding and gametime runs out by the time patch hits, can’t justify a sub renewal with the games current massive flaws, not only insanely imbalanced classes, but there is so much working against it atm. it just can’t be fixxed with your current rate.

The imbalance in everything, pvp, raid and mythics have never been this bad, the numbers are there, showing how insanly imbalanced everything is.
And yet nothing is done for months or even the entire xpac, horrible practices.

And ofc. the rate you get anima, just wow… How that did not get modified after 1 week after launch, i do not know.

Putting in the work to make BfA look acceptable?, still some left tough, but you are getting there.


How is it that you didnt fix the balance issues that are pretty big at this moment. You didnt nerf boomkins one bit. No convoke fix no starfall or starsurge fix.
Also goodjob nerfing the one thing us havocs were looking forward to! Our legendary that might have just given us little bit of dps in raids but hey…naah lets nerf it.

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Very sad there is no content in this patch. At least I will get anima from my soul quest, I suppose…